Quick checklist to find out if your WordPress website complies with the RGPD • WordPress Help

As we will walk all these days in a hurry adapting our WordPress web to the RGPD the new regulation of data protection, and there is a lot of information that we have read and compiled, I think it's worth it have a quick list to check at a glance if we already have everything adapted or we are missing something .

So I have created this table, with which i r going on list to see what we have or we missing . You just have to download it, open it in your favorite spreadsheet application and start ticking compliment boxes or not.

Automatically complete orders in WooCommerce • WordPress Help

In WooCommerce when someone places an order for a virtual product, orders are left on hold , and you must change them manually the state to the completed one .

This also happens in all types of products for payment methods that are not direct, such as cash on delivery or bank transfer, but in these cases it is almost normal that are not automatically completed because before you should check if you have been paid by checking in the real world, that not virtual.

This WooCommerce behavior is especially annoying or, As I commented, when it refers to virtual products and if all payments are made through online payment gateways, because no matter how much you have configured at the end you have to go through the order list every two times and go completing oos manually and this moves away from the concept of online store a little right?

 pay with woocommerce card

Fortunately you can force WooCommerce to autocomplete the orders ]For it you only have to copy and paste one of the following codes in the file functions.php of the active theme (better if it is son ​​theme ) or , what I always recommend, in your utilities plugin .

Autocomplete virtual orders of WooCommerce

The safest and logical option is to force that the virtual orders are autocompleted, the code is the following :