WordPress is the App Store of the web developer

Under this suggestive headline Gareth Case exposes in addition to its history of web tools (Frontpage, Dreamweaver, iWeb, etc), how to date official repository of themes and plugins of WordPress can be considered, without a doubt, as the App Store for web developers .

With almost 17 thousand plugins and almost 1,500 themes the WordPress repository is a great opportunity for any web developer to get known, even to start selling themes online from within the WordPress desktop without going any further.

Personally I think it's a good reflection, and a line in which the Automattic team could consider moving forward to give a different approach to this great web development promotion platform, in addition to Open Source code, do not you think?

Course on creation of themes with Dreamweaver CS5

The Spanish DreamWeaver User Group and the Adobe User Group Granada are going to make an eSeminar about how you can convert a static page into a WordPress theme using Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, a of the main novelties of the new version of the Adobe suite, such as we already announced .

The best thing of all is that being an online seminar is completely free, you just have to register in this website .

NASA promotes the use of WordPress

My friend Hector Russo warns me of an interesting page, reflecting the relevance that WordPress has acquired, in which NASA specifically NASA Glenn Research Center to use WordPress in the sites of the research center, using the template they have created for that purpose.

In this special site dedicated to WordPress in addition to posts with usage guides have a whole arsenal of WordPress promotion, such as the list of examples of created sites or the benefits of using WordPress a very well-crafted argument that I can not help but reproduce (abbreviated):

There are more details, relative to the plugins that have included. You will not deny me that it is a strong bet on WordPress, right?

If you know any more example of WordPress promotion by institutions put the link, it will be interesting to make a list for another post do you think?

Edit WordPress with Dreamweaver • WordPress Help

 dreamweaver-wordpress "title =" dreamweaver-wordpress "width =" 500 "height =" 366 "class =" aligncenter size-full wp -image-5402 "/> </a></p>
<p> If you still feel tied to <strong> Dreamweaver </strong>or you want to amortize what cost you that expensive course on this application that you received some time ago, you are in luck, because <span class= you can use it to modify the WordPress theme design .Yes, you will have to follow this tutorial, simple but that requires a certain adaptation to the usual way of working if you edit the files with a code editor to use.

use Dreamweaver with the aim of editing or customize your WordPress themes you have to combine the different PHP files on a single page, in this way you can see instantly in Dreamweaver, while you edit the codes, the final aspect of your page

Preliminaries [19659006] Review the theme files and see how calls are made to the different files, how each code affects the appearance of the site. Take note (physically) of how each call is made to the different files (index.php, header.php, etc.)

You will see that the first thing that is "called" is usually the header (header.php), then the content, and finally the sidebar (sidebar.php) and the footer (footer.php), but this may vary from one theme to another, hence it is important that you write it down.

Create a new folder on your computer and copy in it the following:

  1. The file style.css of the theme that you are going to modify
  2. The folder that contains the images .

Create a new HTML document in Dreamweaver and save it in the newly created folder.

Go to the Code View and paste these lines there:

These lines are commented code, which will guide you when you copy the code of the different PHP files of the theme, and they will also be vital when returning the modified code to your original theme, a You have customized it. Simply reorder the lines according to the order of the "calls" your theme makes as I commented previously.

Copy the codes

Start copying the codes of each theme file: header. php sidebar.php and footer.php . For the main content copy the code of the file index.php .

The first thing you will have to change is the location of the CSS file called from the header. In the WordPress themes is done by this line:

You just have to change to style.css, so that your document can locate the style sheet.

Once this is done you have to change the dynamic calls to the name of your site, subtitle, etc, and add fill lines and some article text as a proof.

Most WordPress themes usually show the site's title like this:

What that line does is show the name of your site linked to the main page of the same. To see the name of your site simply replace the call with a hard text. Do the same with the tagline or description, which you'll find in a line similar to this: .

Filling Text

In the main content simply deletes all conditional statements from the file index.php and leaves the content of the article. Delete these lines:

In its place any text you want to show and help you guess what it would look like when you modify the stylesheet or HTML code from Dreamweaver. Then you also have to replace the title of the post, defined by this line: you delete it and put any title in plain text. Then, to replace the text of the post you must replace the line with some paragraphs of text you want, even a Lorem Ipsum. It also adds padding text in the links and headers of the sidebar.

When you have finished replacing all the PHP calls to WordPress functions with fill-in text you can start to customize, since you will have a very approximate sketch of your WordPress theme . Once you start modifying the CSS or HTML you will be able to see the changes instantly.

When you have finished customizing the look of the theme you just have to copy the new codes to the different PHP files of the WordPress theme, and save the CSS Go back to the codes and replace the fill-in texts with the original code calls that you previously replaced.

What's wrong with you ?, then use ThemeDreamer .

NOTICE : this post It's two or more years ago. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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