WPCampus starts in Spain

WPCampus are events where web professionals, educators, students and people dedicated to using WordPress in higher education, meet to learn and share their knowledge and experiences.

If you want to get involved and participate in WPCampus, depending on your profile , you can do it like this:

Whatever way you want to participate, you should not miss the next WordPress frontier: enter fully into universities and higher education centers .

Uses of WordPress in Education • WordPress Help

Yesterday I discovered in the blog of Fernando Cruz Bello an interesting article about how to use WordPress in educational environments which not only detailed some of these possible uses but also what accompanied by some great videos and explanations that are not usually elsewhere.

I mean, for example, this fantastic video in which in a few minutes explains in a simple way what is a CMS

Regarding your proposals for the use of WordPress in education highlights the following:

This content was created for the students of the Banco Santander Chair of the University of Zaragoza, and you better read the full article in Fernando's blog .