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The reasons are unknown, because Automattic does not explain it sufficiently, but the reality is that it is impossible to erase your account you just do not have a way to do it.

The fact is that in you can delete a blog, or all you have, but there is no human way to delete a user account Automattic does not allow it, how does this support page explain


You can change the username, even request – with a long wait – to change your email your account so that, for example, you open another account with the same email, but you can not delete your user account even if you do not have blogs, even if you do not use it, never .

In fact you will continue to receive email notifications unless you take the precaution to disable Rlos before leaving your account in the limb of the Automattic servers.

Not even the site which gets to remove your fingerprint from a stroke, just one click, a good amount of web services is able to do it, it is simply impossible.
 impossible to delete account

So if you want to be respected your right to digital oblivion to eliminate your fingerprints in the network, do not choose the free blog service of or simply use an email address and user that are not relevant for you, because you will not be able to erase it in the future.

I really greatly respect Automattic thanks to your great WordPress people are better every day, they are really committed to the development of free software, but User account policy of your blog service Free sincerely leaves much to be desired . We put green to Facebook and other networks on a daily basis but the reality is that even these reviled services respect your right to digital oblivion, and in no.

What does this policy mean ?, It can happen to you as in GoDaddy , that there is no way to avoid being sent over and over again promotional emails, then – there too – it is impossible to delete your user account, and take advantage of it.

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<p> I read there that they do this because with your user account you leave comments, even publish them in other blogs, and <strong> there would be conversations that would make no sense, even publications that would disappear </strong>but <strong> where are the rights of the user, their right to control their fingerprint and delete their presence in the network if they so wish? </strong>personally I believe that this last is what should prevail over issues "<em> functional </em> "of a network or community. </p>
<p> I grew up in the network in forums, and it was common currency not to allow the deletion of users for the same reason, so that conversations would not be spoiled or made no sense, but I think the same, that <strong> the first thing is the rights of the people </strong>. </p>
<p> Fortunately <strong> you can install your own WordPress completely free and under your control </strong> from <a href= and here you will learn every day to use it and take advantage of it, with total freedom and respect for your privacy .

What do you think about this matter?

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