The biggest brute force attack on WordPress in history • WordPress Help

Since this morning the largest brute-force attack against WordPress installations that is known to date is taking place.

According to they report in the attack is massive, and in a map of its web can be reviewed in real time the traffic it is generating, as well as the places of origin and destination of the attacks. In green you have normal traffic and in red blocked attacks that, as you can see, come mostly from Russia, China and Taiwan.

The attacks are aimed at forcing user accesses in a massive way, through automated software machines .

If you have installed the WordFence plugin it is best that, in the settings section called " Other options " check the box " Participate in the real- time Wordfence security network ". This way if a WordPress site that uses WordPress is attacked and active that option is blocked to that attacker in all other sites that are using Wordfence.

Of course, the level of security goes up against massive attacks, level 4 of the Wordfence plugin, which is suitable for attacks in progress.
 level 4 wordfence

Of course, disseminates this notice to all your acquaintances and friends below you have buttons to move it through social networks and reach as many people as possible.

Come on, cheer, following the tips of WordPress security you should not have any problems.