Open social links in a new window

In the options of Divi you can easily configure several social icons to be displayed both in the footer and in the secondary navigation menu, but have a flaw, my understanding quite fat, and is that they are opened by default in the same window, taking visitors to your website .

But look at where it is very easy to change this behavior, and there are two ways to get it , you choose.

For this method, go to your WordPress desktop at Divi> Theme Options> Integration . There activates the option of " Enable header code ".

Next, in the text area named " Add code to of your blog ", add this code:

Save the changes and you already got it, now your Divi social links will open all in a new window (or tab) .

Now, I'll never get tired to recommend that plugin jewel called Divi Booster which allows you to easily customize many small / great details of Divi .

And among those " details " you find precisely this option. Just go to your desktop at Divi> Divi Booster and once there, in the section called " Icons " check the box called " Open social media icons in a new tab ".

Save the changes and you have it.