WPStores, professional eCommerce solution for WordPress

The platform Page.ly has announced that, in collaboration with PHPPurchase will launch a professional eCommerce platform specialized for sites created with WordPress.

The service will be of payment, with plans between 40 and 65 dollars per month, and the solution will be offered through the pre-installed plugin PHPPurchase through the vertical platform + WordPress of Page.ly

I do not know to you that you think but I think it is a step forward in the implementation of WordPress as a professional platform of first level, if it was still missing something.

Add a powerful Shopping Cart to WordPress • WordPress Help

I can not get over my astonishment when I see the works that can be done to expand the functions of WordPress, in this case I had the opportunity to test a bit the wp-e-commerce plugin that adds a Cart Shopping to your platform.

Being very simple to install, as a good plugin for this platform, it only requires a few moments to upload some products, create product groups and within them categories. We can handle taxes, shipping costs, interact with Paypal, credit cards or manual payment; as well as managing a system of file sales, membership sales and much more.

From yapa we get three free themes, but if we want this plugin to give us much more, we can visit the plugin site and expand the functions and styles by paying for the Gold package. You can also see a list of sites using the Shop, to get an idea of ​​what can be achieved, and also access the forum where users share their tips and implementations.

The only thing that left me with a bitter taste was to find myself with the file of our very incomplete language, so we devote ourselves to translating it from scratch and making it available to whoever needs it. You should only overwrite the file SP_sp.php in plugins wp-shopping-cart languages ​​and activate it from its options panel. The file can be downloaded from Forum SummArg (registration required) and any errors you find would be appreciated if you tell us so.