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My name is Gonzalo de la Campa and as always for me it is an honor to write in this wonderful blog of Fernando.

To the mess …

Elegant Themes makes continuous improvements in Divi just like the big Formula 1 teams do in their cars. I put this example because I have always felt that betting on Elegant Themes and Divi was betting on a great team.

In fact we have gone from version 3.0 to version 3.8 in 3 months (from March to June). Imagine the speed of the improvements. Amazing

It will be harder and harder to find updated Divi online courses since the updates are going at a dizzying pace, but that's what the profs are, to give us the batteries and try to give it all chew so that it is as easy as possible.

Girl, that the thing advances that is an outrage 😉

So to make it easier for you to find out about all of them I'll summarize here the latest improvements that have had to do with issues of speed, simplicity and productivity when it comes to designing your website.

and now … to the mess … as Jack said … we go in parts:

In this post I am going to talk about 3 improvements in terms of productivity with Divi:

  1. The new tool of Fluid Styles
  2. The new utility of the Filters by Divi
  3. The wonderful right button (and its novelties) [19659013] Divi Quick Access to go direct to edit what we want
  4. Divi WorkFlow : To create new pages easily
  5. Go back in the version de Divi (security improvement)

1. Saves a lot of time with the new tool from Fluid Styles

Divi now allows to copy all design modifications from one module to another even more quickly and easily.

But not only among modules also between rows and sections.

To give you an idea, if when designing you are making a Price table for example and in a column you apply styles, colors, shadows … then with a simple click you can apply everything to the other columns.

Or for example if you use a background in a section and you want to apply it to a module, row or another section … you do not have to go to that new one section and enter the settings to put that background, directly copies the style and ready.

You can also do it to a set of styles that you have done or only to one in particular such as titles, colors, etc.

If you are one of those who are too lazy to read, do not worry … here is a video of my YouTube channel where I explain it step by step:


2. Find more easily all your modifications with the Filters

Another of the best features of the latest versions of Divi are the Filters.

As usual in the top-of-range visual layouters allow you to change a lot of things (colors, texts, borders, animations, shadows, margins …) with so many options, usability is vital so as not to get lost and get involved in a sea of ​​adjustments and options.

In Divi they have made it very easy with the ] Filters .

Now when you enter a section, row or module, you no longer need to browse all the options to see which ones you have modified, simply click on the filters button and it will show you only the ones you've played.

You can also see the content settings or the responsive ones independently.

But better I'll explain in another of my videos that I've prepared for you and for my followers of my Youtube channel. And of course for my students of my Divi 3 in 1 course which is where they have my support and all the tutorials ordered and updated.

3. The wonderful right button (and its news).

Undoubtedly of these 3 news of productivity with Divi this is the one I like the most . Although the right button is something that has already been several years in Divi, has incorporated these themes of the styles within the utilities that were previously brought.

If you removed the right button in Windows for example … you did the damn ?

Well, with Divi the same thing happens, the day you use it, you can not live without it.

So I do not understand why other visual builders do not put their batteries and copy Divi in this, because it improves usability and saves time when designing that you do not see.

With the right button of Divi we can do many things like:

  1. Test A / B (no need of plugins or bagpipes )
  2. Disable content (so they do not show on mobile …)
  3. Lock content (so it does not get deleted)
  4. Copy styles (and paste all the settings wherever you want)
  5. Copy modules … (and paste them elsewhere on the page)
  6. etc.

But you have another video or my YouTube channel because if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video more than a million hehe

4. Divi Quick Access to go direct to edit what we want

This improvement will help us a lot.

Now when you move the mouse over a module and click on the pencil it will take you directly to where those settings are for that you do not have to look in the options palette.

