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I do not even remember the time that a reader, bored of the clouds of tags asked me how to make a drop-down list of labels not of categories which is what It is always more easily available. And the truth is that I wrote it down but until today I have not remembered to locate something to give it a solution.

And instead of a solution I bring two. Better right?

This nice code, which I found in WPlover will create a drop-down list of the labels, you decide where you want to show it, in the sidebar, at the end of each entry, yourself :

<li id = "categories" >

<? Php _e ( 'Entries in each tag' ) ; ?>

<form action = [19659000] " <? php bloginfo ( 'url' ) ; ?> /" method = "get" >

<? php

$ select = wp_dropdown_categories ( 'taxonomy = post_tag & show_option_none = Select tag & show_count = 1 & orderby = name & echo = 0' ) ;

$ select = preg_replace ( "# ] *)> # " "" $ select ) ;

echo $ select ;


<entry type = "submit" ] value = "View" />

The best of this code is that as it treats the tags as what they are, one more taxonomy, you can use it to do a drop down of your own taxonomies by changing taxonomy = post_tag by yours.

if you want to make it even easier you also have a plugin that comes to be the ideal substitute for the previous code. Taxonomy dropdown widget once installed and active, add a widget to configure it to your liking and, if you prefer to show the result elsewhere you can use the function taxonomy_dropdown_widget as follows:

List of Categories Desplegable – WordPress Help

Are you tired of your old navigation bar ?. If so, how about add a drop-down list of categories ?, something in the style of the themes type magazine.

Let's see how to make a drop-down list of your pages and sub-pages including at the end how to show your categories directly on the menu.

Are you ready @ ?. Let's go with it …


We'll start using the internal WordPress functions to get the list of pages and categories. Edit the file header.php of your template and replace the old 'nav' code with this one:

This code will list all your pages and sub-pages, as well as a list of Categories. When a user places the cursor on the upper level of pages or categories, a drop-down of the sub-pages / categories will be displayed.


Although the previous code is fully functional, our script needs a bit of CSS style. This one in particular, taken from the free theme Mimbo is perfect for the example we are using.

You can now offer a professional look to your blog with drop-down menus, which are also very useful for your readers.


NOTICE : This publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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