How to add a background video with Elementor

Elementor is a great plugin for web design but not always what you are looking for is so clear to find. This time we will see how to add a background video with Elementor to a section something very demanded in product pages, for example.

There would only be one size adjustment ]because in principle the very small section will be displayed. To do this do the following:

Another possibility that could satisfy you would be, in this same tab, select the option Fit to screen so that occupies all the scroll . But that already goes in tastes.

Parallax effect in Elementor

If you use the visual page layouter Elementor you will surely love using the effect Parallax that you see so much on the professional websites created with Divi or other visual doodlers right?

Well also is something you can do in Elementor and in the free version you do not have to buy Elementor Pro to have it.

In a normal navigation the passage from one section to the next would be such that …

On the contrary, with the effect Parallax we get the first elements flat float on the bottoms offering a very attractive and professional look, like this …

If you have not found it yet it's because in Elementor is not called parallax nor parallax or anything like that v let's see where it is.

If you prefer to see more visually in this capture, you have the same steps:

As you can see it was very easy.

Who wins the battle of visual maquettes? • WordPress Help

Although Gutenberg is just around the corner as a new player in the visual layout for WordPress it is clear that there are many other participants in this race that do not give their arms to twist.

And is that, although Gutenberg will enter with all the artillery of Automattic behind is still very green and more if we treat it as a real visual layout, where it still needs a lot to be able to even match the current layout designers like Divi Elementor or even the veteran Visual Composer now renamed as WPBakery Page Builder .

In this battle, it could be thought that the Elegant Themes strategy was erroneous compared to the rest of the plotters, as it continues to bet on his own web for the sale of the theme and the layout, in front of others such as Elementor or Beaver Builder who opt for the freemium system by offering a cut-out version in the WordPress directory .org

Another thing that distinguishes Divi are the plans for life and the prices, where beats without problems to the rest of the scorers by a landslide, being much more economical look where you look, and that despite offering many more features.

Maybe for these reasons, or go to know, today Divi is the undisputed leader ] and the one that attracts the most interest among users, there is more to see the graphs of Google Trends both global and for Spain, where it stands out above the rest.

 comparative wordpress global wordpress

Trends global maquetadores

 comparative maqu visual designers wordpress global

Trends Maquetadores España

We still need to see how the visual maquettes will coexist with Gutenberg, if they will be integrated or, on the contrary, they will maintain their own space by dedicating themselves to offering a visual layout experience of covers, landing and squeeze pages without equal as until now.

What is clear is that all this battle, and the technological innovation that supposes, is good for users who increasingly have more options, especially for newcomers to WordPress, who greatly facilitate the creation of their first website, or marketing and communication departments, they need dynamic tools to adapt your website to your changing campaigns and needs .

If something is clear, in the last 5 years, the visual layout designers have been some of the s main assets of the growth of WordPress allowing to compete face to face with the tools of services like Wix and that have their place, today and always, at the heart of WordPress and its users.

You only have to see the interest that they awaken, the amount of training courses that there are on these tools, and the amount of webs that are created with them. It is undeniable that have come to stay .

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Elementor Pro free (or almost) with these free WordPress plugins

It is clear that something has done well Elementor the emerging visual layout for WordPress, it is becoming more popular, something that shows the growing list of plugins that extend and improve.

I have clear that its main advantage over other visual layout is the smart of the decision to have published a free version in the directory . And this is something that Divi should have done a long time ago being as is a much more advanced designer than Elementor but which limits reach the fact of not having a free version.

] Although limited, since lacks some fundamental elements to be able to completely design a web as some visually attractive way to show WooCommerce entries or products, horrible even inserting the shortcodes the reality is that the free version of Elementor facilitates the entry way to its ecosystem and that is helping its implementation.

The list of " elements " that you missing to the free version of Elementor is nothing less than 146 according to the same developers.

Elementor Pro

Of course, if you want a fully functional version with which you can lay out qua Any website you must purchase the Pro version of Elementor ( from $ 49 per site ), which already includes everything you will miss in the free version.

We are talking about fundamental elements:

  • Portfolio
  • Carousel of tickets
  • Carousel of pages
  • Design masonry
  • Custom CSS
  • Page of entrances
  • Effect Ken Burns
  • Integration with forms
  • Media carousel
  • Testimony carousel
  • Call to action
  • Custom fonts
  • Access widgets
  • Entry page
  • Embedding anywhere
  • Price tables [19659014] etc, etc, etc …

So what do we do? Do we buy?

Well man, it's an option, and if you dare here's a link (affiliation, which does not matter to you, right?), And we'll see ] what free options we have to have an Elementor Pro without paying for it .