So cool is this novelty that Fernando has made an exclusive post about it that you can see here: Divi Quick Access, the visual layout as it always should have been

Although a picture is worth a thousand words, look and enjoy. In addition it can also be the other way around, by passing with the mouse through the options palette it tells you what is modified evisually in the module.

 divi quick accesss 1

5. Divi WorkFlow: To create new pages easily

To me personally this update I like a lot for 2 things:

  1. It helps to see in an easy way that 3 things you can do each time you create a new page: [19659058] Customize it from scratch
  2. Import a predefined design
  3. Clone an existing page
  • I also love it because before that there was no Clone an existing page and you had to install a plugin type Duplicate Post (which now you avoid) or you had to open the page you wanted to clone (to take advantage of all that design you had done with the Divi Builder) and save it in the library and then create the new page and import That design that you had saved. The thing is that you also avoid it. No longer do you have to keep all the designs of your pages in the library to be able to reuse them since Divi keeps them for us. And this is something that is used quite frequently and will save us a lot of time when designing webs.
  • Also if you do not want to appear you can go to the options of the visual constructor and make it every time you create a new page, by default go directly to one of those 3 options without giving you to choose:

    6. Back to an earlier version of Divi (security improvement)

    One of the most frustrating things in WordPress and I would dare say that in the computer world in general, is when you update something and update … ZAS, it is jod … something or part of what used to work properly.

    The WordPress world is so wonderful that we have more plugins, more themes, more updates and improvements to the WordPress core and a bigger community, more developers, etc.

    That also means that as on your website you have plugins and theme of different developers sometimes when updating you can find some incompatibility between theme and one of your plugins, especially if you have any that is from a developer unreliable, that does not offer support or that does not update the plugin as WordPress updates progress.

    Well, from version 3.6 of Divi, if you ever update it and it breaks down go, Divi incorporates a wonderful button in DIVI> TOPIC OPTIONS> UPDATES> ROLLBACK TO THE PREVIOUS VERSION that will go back to the version you had of Divi before updating.


    So from version 3.6 of Divi you can be calmer that if something goes wrong in your web you can go back and recover the previous version of Divi just in one click. Of course, you can not go back to versions before 3.6. This is from now on.

    Having said that, my recommendation is that you always wait a few days before updating but in plugins and themes … because if there are any errors, they usually fix it after removing the update and if you are one of those who update after 15 days for example, you make sure that the errors they have been able to find are possibly already solved.

    So nothing, if for me Divi is one of the most WordPress insurance for its role editor, for being audited by the Sucuri company, for being able to block modules … now we also have the security of being able to return to an earlier version of Divi if something goes wrong and to avoid some other pain of head 😉

    Well, I hope you liked it and all this will help you design more and better with Divi.

    I wait for you down here in the comments to chat while we take a virtual straw, well, in fact I am m s de vinito que de cerveza, jeje

    A big hug, Gonzalo.

    Guest author: Gonzalo de la Campa

    • For a few years he has been working on web design on his website of
    • It also has a SEO positioning agency in Google
    • It is also dedicated to giving WordPress courses Online with Divi at
    • And finally help people who want to start online with their Premium Program www.emprendit .online with a course that in addition to training includes premium website, SEO positioning, maintenance, hosting … In the latter has collaborated Fernando Tellado and many other great professionals such as Joan Boluda, Diego Artola, Victor Campuzano, Antonio G, Elsa, Maite and Laura López, Isa and Juanmi etc.
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    7 false myths about Divi that they have told you (and you have believed). Get update

    Hello friends! My name is Gonzalo de la Campa and I work as a freelance doing work as graphic designer and web in and as a teacher of WordPress, Divi, Woocommerce … in

    First of all, thank Fernando (the WordPress Messi) to open the doors of his blog. For me it is an honor. I will not tire of repeating it.

    And now, to the mess.

    This is an article that I have been forced to write due to the, still a lot of people confused with the theme Divi by Elegant Themes.

    Divi is a theme that makes hundreds of thousands of users all over the world not in vain is it the best-selling WordPress themes on the planet, but he is also hated by others.

    And in the middle many confused people and many times with wrong information. With what this post, born to dismantle false myths and I hope it helps you clarify ideas.

    But before entering sand I want to make one thing clear …

    If today you are hesitating to use one theme or another, whether it's Divi, Genesis, GeneratePress or some plugin for editing pages, either Divi (also a plugin), Elementor Thrive Architecht, etc. I will tell you that in my opinion, with almost none you are wrong. It would be like choosing between a BMW, a Mercedes or an Audi, all are great brands.

