I disable Emojis support in WordPress?

Una la las news of WordPress 4.2 more controversial, interestingly, it has been the incorporation of support for Emojis in addition to native Unicode characters in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, mathematical and musical symbols, and hieroglyphic symbols.

 unicode wordpress support

It's worth many of us who do not use the Han character set to write in Chinese , nor block in Japanese or Korean but who does not use the Emojis daily on their mobile?

I use them, and a lot. In addition, I think we will all agree that we must promote the mobile use of WordPress although it seems to me that this support could have been incorporated in a more transparent way, or at least have offered some option where activate it or not why?

Basically because from WordPress 4.2 a series of lines are added in the header of our site that load with extra lines of CSS and JavaScript that not everyone will want, right? I mean all this:

Total nothing, huh?

If you're from those who prefer save a few seconds of loading your Web or simply if you are clear that you do not want to offer the Emojis you can remove this novelty in a couple of ways.

Deactivate Emojis support with code

Just add the following code to the file functions.php of your theme or your utilities plugin for disable Emojis support .