Disqus incorporates improvements to help meet the RGPD

Recently the comment service for Disqus blogs has updated its settings, so that there are now specific settings with which will help you comply with the RGPD . [19659003] To activate them you have to go to your account in Disqus and, in admin go to the settings page ( Settings ). Once there, in the tab General you have the new settings for RGPD which, basically, are these:

Also, just below you have a preview how it will look like on your site, but come on, that's something like you'll see:

As you can see, the information box is placed just before the comments, with a different background that distinguishes it, which is fine. [19659003] So, on the one hand, they have done something, but on the other they have been left halfway.

Why I do not use Akismet • WordPress Help

It is well known by any user that nothing else install WordPress there a plugin that comes pre-installed. and it's good for something – aside from the useless Hello Dolly. I'm talking, of course, about Akismet .

I have many things against Akismet and none has to do with the fact that it comes pre-installed in WordPress being a payment plugin, which is which also requires activating a user account in a proprietary Automattic service, but for purely practical reasons.

This does not mean, by far, that you should not take yourself seriously the issue of spam in comments, quite the contrary, more knowing how spammers work .

In fact, More than 90% of comments on websites and blogs is spam so it's not to be taken as a joke, in fact there are more and more veteran bloggers who are abandoning the comments in their blogs, totally, in many cases precisely because of the bad balance between what the few real comments that there are in comparison with the conversation on social networks, and the task given by spammers.

My reasons for not using Akismet are these:

  1. It is not free actually, except for personal and "non-commercial" use, whatever it may be this means for Automattic, which is not clear if it refers to business use or if you use any ad system, in which case you would have to register any of your payment plans . Having free alternatives and really good this is a powerful reason, I suppose also for you.
  2. Slow down the loading of your site then to show you the comments, the thumbnails of links, check if it is in the list of spammers of your servers, etc., you have to connect with the Automattic servers, and above it usually shows you more than you need, in addition to all the scripts that you load for statistics, etc.
  3. You get a lot of spam , which in the best case – and depending on your comment configuration – are pending to approve or reject manually, so its effectiveness has shown me that it is not expected by a plugin "by default" or by far. [19659014] To end up fucking the party it turns out that, on the contrary, it gives a lot of false positives blocking normal users as if they were reputable spammers, something I've been suffering for years. [196590] 14] It's always in my list of plugins that you should not install .

Now are there alternatives?

There are, and many, notes:

And you? Do you also pass Akismet?

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