    That said, if you ask me to be 100% frank with you if I tell you …

    What if you do not have many knowledge neither of php, nor of css … bet before by Divi because if you mess with Genesis you can have more than one headache. If you are a programmer sure that options like Genesis are great but the problem is when a programmer tells someone without knowledge to use Genesis. It would be something like if a plane pilot tells you to punch him or a doctor you operate, if you do not have knowledge you can go head first.

    False Myth 1: If you change the subject you lose all the designs.

    ] False.

    This false myth I love. I do not know how many times I have heard it. In fact this is what I usually hear: "The problem of Divi is that if I change the subject I lose all the designs of my pages and that with other subjects does not happen" hehe

    I would like to put the answer in a h2 to be clear forever, but I'm not going to do it, I'll continue writing with this size of letter but you get this in your head 😉

    If I change the subject of Divi to another theme and install the Divi plugin in the new theme NO I LOSE MY DESIGNS.

    Repeat with me … If I change the theme of Divi to another theme and install the Divi plugin in the new theme I DO NOT LOSE MY DESIGNS

    hehe forgives the joke, but I want this to be clear. [19659005] And what I say for Divi is valid for any visual constructor. If you change the theme and install the page builder in the new theme, you will not lose the designs you have made with that layout, either Divi, Thrive Architect or whatever.

    That being said …

    If you change of theme and do not install the plugin with which you made the pages (either Divi, Thrive Architect, Elementor or whatever) YES LOSE YOUR DESIGNS.

    Here comes the problem

    Companies like those that have designed Elementor or Thrive Architect in my opinion have created some confusion because they say that if you deactivate your plugin you lose nothing and it is not true and as this Elegant Themes does not say it (that I know) have confused many.

    With Elementor or Thrive Architect … you also lose all the layout if you change the subject and do not install the plugin or if you disable the plugin on the web you are doing.

    It's pure logic, it's like If you have made a house and remove the beams, gentlemen, falls

    What happens is that with Elementor … even if you lose all the layout does not generate short codes. That is to say, what you have left, is without columns, without design and without anything, that is, if you are one of those who take care of the image, it is not for you at all but yes, there is a clean garbage of short codes. What is it worth? You're welcome, but it's a clean garbage, hehe.

    Here's a video where I compared this between Divi and Elementor so you can see it with your own eyes.

    False Myth 2: It's a subject with poor loading speed. Very heavy and slow


    What confuses people is that they have been made to think that by using one theme or another the web will be fast or slow.

    I wish it were so simple.

    For a web to have a good loading speed many very many factors influence, not just the subject you use, much less. Influences in the first place the images that you upload to your web, I have seen webs in Genesis, GenratePress, Divi … with very fast images that loaded all the speed, influences the Hosting (although now there are many good ones), the external calls as the pixel of Facebook tracking in Facebook Ads campaigns, internal or external videos and hundreds of factors with more and less relevance.

    Having said that, to prove it super simple I will do 2 things.

    1. EXAMPLES OF WEBS WITH DIVI SUPER QUICK: To collect these webs it was enough for me to ask in some groups of Divi of Facebook like in mine of Divi in ​​Spanish or in others that of Divi theme users that I passed Divi websites with good upload speeds and in less than 24 hours I had dozens of them:

    I'll show you a video where you will see it with your own eyes: [19659005]

    False Myth 3: It is overloaded. It's not good for SEO. It is difficult to position in Google.


    As I have shown you above overloaded has little. Divi can go like a shot without problems. In fact in this article you can see how Divi has brutally improved its code and its loading speed even by minifying the css without the need for plugins: <a I'll show you a video where you will see it with your own eyes : Divi the fastest subject of the West: It improves the speed of loading by 60%

    And what better than to continue demonstrating it with fact and not with opinions.

    My own web www.cursowordpress- is positioned with Divi in ​​a keyword of high competition as it is course wordpress and usually appears in second position. And in fact many pages that sell WordPress courses with Genesis and other topics do not appear on the 1st page of Google.

