Vreel – The end of a very visual presentation


We finished with our dose (with the permission of Iria) and last about VReel . We have told you the difference between Flash and DivX we review the history of Stage6 and VReel we gave you double ration on the design of VReel and also we teach you how to upload videos to VReel . And today we finish teaching you the functions that we have left in the inkwell.

Today we start talking about "My Profile ". When pressed, a screen appears that again  vreel_myprofile is very badly structured (click on the image on the left to see it larger) .

Five paragraphs appear on this page. In the first one we find a small introduction to know what to do in this section, an introduction that is of little use. Then we have four possible things: Account Settings, Edit your email address and password, Edit Movies and Delete your uploaded movies, or edit their descriptions ; we are supposed to click on the four and thus select what we want, but we only have two links ( Account Settings and Edit Movies) and of the other two we only see the text with nothing else.

Yes press on "Edit Movies" we go to the page where we see all the videos that we have uploaded. But as we already talked about here, we are not going to repeat the same thing.  vreel_configurarcuenta

In Account Settings we have the possibility to change the password, the mail and the zone Hourly Nothing of the other world.

I suppose that when the profiles are activated in this part we will have more things.

Now we go to the private messages.

 vreel_enviar We begin sending a message and taking advantage of a bug of VReel we are going to send it to ourselves.

Send the message is very simple, fill in the subject and the message and we send it to you. [19659014]  vreel_privado To read it we have to click on "New messages" and this is another thing that does not fit me since not only the new ones appear, but all of them. [19659014] To read the message we have to click on the subject and to delete it select it with the box and give it to delete.

As you can see, it is not possible to mark a message as read without reading it.

 vreel_privadonoleido The page when reading a message it is very simple and again the black background does not get the full potential.

We can read Who sent it, the Subject, When, and the Message. Although they ask us the time zone in which we find ourselves, we do not see the correct time according to our time zone.

At the end we have two links, one to answer the private and the other to delete.

 vreel_invitaramigo The last function that we have left to comment is the friends. And again we are going to take advantage of another bug that allows us to invite ourselves as friends.

To invite a friend we have to look for some video of that user and on the video playback page give "Request Friendship "

To see the friends that  vreel_amigos we have and the invitations of friends to accept, we have to click on " New friend requests " and again I do not understand why of this text.

In this case we have our pending invitation, we can Accept, Deny or send you a private one.

From here we have very little to say since it is a new function and it is not yet fully developed so that it's the only thing we can do.

Well, up to here came these six entries on VReel. In these five days, from WordPress Help we have brought you a scoop that we will all be able to enjoy in a short time. Comment that we will keep you informed promptly of all the news of VReel.

We started these entries with a video of Iria and its Daily Dose and I thought that the best way to finish is also with it, but this time, only in DivX.

Un Besito Chao!

[video_divx_vreel] http://blip.tv/file/get/AyudaWordPress-FinalDosis185.divx [/video_divx_vreel]

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Video | Daily Dose Mobuzz TV ( 06/12/08 )

Acknowledgments | HombreLobo

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DivX videos in VReel • WordPress Help

We have told you the difference between Flash and DivX videos . We have also reviewed the story of Stage6 and VReel . H emos dedicated two entries for talk about the design of VReel . Now it's time to try VReel and since we're going back to touch the theme of design with some things left in the inkwell.  vreel_subir

Let's start with uploading videos, for that we have to Click on "Upload new video" and the window that we can see on the right appears (click to enlarge) . The climb is separated in two steps.

In this first step, the first thing we find are the requirements to upload a video. Then we tend to put the title, description and category. To finish, we have to accept the conditions (The video is not copyrighted and does not contain pornographic material) . And we can continue.

 vreel_subir2 The second step is very simple, we have to find the video that is on our computer and give it to upload.

Currently, does not allow uploading videos from a URL but as we have learned in the first phase of VReel this function was. It was removed as they thought it would be used to upload copyrighted videos in a more  vreel_subir32 easy.

When clicking on upload, in that same window we see the status of the upload. We can see the bar with the percentage we have, the size that has been uploaded and the total of the file, we also see the speed at which we are uploading the video and the approximate time for the upload to end.

