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Hello friends, as always it is an honor to write as a guest in this wonderful blog of Fernando, the Lionel Messi of WordPress 😉

For those who do not know me, I introduce myself: My name is Gonzalo de la Campa and the 3 websites where you can find more information of mine are:

  1. WordPress Online courses: https://www.cursowp-online.com/
  2. Graphic and web design: www.paginaswebempresas.es
  3. Positioning: www.agenciaseoysem .com

Made the presentations … we go to the mess …

I explain everything in this video

If you are one of those who are too lazy to read, you're lucky! I have prepared a video where I explain everything in detail.

But if you can not see the video now, do not worry, in this article I write everything so you can see how you will have a quality website at a very low cost to help you generate income.

What is Divi Cloud?

As you already know, the subject Divi from WordPress, is the best or one of the best WordPress themes because it allows people without programming knowledge, php, css … to be able to design spectacular web pages in the simplest way and then to be able to live on them thanks to the seduction of their clients.

Well …

Divi is possibly also the WordPress theme with largest developer community . What does that mean? It means that there are hundreds of companies that daily develop incredible resources and functionalities. That wonder that happens with WordPress where we find thousands of resources and companies that make it the # 1 in the world, also happens with Divi.

Among the crowd of resources for Divi we have this little pearl called Divi Cloud .

Divi Cloud is a plugin that will allow you to create designs of the highest quality in a very short time and without knowledge neither of programming nor of design.

If your business were a physical store in the street instead of an online business, you would need a lot of money and time to give your business a spectacular design (a work, a decorator …) but fortunately webpages reduce costs a lot.

If you are not creative, you can not design but you want to have a spectacular website that generates revenue …

The theme Divi + the plugin Divi Cloud are the perfect solution.

How does Divi Cloud work?

] You're going to antar. More simple impossible.

I'll summarize it first in 3 steps:

  1. You buy the plugin in Divi Cloud and download it
  2. You install and paste it API KEY
  3. You load the design that you like in seconds

As you see … a joy.

Once you have installed the plugin you can create pages simply loading from the library and in the Divi Cloud tab you will find dozens of designs that you can use simply by pressing a button.

With that creativity already in your web you will only have to change the texts and images for yours.

My advice when choosing your designs

Do not simply choose them for the pictures of each design. That is, if you have a restaurant, not only values ​​use the designs in which you see dishes or food. In the end you are going to use your photos with what you are most likely to change them, so my advice is that you value more the "personality of the design" your style, your structure …

Although you already know that later you're going to be very easy to touch it I often use them as a starting point but then I change or eliminate sections, I add designs of my own, I combine sections of one design with another …

Come on, you can do virginies that will leave your mouth open your clients.

If you want more ideas, take a walk through my web design works and I'm sure it gives you lots of valuable ideas to use in your projects.

In fact if you're ever going to to collaborate with someone or you are going to train with someone it does not hurt for you to see their works since that is what best speaks of each one.

Can I use Divi Cloud if I do not have the Divi theme? [19659009] No, you can not.

But you can buy Divi with discounts on these links:

  1. Developer Plan : 20% discount (annual payment)
  2. Plan Lifetime : 10% discount (single payment). The one that I have.

Or you can sign up for one of the courses of both Fernando and mine, where besides being able to download the free theme to use in your projects indefinitely, you will be able to train yourself in conditions and save all that wonderful time that we usually miss watching videos online without getting results.

A training if you do not act and implant what you learn is useless.

How much does Divi Cloud cost?

You have 3 plans as you need:

How much better is it? the plan more designs you will have and every month they are taking out new designs.

  • Only the plugin: 30 dollars (about 25 euros)
  • Freelancer: 10 dollars a month (about 8 euros ). This is the one I have.
  • Agency: 20 dollars per month (about 16 euros).

You can also cancel at any time. You could use it one or two months, import your designs and cancel the subscription without losing anything.

If you are interested you already know, click here: Divi Cloud

Do you want to learn more about Divi?

You are in the right blog! You can learn in an orderly way with the WordPress mega crack and "guilty" of this blog in any of its courses and you can go through my website also where you will find different types of WordPress courses with Divi according to your needs.

I hope you liked it and you already know … share it on social networks and leave your comments at the bottom of this article.

A hug!

Note: This article you have affiliate links, in case you had not noticed 😉

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