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One of the main concerns that bloggers have is getting links, the linkbaiting . A simple and quick means are the socialbookmarks (social bookmarking services), or exchange pages of web pages among the users of the system.

To facilitate the task, here is a small list of dofollow socialbookmarks.

Be good and do not fall into spam, will not they also change to nofollow these sites .

If you know more, do not hesitate to write it in the comments to expand the list.

WordPress Help DoFollow • WordPress Help

But as they comment in the blog DoFollow

In the early days of blogs many spammers used them to send their trash to these places.

That way I got advertising and upload their search engine rankings. Google took note and created the nofollow tag. The links with this tag were not taken into account by search engines.

WordPress and almost all blog platforms automatically inserted this tag in the comments of all their blogs .

This means that the links you put in the comments are not indexed by Google or count to raise the position of your site.

But did this stop the spammers? It seems that no, if you consult your blogs you will see how much spam still comes to you even when you have the nofollow tags

What works for spam is the plugin Akismet . [19659003] A problem with nofollow is that there are many comments that contribute value and information that are not taken into account by search engines. And many people do not contribute their grain of salt to the conversation in the comments since in the end it stops seeing the fact of commenting.

Therefore there is a group of people who would be motivated to comment more and who can collaborate with your blogs contributing their points of view.

On the other hand it is possible that you have users of your blog that comment often and that you contribute an important value to the blog . Surely you would like to reward and give weight to your links is a way to do it.

And in WordPress Help we are in favor of rewarding participation, of valuing the links that "add value "To the debate on the posts, and that's why we have enabled the dofollow value in the comments to the entries.

Not only that, but we are targeting the dofollow blog directory where you can find a lot of other splendid blogs that have removed this restriction. In our case we use the plugin Nofollow Free which allows you to configure how you want to "release" the links to your liking, being able to reward the readers who comment the most, not the first one that appears, as well as to links posted by registered users, but there are other ways to do .

If you want to join the increasingly long list of dofollow blogs you can sign up . As you can see below there are very good blogs and with a high PR that use this system and have been compromised, here are a few with PR4 and PR5:

And many more, just need yours.