How to recover the underlined and justified buttons in the WordPress editor

In case you have not noticed, with the update to WordPress 4.7 the development team decided some changes in the editor, and among them were the deletion of two buttons from the toolbar: the underlined text and the justified text .

I will not enter the debate on whether it is a good decision or not, because there are for all tastes, but I will give you solutions if you want to recover them, both, or just some .

Retrieve the underlined and justified buttons

If you want to recover both buttons we have a pair of options:

Re-add text underline and justify

Great plugin that adds a new option to write settings to return both buttons to the editor and, in addition, it gives you the option to go back to where they were before (the underscore in the first row of buttons and the justified in the second).

If you do not choose the option to rearrange them, you will both be in the second row of buttons. You also have the option to leave everything by default, which would not make sense plugin, but hey, there it is.

In short, the options would be these:

  • Default: Everything is as it is from WordPress 4.7, without underlined or justified buttons
  • Re-add buttons and rearrange: You have the buttons back as they were in WordPress 4.6
  • Add buttons again: You have the buttons but both in the second row.

You choose.

Restore Lost Functionality

An old acquaintance, who is incorporating in his settings all those things that are being removed from WordPress, and of course you can also recover the underlined and justified text buttons.

In addition to this, as always, you can recover old WordPress features that have been disappearing or changing in successive versions, like the ord in the comments fields, the link manager, the short links button and many more.

Just go to the new menu in Settings -> Restore Lost Functionality and reactivate what you like. In the case that concerns us actually encourages you to install another plugin, the one that comes next …

Tiny MCE Advanced

Another veteran, who as change the WordPress editor for a full Tiny MCE you can add and arrange the buttons as you want, of course your beloved (or not) underlined buttons and justified text total.

Retrieve just the button justified text

If you agree that you have removed the underline button, for accessibility and usability issues, then your plugin is Who Stole the Text Justify Button?! [19659003] With this significant title ( Who has stolen the justify text button?! ) the plugin, just by installing it and activating it it returns to the second row of the WordPress editor the longed button to justify text.

And no, I will not enter the d ebate, okay?

But you can debate what you want, that's what the comments are for.

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How to grow your business with content marketing and WordPress

 content marketing - content marketing

Content marketing has never been more important than now . Your potential customers receive a multitude of advertisements on television, radio, magazines and emails every day, so it is not uncommon that today they are more than tired of this type of advertising, which is overwhelming, which causes ceases to be effective.

Due mainly to this, it is vital for any business, company or individual to engage in content marketing oriented brand positioning also known as branded content ] This way you will distinguish yourself from the rest and make your voice heard.

A content marketing effective, in the form of publication of useful content regularly, has the incentive of attract and retain more customers than any other method and without your audience even realizing that you're advertising something.

Content marketing attracts and loyalty more customers than any other method Click to Tweet

By marketing to your audience in a strategic way, offering interesting, valuable and relevant information you have the potential to gain your loyalty with sales result and in this way ] growing your business like never before .

This method of communication is much more effective, instead of constantly offering your products and services to your customers.

An effective content marketing it has enormous potential when it comes to reaching its audience, creating connection and encouraging a purchase, and all without the client not even feeling as if they are trying to sell him something .

content marketing that work

 social content marketing

Every day you can read a lot of information related to content marketing, the bad thing about so much information is that it becomes confusing to know how to start or in what sources to trust.

For content marketing to work you must have strategy Clic para tweet

For content marketing to work, you must have strategy but not just strategies. tested and working, that I will try to summarize.

It is vital to make a plan before starting, and not any plan, but one focused on your goals and goals that creates a direct route to what you are looking for. So, first of all, we are going to look at some important elements that you should consider at the time of elaborate a content marketing strategy .

If you follow these simple tips you will see how your business grows and you get more success even as expected. So let's go over it, taking a look at the most practical tricks that will help grow your business using content marketing .

How to create a content marketing plan

 marketing content wordpress content

If this is the first time you do a content marketing strategy it is highly recommended that you have a clear plan before getting involved in creating content and publishing it.

If you have an idea clear of the direction in which you want to make content marketing of your products and services will make everything work more smoothly and smoothly throughout the process.

