MacGDBp ends PHP errors

Annoyed with PHP errors ?. Sign up there for the name of MacGDBp, it will help you to finish with those annoying errors.

The developer of 18 years Robert Sesek has announced the publication of his project MacGDBp for 18 June 19 on its website Blue Static .

MacGDBp is made with the application Open Source Xdebug that offers remote debugging of scripts PHP for applications Cocoa exclusive for Mac OS X Leopard . It connects to your running PHP script and you can launch instructions to see how that script works. You can set breakpoints, see the current function that is acting, and take a look at all the local variables.

MacGDBp is designed for people familiar with the debugger Xcode . The application will be published under the license GNU GPL version 2 .

If you perform developments with PHP from a Mac for example: customizations of WordPress MacGDBp can become your best ally. You know, create an alarm in iCal for the 18th of this month and get your copy of MacGDBp .