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Although I always think by default how to approach any project with WordPress when I perform Web Consulting not always the final recommendation for a client is to use WordPress, since sometimes it is not the best choice .

There are several reasons why is not always recommended or the best option to use WordPress for a web development and these are some of them in which I would not recommend it to a client who trusts my criteria …

Apart from these specific and particular needs, WordPress almost always contributes so much in terms of positioning, content management and solidity that whenever possible my thinking is " How can I do this with WordPress? . "

Of course, it is possible that you have another opinion and reasons, which we would like to know and comment on.

WordPress as an eCommerce platform – WordCamp Spain 2010 (Fernando Serer)

Here you have the presentation he did Fernando Serer of Blogestudio in which he told us the possibilities of using WordPress as an electronic commerce platform.

The entry WordPress as an eCommerce platform – WordCamp Spain 2010 (Fernando Serer) was first published in WordPress Help .

bbPress as a plugin • WordPress Help

 bbpress-wordpress-fussion "width =" 96 "height =" 96 "srcset =" content / uploads / 2009/12 / bbpress-wordpress-fussion.jpg 96w, 60w "sizes =" ( max-width: 96px) 100vw, 96px "/> Yesterday the <a href= first IRC meeting on bbPress was held, and for those who doubt the good health and future of this forum system there are many good news

Matt Mullenweg himself and people like San Milward, developer of wp-ecommerce, John James Jacoby, collaborator of the BuddyPress core, Ryan Hellyer of or Justin Tadlock, among many other geniuses of the code, participated in the talk. WordPress.

In the hour of conversation they proposed and they commented some of those that can be the main lines of bbPress, to know …

  • To associate posts of blogs to threads for inte
  • bbPress will be available as software on its own or migrate to make it a WordPress plugin that would autoinstall itself from WordPress . This would eliminate the need to integrate themes, profiles, etc. This idea seems to have found many followers.
  • Deep integration (even themes) between bbPress and WordPress for the version of bbPress 1.2 .
  • Shortcodes bbPress ] for WordPress.
  • User profiles integrated between WordPress and bbPress being able to see their posts and their threads.
  • Sending and warnings of threads by email.
  • Create a Codex for bbPress with extensive documentation.
  • Redesign of the website to make it more alive – currently it seems a dead project because of how old it looks – and add such things as a themes browser and things like that.
  • Private messages, polls, resolved threads and user management in the core of bbPress / WordPress.
  • Since they were confirmed (almost) the WordPress and Mu integration in WordPress 3.0 .
  • For integrate bbPress and WordPress would visually be used page templates .
  • Popups in Lightbox for records, private messages, etc. so that templates do not have a lot of code or have that add subpages.
  • We are going to do a survey to the users to ask them about the features we want in version 1.1 of bbPress.

As you can see, there has been a bit of everything, a kind of brainstorm for relaunch bbPress in a way that is really simple, integrated, easy for the user, that is, WordPress style .

Of course, there will be some problem along the way if you choose by the option of make bbPress a BuddyPress style plugin such as plugin compatibility, export to the new system and those "little things" but there is a long way and, above all, a Long life for bbPress in whatever form.

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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