The 5 fundamental elements that a content marketing plan should include

  1. ] Define your goals – You have to visualize the final goal of your content marketing campaign. Examples can be getting calls to action, letting you know, improving the loyalty of your customers, generate more sales? Write down the objectives that you would like to achieve in your business, as well as any potential obstacles, with their solutions, with which you can find yourself, which is usually defined in the business world as DAFO .
  2. Investigate – You must find out what you have not done in your niche or need improvement. You have to know, but above all understand, the needs and values ​​of your audience to be able to write appropriate content for them. And, of course, do not forget to focus on what makes your business unique.
  3. Types of content – Before creating any content plan how you will do and publish: tutorials, guides, interviews, infographics, videos, etc. Decide how you will distribute the content, not forgetting the SEO methods and techniques you will use to increase your exposure. You must define if your content will be information, opinion, entertainment, compilation, original or a combination of several. Reinforce your content with images that capture the attention of your audience and help generate more virality in social networks.
  4. Promote your content – The promotion of your content, and therefore of your business, is crucial for win loyal customers. Think about how you will share your content, as well as from your website.
  5. Analyze – Decide how you will measure and track the success of your content strategies. This point is always the weak point of many content marketing actions, which do, plan, define and investigate, even create great content, but if you do not measure the impact of what works and what does not, you will be burning cartridges in content it does not work and losing opportunities it does work.

These 5 steps are vital to increase the chances of the messages you send through your content marketing actions are properly focused and do not dilute or you make efforts without results.

Follow this line of action and make sure that all those involved in the content marketing plan have clear goals for your business and the actions to be taken . Being thorough, precise and analyzing each step will make your goals much easier to achieve.

A content marketing plan is not to write about what you know or do without, it is to have an objective, to know who is directed, know what can work and what does not, and analyze its performance and progression .

A content marketing plan requires generating valuable publications Click to tweet

How can WordPress help you in your content marketing

 branded content marketing wordpress

I think you do not have to remember that currently there is no business that does not have a website, a blog or both, and as WordPress is still the most popular content manager seems to make perfect sense to use it as ideal content marketing platform that meets all the needs of your business .

WordPress is the p The ideal content marketing platform Click to tweet

So, once you've identified your goals, and what kind of content will impact your audience, it makes perfect sense to choose exactly which tools to help us with Design this purpose.

Here is a series of plugins and WordPress tools that will help you plan and publish content effectively which will help you achieve your results.

Programming tickets

The WordPress editor includes in the publication box the ticket programming tool, something vital for any content marketing plan.

Its use is simple, simply click on the link called Edit next to the text Publish immediately you can specify the year, month, day, hour and minutes that your content will be published.

Once chosen the date and time simply accept and the button Publish will be renamed Schedule one of the WordPress publishing states. Once you save / schedule, your publication will be waiting for the date and time chosen to be published automatically.

How many times have I seen WordPress users looking like crazy utilities that already come by default in WordPress, and this is one of them, and really powerful and useful.

Editorial Calendar

The free plugin Editorial Calendar allows you to plan and schedule entries from a calendar. You can drag and drop entries from one date to another and open the editor from the same calendar screen. It is a good plugin, and easy to use, to manage and plan the release of your content, and thus make sure you always know when your content will be available.

Your use, as you can see in this video, is simple, at the same time powerful …

Edit Flow

The plugin Edit Flow is a veteran and powerful tool of editorial management for WordPress designed specifically for websites with several authors. We could say that it is the older brother and supervitaminado of the previous, more basic plugin.

It allows you to collaborate with your team, plan content and assign it, define new states to the contents (for example, "Ready to publish "," Without planning ", etc). Of course, you can leave editorial comments to your team and create specific user groups, as well as send notices and have a track record of editorial follow-up.

Completísimo and totally free and if it does not come with what that comes by default you can expand it with these codes .

Nelio Content

Nelio Content can be seen as a updated and improved version of Edit Flow as it seems to have wanted to inherit its virtues but adding functionalities of the times that are running.

So that you do you have an idea, you could say that it is a mixture of the editorial tools of Edit Flow the Yoast SEO content analyzer and the Divulge module of Je tPack, with some extra extras.

In its free version the plugin has limited its editorial flow virtues in teams because it is only available to a user, but this user will be able to manage the entire ] editorial calendar self-publish and program social publications up to 4 social profiles, and access the full content suggestions .

In the absence of availability access to the full version to assess its virtues of editorial management, something vital in a blog like this with several authors, I can say that its operation for a single user is more than outstanding, and in passing you can save the module Disclose except for the automatic publication in Google+, something that JetPack only gets at the moment.

In any case, here is a great video that explains it better, and below some screenshots … [19659004]

Easy Content Templates

It's a pity that Easy Content Templates has not been updated for years, but at least it's still working. This plugin allows you to create ticket templates . In this way you can use them to include previously defined content in new entries, a simple way to include repetitive content in your publications, such as calls to action, promotional content or whatever.

