easyComment – Comment from Firefox

easyComment is an extension for the browser Firefox that allows to comment with a single click on blogs WordPress Movable Type ] and Dotclear so that you do not have to fill out the form in each blog, you only do it once in the preferences of the extension, where you fill in your personal data and they will serve you to comment in all the blogs that visites.

When you visit a blog and want to comment you just have to click on the button easyComment of the status bar of Firefox and the extension will search it alone the blog comment form and fill it in with your information thus avoiding wasting time filling this information over and over again. Do not you think it's cool? .

This extension for Firefox despite working perfectly, is in the experimental phase so you'll have to sign up on the extensions page of Mozilla Firefox to install it. Of course, it's free.

Not everything is WordPress – There are other CMS

I think we have clear which is the CMS that we have chosen the most for our blog but if you have a restless mind, if you want to try other content publishing systems I would not be of more than you knew that there is much more software with which you can have your personal or professional space on the Internet .

With this objective I have done this compilation I think quite complete , in which you have a good amount of CMS quality many of them interesting to try. Of course, you can complete the list by indicating in the comments if you know any more.

As you can see there are many options and just by trying them you will know which one best suits your needs. I have not tried all, of course, but of the most powerful, and for the current use that I give to the contents that I publish in the network I have chosen WordPress although before I used others.

If has liked to know more about this world of the Content Management Systems (CMS) you can follow a great site where there is daily information about them: Planeta CMS .