Change the default theme on your sites without plugin

If you want to change the default theme either for a simple installation or for an installation multisite WordPress 3.0 you can do it thanks to a undocumented code but that works perfectly.

Just add the following line to the file wp-config.php of the site or sites where you want to define a default theme:

The only thing you have to choose is the name of the folder of the theme that you want to load by default, in the example the folder of the Classic theme, something great for new custom installations.

WordPress 2010 • WordPress Help

If you want to see what will be the new default theme of WordPress known as WordPress 2010 you can follow its development in the blog that will show its changes and evolution: 2010 Theme Development .

Personally, I think it's a good idea, a bigger font, the HTML elements the drop-down menu, the width bigger than Kubrick and the CSS used for images and the gallery, but not the used font (serif) and, perhaps, the excessive height of the header.

Show the theme Default to Internet Explorer 6

I hear from Andrés of a very cool trick to show the default template of WordPress to visitors who still use Internet Explorer 6 and that they see our content well even if they lose our aesthetic virtues displayed in our chosen template.

To achieve this you just have to add the following to the file functions.php of your theme (template):

add_filter ( 'template' 'serve_default_to_iesix' ) ;

add_filter [19659005] ( 'option_template' 'serve_default_to_iesix' ) ;

add_filter ( 'option_stylesheet' 'serve_default_to_iesix' ) ;

function serve_default_to_iesix ( $ theme ) {

if ( strpos ( $ _ SERVER [ 'HTTP_USER_AGENT' ] 'MSIE 6' ) ! == false ) [19659002] $ theme = 'default' ; [1 9659002] return $ theme ;