    Do you think that little? Do you want more facts?

    As you see, I like to prove it with objective data because of opinions the internet is full and everyone has theirs, but today you are going to leave this post knowing objective truths: [19659005] In this other video that I have posted on my website where I offer SEO positioning services, I show some of the dozens and dozens of websites that I have positioned with Divi and on the 1st page of Google. Only I count hundreds of keywords on the 1st page of websites positioned with Divi, so if you multiply that by the huge community of Divi, there must be hundreds of thousands of keywords on the 1st page with websites made with Divi.

    False Myth 4: It's expensive.


    Well, it really depends on what you compare it with. If you compare it with the price of a bag of pipes if it is expensive. But if you compare it for example with other options of topics in which you have to also buy a builder to be able to layout pages, no

    And I'll show you with more objective data, not with my opinion:

    Let's see for example prices between GeneratePress + Elementor and Divi prices

    1. Option for unlimited Projects + lifetime updates: With Divi will cost you 249 dollars in one payment.
      If you want to be able to use Generatepress plus Elementor in unlimited projects and for life you will have to pay at least $ 199 per year for Elementor every year. If we calculate 10 years with Elementor you will have paid 1990 dollars plus 39.95 dollars from GeneratePress .
    2. Unlimited projects + 1 year updates: If you are going to use Divi on many customer websites with 89 euros of Divi, you have solved it in addition to having all the Elegant Themes plugins (Bloom, Monarch …) and to be able to use it in unlimited projects with Generatepress and Elementor you'll have to spend 35.95 + 199 = 234.95 . That is, for unlimited websites (and with updates for one year) Divi is almost 3 times cheaper.
    3. One project + updates 1 year: Divi 89 Generatepress + Elementor 84.95. Almost identical.

    That said, with any of them, if you make a website to a customer you will amortize it with a single web that you do and if it is for your personal project, between the time you will save and the cool you can leave your web , you will also amortize it with the first client that enters you. So, as I usually say, save at the dinner this Friday that you were going to go, but do not save on the subject that will be the tool with which you design the web that will feed you.

    False Myth 5: It is incompatible with many WordPress plugins.


    Divi is compatible with most WordPress plugins. I thought I was going to list the thousands of plugins with which it is compatible but, frankly, it gives me something, because they are so many that it would never end. From cache plugins, to multi-language or anything.

    In fact Divi has a gigantic community that develops exclusive plugins to increase the power of Divi. If you want to visit my page of Free Resources for Divi and see it. There I am adding websites, directories and many resources that you can use with your WordPress and Divi that will make you design very cool websites in the shortest time possible.

    I will not expand on this topic because it is unnecessary.

    False Myth 6 : People recommend it for high commissions.


    Let's see … if we take into account that in the keyword course wordpress with divi my web appears several times between the first 10 results, and that I have more than 5000 visits per month on the web, more than 50,000 views in my Youtube Channel related to Divi, etc., etc. We could take my website as one of the references of people who could be earning high commissions with Divi affiliates.

    Well that is not the case.

    My monthly commissions few months reach 100 euros.

    With what I would not be very smart if having to pay a mortgage, the maintenance of my 2 children and what it costs all that is not enough, I would waste hours recommending a tool for these ridiculous commissions.

    And if that is my case, that of many people who also recommend Divi with less visibility and views than me, I imagine that the commissions they generate will be equal or less, with what … I think this goes to show that normally nobody recommends it for take 50 euros a month, since that is not lived.

    We recommend it because we use it daily and we are delighted and if it helps us so much, we believe it can help many more people too. [19659005] And if you do not believe me, pá Sat for the scores of opinions of my students and see what they think of Divi

    Web spectacular in a few minutes with Divi Cloud

    Hello friends, as always it is an honor to write as a guest in this wonderful blog of Fernando, the Lionel Messi of WordPress 😉

    For those who do not know me, I introduce myself: My name is Gonzalo de la Campa and the 3 websites where you can find more information of mine are:

    1. WordPress Online courses:
    2. Graphic and web design:
    3. Positioning: www.agenciaseoysem .com

    Made the presentations … we go to the mess …

    I explain everything in this video

    If you are one of those who are too lazy to read, you're lucky! I have prepared a video where I explain everything in detail.

