How to create direct links to discount coupons in WooCommerce

Discount coupons are a fantastic system to promote purchases in an online store, and create them with WooCommerce is really simple but you have to create channels to spread them .

A usual way is to promote them on your social networks with messages of the type …

Save 10% on your next purchase at our store with the coupon code PORQUETULOVALES

And normally the most effective is through email marketing launching newsletters to existing customers or subscribers offering discounts for whatever reason

You can also use the trick to automatically apply coupons but that is a closed method, which will always apply the same / s.

But there is a faster way to offer discounts to your customers and it is to create direct links that activate a coupon and appear already in the cart of your future customers.

This plugin serves to improve the functionality of coupons, and besides being able to automate the application of coupons or restrict its use by shipping methods and more parameters, also includes the utility of creating URLs to apply coupons to products.

Once installed and active you just have to add a variable to the URL to add your products to the cart. For example, to the URL to add the following product to the shopping cart:

Where the number 4321 is the ID of the product that you will find in the product page of your desktop, you just have to add the following variable to the URL:

You just have to put that link where you want it (a banner, a social link, anywhere) and automatically add – in this example – 1 quantity of the product with ID 4321 and you will apply the coupon NOMBREDEMICUPON.

The only handicap that this plugin has is that it can not be added as such to empty carts, so it uses the method of adding it to the add product URL s to the cart using a URL.

Simple but effective plugin that serves for what it says. Also, in this case you can add coupons to an empty cart, which will be applied when the user adds any product compatible with the coupon (you will know, that you can configure the coupons to apply to some products )

Once installed and active the plugin you just have to use a URL of this type to add the coupon to your cart, even if it is empty:

O, if you prefer, add the variable to the URL to add a product to the cart, like this: [19659032]

https : // = 1 & coupon_code = NOMBREDEMICUPON

As you will have verified the method is the same as that of the previous plugin, but changing the code to be used. [19659005] There is also an "official" extension of the store, with which from $ 49 per site you can also add the functionality of creating links to apply coupons.

The best thing about this plugin, and I suppose that hence its price, is that it is integrated into the box of the publisher of the product data, being able to create a short and easy to remember URL for your coupon.

This way your coupon could have a quick link of type …

Also mola that you can customize them to make it appear that they are specific to specific users for example …

The reality is that what you are really applying is the coupon TUNOMBREDECUPON, but as the plugin generates the URLs without a bar (/) at the end, you can add what you want and they will continue to work.

Which one is better?

Well in benefits clearly the payment, URL Coupons, but with ] WooCommerce Coupon Links have all the necessary functionality without spending a single euro, and besides the code is very clean . But you decide.

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