Prevent Google from indexing your Blog images • WordPress Help

For most of us, blog traffic is a source of motivation and, at times, also a concern. And is that sometimes we receive perhaps too much traffic from the site of Google image search usually traffic that does not contribute anything and sometimes even causes us problems by appropriating bandwidth.

Not to mention when you have a personal blog and you do not want photos of your children or your girlfriend to go out in Google image search, this may even be a priority. In both cases you should know that we can prevent Google from indexing our images by placing the following code in your 'header.php' file of the template you use in the blog, just before the label < /head >: [19659004] If, in addition, you are in the category of those who suffer from the hotlinking you would have to take bigger measures, avoiding that any image of your blog is indexed by both the Google search engine and any other site. For this, the process would be to add a tag ' disallow ' in the file " Robots.txt " of your blog. If your images are in the default path of WordPress you should add this:

With this little trick we avoid that your images are "public domain" unless they are "entirely". Another day we see how to take more drastic measures, at the moment for the return of these small vacations I think it's fine, do not you think?

Vulnerability in WordPress 2.3.3

I'm sure we have a new version of WordPress 2.3 … 4 since we have discovered a vulnerability in which you can create folders and pages in wp-content. It was announced in Smackdown and commented on Girl SEO and in Inkilino .

It seems that can be solved temporarily by adding these two lines to your file robots.txt :

I also recommend review this post to protect your installation, and let's hope it does not happen there. At the moment you can see the list of blogs hacked by this system in this Google search .