Surprising functionality in WordPress 4.2: texts linked with copy and paste

In all versions of WordPress there are hidden functionalities sometimes known as easter eggs and sometimes they are really useful, as is the case of a discovered in the version ] 4.2 .

According to has discovered Ella Van Dorpe if you select a text and paste a URL the text is automatically linked without having to resort to the icon of the editor of WordPress to add links, fast and effective.

I do not know about you but this new hidden functionality – not announced – gives me life, because I've always thought it was a huge waste of time to click in the editor for such basic things.

How to create buttons easily in WordPress

Almost all current premium themes, let alone the frameworks carry some system of button creation very useful for contact pages, sales, etc. Now, the problem is that you create a dependency on the topic because they are usually generated by shortcodes own of the subject you're using, and that will stop working if you change the subject .

So the best solution is a plugin, which will generate buttons at will, and with the design you specify at every moment, regardless of the theme you use.

One that Forget about shortcode buttons that, once active, is integrated into the WordPress editor and allows to insert any type of fully customized buttons in any entry or page in texts , colors, shapes, shadows, whatever you want.

There is nothing to configure previously, simply where you decide to insert a button you give the icon that adds to the editor's format bar and opens the interface to create it and inserts it . Create the buttons using the latest CSS techniques and you can even add icons Dashicons or FontAwesome .

Is not it clear to you? Well here you have some captures and a video that show it wonderfully, you will see that it has no mystery whatsoever and it is very, very effective and easy to use.

Show full WordPress editor

The WordPress editor has been losing weight in the latest versions, showing fewer and fewer format buttons although in fact if you could have them at your disposal.

WordPress editor, as you may know, is an adapted version of TinyMCE which offers a huge amount of format buttons, which the WordPress development team has been disabling based on the most common uses common users ours.

Now, each user is a world, and unwittingly sometimes we use plugins to expand the WordPress editor without knowing that we can have it by simply modifying its operation

An example of this that I'm telling you is that actually the complete editor TinyMCE is there, you just have to enable it . To get it you have to create a function in your utility plugin or file functions.php and add the following code:

Of course, you do not have to activate all of them, but only those you need or use more . The difference is to move on from this …

The future editor of WordPress

 development wordpress

At the recent WordCamp event in San Francisco, Matt Mullenweg presented an idea of ​​ where the editor could go WordPress in the near future and the truth is that it looks great.

And I especially like the new concept because it is aimed at simplification on the one hand, and the new users , on the other, with what the simplicity that incorporates content editing would benefit everyone .

Let's see some details …

 Future WordPress editor (v 1)

Click to extend

If we observe the main screen of one of the 2 proposed possibilities, we see that has completely changed the appearance of the editor moving the publication elements to the top and replacing the icon bar by blocks of content (on the right) from which to insert all kinds of media and formats.

There are many details that I love about this concept, such as the new integrated and minimalist block of categories and tags ]:
 future editor wordpress 3.x block categories tags

Also, if you notice, there is a search engine integrated in the right side, to find the content to insert gives equal the medium.
 future editor wordpress 3.x search engine

 Future editor WordPress (v 2)

Click to enlarge

Another alternative concept would be this, more traditional, but even more minimalist, as the content blocks are not displayed …

 future editor wordpress 3.x bar pop-up format

Click to enlarge

In both concepts, to format texts you just have to select it, with what the format bar will appear people

 future editor wordpress 3.x icon add block

Click to enlarge

In the second concept, as the block box is not available, an icon would appear under the text add blocks of content

 editor future wordpress 3.x add content-block

Click to enlarge

After clicking on it the selector of content blocks would pop up something like this:

 future editor wordpress 3.x chosen block

Click to enlarge

When choosing a content, new elements will be displayed to insert it, directly in the editor, and again without new screens. In this capture you have the module to insert an image and its caption :

 future editor wordpress 3.x icons edition images

Click to enlarge

In both concepts, all multimedia elements can be formatted in the text and modified without accessing any other screen using simple icons that appear on the multimedia element …

In summary, a more than interesting concept, I can not see the time that is incorporated into the development of the next versions of WordPress. There remains the doubt of how the editor would be in HTML mode, which is the one that I use mainly, although I suppose that it would not receive so many changes, since it is oriented to more users " geeks ", which – I do not know why – we're not supposed to like these virgins so much (I love them)

Well, what do you think of the proposals? Would you add or change anything?

NOTICE ]: This publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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