    But if you can not see the video now, do not worry, in this article I write everything so you can see how you will have a quality website at a very low cost to help you generate income.

    What is Divi Cloud?

    As you already know, the subject Divi from WordPress, is the best or one of the best WordPress themes because it allows people without programming knowledge, php, css … to be able to design spectacular web pages in the simplest way and then to be able to live on them thanks to the seduction of their clients.

    Well …

    Divi is possibly also the WordPress theme with largest developer community . What does that mean? It means that there are hundreds of companies that daily develop incredible resources and functionalities. That wonder that happens with WordPress where we find thousands of resources and companies that make it the # 1 in the world, also happens with Divi.

    Among the crowd of resources for Divi we have this little pearl called Divi Cloud .

    Divi Cloud is a plugin that will allow you to create designs of the highest quality in a very short time and without knowledge neither of programming nor of design.

    If your business were a physical store in the street instead of an online business, you would need a lot of money and time to give your business a spectacular design (a work, a decorator …) but fortunately webpages reduce costs a lot.

    If you are not creative, you can not design but you want to have a spectacular website that generates revenue …

    The theme Divi + the plugin Divi Cloud are the perfect solution.

    How does Divi Cloud work?

    ] You're going to antar. More simple impossible.

    I'll summarize it first in 3 steps:

    1. You buy the plugin in Divi Cloud and download it
    2. You install and paste it API KEY
    3. You load the design that you like in seconds

    As you see … a joy.

    Once you have installed the plugin you can create pages simply loading from the library and in the Divi Cloud tab you will find dozens of designs that you can use simply by pressing a button.

    With that creativity already in your web you will only have to change the texts and images for yours.

    My advice when choosing your designs

    Do not simply choose them for the pictures of each design. That is, if you have a restaurant, not only values ​​use the designs in which you see dishes or food. In the end you are going to use your photos with what you are most likely to change them, so my advice is that you value more the "personality of the design" your style, your structure …

    Although you already know that later you're going to be very easy to touch it I often use them as a starting point but then I change or eliminate sections, I add designs of my own, I combine sections of one design with another …

    Come on, you can do virginies that will leave your mouth open your clients.

    If you want more ideas, take a walk through my web design works and I'm sure it gives you lots of valuable ideas to use in your projects.

    In fact if you're ever going to to collaborate with someone or you are going to train with someone it does not hurt for you to see their works since that is what best speaks of each one.

    Can I use Divi Cloud if I do not have the Divi theme? [19659009] No, you can not.

    But you can buy Divi with discounts on these links:

    1. Developer Plan : 20% discount (annual payment)
    2. Plan Lifetime : 10% discount (single payment). The one that I have.

    Or you can sign up for one of the courses of both Fernando and mine, where besides being able to download the free theme to use in your projects indefinitely, you will be able to train yourself in conditions and save all that wonderful time that we usually miss watching videos online without getting results.

    A training if you do not act and implant what you learn is useless.

    How much does Divi Cloud cost?

    You have 3 plans as you need:

    How much better is it? the plan more designs you will have and every month they are taking out new designs.

    • Only the plugin: 30 dollars (about 25 euros)
    • Freelancer: 10 dollars a month (about 8 euros ). This is the one I have.
    • Agency: 20 dollars per month (about 16 euros).

    You can also cancel at any time. You could use it one or two months, import your designs and cancel the subscription without losing anything.

    If you are interested you already know, click here: Divi Cloud

    Do you want to learn more about Divi?

    You are in the right blog! You can learn in an orderly way with the WordPress mega crack and "guilty" of this blog in any of its courses and you can go through my website also where you will find different types of WordPress courses with Divi according to your needs.

    I hope you liked it and you already know … share it on social networks and leave your comments at the bottom of this article.

    A hug!

    Note: This article you have affiliate links, in case you had not noticed 😉

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