If we look at the corner shows us a button? red that in which we can read "Loading" I do not see much sense in this but good.


When it ends we see this message in the one that tells us that we have to wait for it to convert, that it could take 30 minutes or more.

And here comes the biggest difference it has with Stage6 . In Stage6 they forced us to upload the file in .divx which is the format of DivX and therefore, the video did not have to be converted. An example, in YouTube if we upload any video other than .flv the video is processed, converted; but if we upload it directly in .flv the file is not processed. Returning to the subject, in Stage6 they were not processed since you had to upload the necessary format for the reproduction. In contrast, in VReel if it is processed, even if you upload it in .divx . And besides, .divx is not used if not the .avi .

A few months ago, I was doing some tests on which format I liked best, and I reached the conclusion that .avi with the codec DivX has more size than a .divx being the same quality.

Well, this is what I'm telling you , because once we have uploaded the video, we have to wait a long time. The video that I put in the first post has taken more than 12 hours to appear. This is due to what I say, they have to convert the videos and this conversion is somewhat slow. A 50-second video took more than 12 hours to convert even though I uploaded it to .divx . This seems good and bad, well because users avoid having to convert the video to format . Divx (in VReel .avi with the codec of DivX ) ; but bad for the users, like me, who save all their videos in .divx and also for the wait that has to be endured, the video being ready for its reproduction without the need to convert it.

Before to change the subject, tell you that the upload process is very detailed (everything could not be bad) and we have controlled the upload of the video without problems and in real time. Uploading a file is very simple. And the bad point is the delay until a video is  vreel_myvideos available.

Now we go to the administration of the videos, for that we click on "Videos" and if we look , in front of this word we have a number in parentheses, which is the number of videos we have.

The section is very simple, but as you can see, with the black background you can not enjoy it to the fullest.

We have, a thumbnail image of the video, the title and the description. Both the image and the title have a link to the page of the same.

Yes, the video that we just uploaded does not appear, because until it is not converted it does not appear. Another point less, I would have preferred to do something like they do in YouTube and not directly get it when this converted. This can lead to the confusion of new users and they may think they did not upload the video well.

On the right you can see the visualizations, the total score of the video and two links, one to edit and one to delete. [19659011]  vreel_editarvideo If we give it to edit, we see a very poorly structured page. It only allows us to modify the title and description, but not the category. And the form has a very small size compared to the one in the upload.

Here I prefer that the form to be used when uploading a video, since it is lighter and bigger, was added.

And if we give it to Delete, the browser itself is the one that asks us to confirm the order and not VReel .

Finally, and taking up the design of the site, tell you that on page  vreel_play of videos I miss the title of it. The only place where you see the title is in the browser.

In the comments, if we click on the user name (there is a link) we are supposed to go to the user's profile, but as I said in another entry this service is not yet available. I do not see the need to have a link to an error 404.

Continuing with the comments, comment that the user who uploads the video can not moderate them. At no time does the option to delete or edit a comment appear.

And finally, this time if, comment that the related videos, have little related.

Here we leave today's post about the videos in VReel tomorrow we will continue with more interesting things about VReel . Since I am I apologize because the firefox add-on I use to capture ( FireShot ) does not capture the DivX player , so it does not appear.

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This is how VReel will be • WordPress Help

With this entry there are already three that we have published talking about Vreel . We started talking about the difference this service has from the rest and we continue with the story of Stage6 and Vreel . Now let's talk about the first impressions that we have taken from Vreel .

If you review the previous entries, you will see that I have not yet published the logo of Vreel everything has an explanation . And this is simple and clear, I do not know what the official logo is:

  • On the main page, we have this:

 logo2 To begin with, the file has the logo2 name, which makes me suppose that it does not is the official, but currently what the public can see is this logo.

I like this logo more than the one we are going to see below but I would give some 3D touches to the letters and some reflection.

  • what will soon be Vreel we find this:


The name of the file in this image I do not know since I have taken it from header of the beta and it's called header so I can say little. But seeing that the other one is called logo2 and that this one is in the beta gives me that it is the official one.

