Win followers on Twitter by offering downloads on your WordPress • WordPress Help

Nowadays it seems that if you do not have more than 500 followers on Twitter you're nobody, irrelevant at all but this is over because if you have a site with WordPress and something to offer to gain followers at full speed.

For this we will help with a plugin called Tweet & Get it! . Its function is very clear: you offer downloads and so that the user can access the file has to follow you on Twitter before.

The procedure of use, once installed, is simple. Simply create a button, where you define …

Once this process is done the plugin offers you a shortcode that you can place anywhere.

The user, when clicking on the download button, will see a screen where he has you accept to send the tweet that you have configured, and you are informed that you will continue to the chosen account.

If you accept, you can start the download.

And best of all, this plugin is totally free because there are many plugins of this type but they are usually always paid.

WordPress 3.3 beta 3 • WordPress Help

If you can not wait, if you want to always try things out before the final versions, you already have to download the beta 3 from WordPress 3.3. Its main novelty over the previous one is the inclusion of jQuery 1.7 in the core of WordPress, something to keep in mind if you use plugins, or develop them, that use jQuery.

Problems in the download system solved • WordPress Help

These days you may have noticed system failures in WordPress downloads due to migration. This is because the plugin I use uses absolute paths and, when switching machines, then it does not have access to that route. Today I changed all the routes (one by one) and all of them should work. If you see one that does not work, let me know and fix it. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

Satorii, a minimalist theme for WordPress

Satorii is a theme for WordPress 2.7 or higher, minimalist style, simple and elegant, with a strong focus on content and ease of reading, with a column of content and three columns in the footer .

Constructed on Sandbox Yahoo! User Interface and jQuery which facilitates the possibility of customizing it or adding new features, in addition to adding some interesting ones, such as zebra tables and displaying images with FancyBox automatically, plus the ability to easily add responses to comments.

Also, it brings everything a complete WordPress theme should have: support for tags, galleries and image legends, Gravatar support for localization (you can create your own translations), a special template for images, and of course, support for widgets.

Shows how many times WordPress has been downloaded

If you are passionate about WordPress and want to promote the use of this content management system, there is a plugin that can encourage your readers to do so. It's called WP Download Count and its only function is to show how many times WordPress has been downloaded from the official site .

How can it be otherwise, I installed it, and you can see it at the end of the sidebar. Do not look for more features, simply show the number of downloads, based on the WordPress counter . If you see a link, it's because I modified it, but the original does not even include that, only the number, which is updated each time your blog is reloaded.

The way to use it is simple, you just have to add it to your template, where you want it to appear, the code

Media Burner – Playlists of your Blog

This plugin takes the concept of offering multimedia on your blog to a higher level. The concept is that extracts any type of multimedia from your posts and generates a list of reproduction that your users can see. Currently, in phase of ßeta 1 supports the following formats:

The plugin makes an XML list based on your content so theoretically you can play it in the player you have installed on your computer.

You can try it on this link from the author's blog list or download it at this link . The plugin is in the very early phase so it is possible that I still get errors, in fact I have not managed to make it work; it installs two versions of the same plugin, one works and the other does not, but they interfere with each other. But the concept is tremendous and it may be interesting to follow it .

How to migrate from Joomla to WordPress

Joomla is possibly one of the CMS Open Source more powerful and functional than there are but there are times when it is not very flexible for certain uses. It is in these cases that we can consider the Joomla migration to WordPress which currently has enormous qualities and simplicity without equal.

The use of Script Joomla2Wordpress will greatly facilitate the change by following the steps below:

2. Edit config.php and enter the necessary data

3. Upload the files to your server (export folder)

4. Add in WordPress the categories you want to import

5. Open in the browser

6. Choose the Joomla Section, Category or Link Category

7. Select a WordPress category to import

8. Repeat steps 5 through 7 until all your items are imported

You're done! Enjoy your WordPress.

Note: Sometimes, if the category chosen to import into WordPress does not have previous posts, it may not be displayed even after the posts have been imported. It is solved creating a new post in that category.

Note 2: Warns us Ichigo that the script only works for WordPress 2.3 and higher