Free plugins for expanding Elementor

You will be surprised at the amount and quality of plugins available for enlarge Elementor up to levels practically of the Pro version.

Let's go to it!

SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle

The silly SiteOrigin folks are not. Well, in addition to creating this plugin for your own visual layout, have incorporated into the same plugin compatibility with Elementor.

So you have all your widgets to use also with Elementor.

You have Google Maps widgets, calls to action , image, image and video carousels HTML5, price table, ticket carousel, video, headlines, contact form, Hero section, icons and also of image grid, slide carousel, masonry structure, tabs, entries by taxonomies and even testimonials.

As you can see, practically everything that Elementor lacks for the Pro version.

Very good option, which is updated very often.

Elementor Addon Elements

Something more limited than the previous one, but also very interesting, especially if you do not need so many additional widgets.

In this case it incorporates at the moment separare s text, price tables, listings of entries, animated texts divided texts, Google Maps and all kinds of visualizations of Twitter (tweets, hashtags, chronologies, etc.). 19659044] Void Elementor Post Grid

If you only need to add ticket listings to Elementor this plugin incorporates everything you need. You can include a list of entries in list and grid mode and define, for example, if there will be a large entry and then the grid or list.

The truth is great.

Addons for Elementor

This plugin adds Elementor widgets to include entries, portfolios, team profiles, bar charts, all types of counters, testimonial carousel, ticket carousels, customer lists and tables of prices.

Pretty complete.

Premium Addons for Elementor

The same name implies, and includes no less than 19 new modules for Elementor , such as counters, progress bars, price table, Contact Form 7, people, testimonials, carrousels, etc.

It is a very good selection of additional modules.

Elementor Essential Addons

This extension stops Elementor includes 22 new elements, all customizable . Specially equipped with integration widgets for forms from Ninja Forms, Contact Form 7 or Gravity Forms, among others.

I would also highlight your social network feeds in addition to the grid WooCommerce products .

I think a very good selection very focused on features that other plugins put aside by focusing more on the carousels.

Elementor Addon & Widgets

If you are looking for an extension for Elementor more specialized in WooCommerce start with this plugin. Includes (at the moment) no less than 6 widgets to display WooCommerce products:

  • Products by category
  • Recent Products
  • Products on offer
  • Best selling products
  • Featured products
  • Popular Products ( best valued)

It also includes other grid widgets and ticket lists, as well as price list and service list.

PT Elementor Addon Lite

If you especially need to add Elementor compatibility with the Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms or WP Forms forms with installing this plugin you have it covered.

In addition, it also incorporates team member widgets, entries, testimonials, doubles buttons and additional boxes.

Elements Plus

This plugin goes out of the general tone of the extensions for Elementor, which makes it compatible with on having other installed.

This is because it incorporates special features into Elementor, namely …

  • Widget to label any existing element
  • Button in two lines of text
  • Galleries justified by jQuery
  • Maps with styles
  • Calls to action with 2 lines of text
  • Lists of AudioIgniter
  • Animation of preload
  • Instagram images
  • Pop-up messages (tooltips) in all Elementor's default elements and in those of this plugin (great)
  • Programming of visibility of any effect of the plugin.

As you see, very very interesting, especially the emergent messages, really useful, and the galleries, beautiful.

WidgetKit for Elementor

Another good selection of additional widgets for Elementor, such as carusels, porfolio, blog, testimonials, icon or image boxes, animation in bot count, prices, counters and emerging elements.

A little bit of everything.

AnyWhere Elementor

A special plugin, but essential for Elementor

Allows you to insert Elementor pages, library templates, and global templates anywhere using shortcodes, thus bypassing the limitation of the free version of Elementor.

In fact, if you insert a global Elementor element, when you change it, those changes are reflected anywhere you've inserted it.

Normal operation is through a shortcode whose only modifier is the element ID to insert, but if you prefer you also have a new type of personalized content. [19659091] Contact Form 7 Widget for Elementor

Ah! What do you only need to add to Elementor your Contact Form 7 forms? Then this plugin does the work, being able to apply styles, configure its behavior and more things.

Another special plugin, which should not be missing in any Elementor installation. What it does is allow you to create headers and feet for your entire website created with Elementor.

StylePress for Elementor

This plugin It's milk! Together with Elementor, it eliminates the need for the theme for your website, since it allows you to create the styles of your entire site, using Elementor and some additional widgets that it incorporates.

You simply create your style, and through Elementor, you can drag and drop your designs to any page and apply, all without having to program. It's a virgin, you have to see it in action to believe it.

Do you know more plugins for Elementor?

These are the plugins for Elementor that I recommend, but if you know any more you tell us in the comments, so we learn all of them.

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