The whole of the page I do not like, the colors do not match much and the black background I do not like. It's true that I do not like any web that has a black background. But I also understand that the visualization of the videos is much better. Even so I do not like it since the DivX Web Player darkens the screen so you do not get distracted by anything other than the player.

 vreel_principal Let's talk about the main page. As we see in the image on the left (click to enlarge), we have a sidebar on the right that for my taste is very wide. Although right now it is practically deserted.

The central part is occupied by the last uploaded videos that are inside a kind of frame in which we must do scroll only to this frame.

Fair under header, we have four buttons so we can modify the videos that are shown on this page (The last videos, the most visited, the most commented and the ones with the maximum  vreel_canales Score)

We also have a section of "Channels" but they are not the typical channels to which we are accustomed in other services. In this section instead of channels we have the computer videos by categories.

To this section I would change the name by Categories or something like that since Channels in this world I know it as something else. [19659007] In this section we find all the categories that Vreel has: Anime, Cars & Vehicles, Comedy, Education, Entertainment, Film & Animation, Howto & Style, Japanese Culture, Music, News & Policies, Nonprofits & Activism, People & Blogs, Pets & Animals, Science & Technology, Sports and Travel & Events . Selecting the category you want we can see the videos in that category.

In this section we also find below the header some buttons to do something similar to what we found on the main page.

 vreel_community In the menu we also have a section called "Community" but as we can see in the image on the left it is not available.

I do not understand how they add a button and a link to a page that does not exist, I would have added the button when the section is active.

And so we finish the entry today, but this time I will not place you until tomorrow if not until a few hours. Today we start the week with double ration. In the next post we will continue with the design of Vreel .

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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DivX returns to the Web

Do you know what it looks like YouTube Blip.TV Google Video DailyMotion and company? Apparently nothing, but all have in common that they use Flash for the reproduction of the videos, that format that is already well known by all (. Flv) .

But … a few months ago the thing was not like that. Before we had Stage6 their difference between the others is that they used videos DivX for the reproduction of them. Unfortunately this service closed last February.

STOP! I forgot to tell you what difference there is between Flash and DivX : [19659011]
 4_flash We all know that the quality of YouTube is more than bad. This is because the format Flash has lower quality but in turn the size of the file is much smaller than any other, there is a very widespread format on the web. Thank God, we have other services like Blip.TV that also offer you a format Flash but with better quality.

On the other hand, DivX It is not used much on the web. Even so, I'm sure you'll see your logo on DVD players and the like; also sure you've seen in  divx-logo "src =" https://ayudawp.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/06/divx-logo1.gif "width =" 166 "align =" left " border = "0" /> servers <em> P2P </em> .The advantage of this format is the great compression that is made in the video so that we get more quality with less size.Another big problem that arises if we want to use this format in a web is that the user will have to have installed a free application called <em><a href= DivX Web Player if it is true that for videos in format Flash you also have to download an application for to be able to see files Flash but this one being so widespread is practically everyone.

With that said and before continuing, we will see the same video three times but from different places. 19659027] YouTube whose file weighs 1.82 MB we will continue with [194] 59018] Blip.TV whose file weighs 3.04 MB and we'll end with a video in DivX weighing 6.85 MB . As I said, it is the same video, this means that I have uploaded the same file to the three servers.
[video_youtube_vreel] fr05ThCsYWo [/video_youtube_vreel]
[video_blip_vreel] 4Se89UwA [/video_blip_vreel]
[video_divx_vreel] http://blip.tv/file/get/AyudaWordPress-Vreel703.divx [/video_divx_vreel]
And look where, if you have been careful you should have noticed that all this input comes for a new service called Vreel . As you may have heard, this service is considered the clone of Stage6 .
In the video they say that they should have opened on May 6 but for many, a lot of problems still remain closed. Even so, as in WordPress Help we are the first, we have access to the closed beta to the public of this service. With which, we will be the first in the blogosphere Hispanic to tell you all the news of this service that promises, and no doubt will help many bloggers to hang on your blog videos and want load it to a quality more than acceptable.

At the end the introduction has gone something longer than I planned, so with your permission, we will continue tomorrow with another entry and so I let you rest from reading so much, see and listen.

Video | Daily Dose Mobuzz TV (04/30/08)

Link | Vreel

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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