Carlos Leopoldo, do you know him?

 logo-cl "width =" 135 "height =" 135 "srcset =" 135w, https: // ayudawp .com / wp-content / uploads / 2009/01 / logo-cl-60x60.png 60w "sizes =" (max-width: 135px) 100vw, 135px "/> Although you have been with us for a few days, you will apologize for not present until <a href= Carlos Leopoldo, the new blogger incorporated to Entre Blogs .

In this which is a simple personal blog of Carlos Leopoldo where he writes about almost any topic that is of interest, but how he is a computer most of the issues he deals with are Software Web development, tricks some tutorials, resources free and the odd personal and topical issue.

In a few words Carlos Leopoldo tries to make computing easier for users, and Carlos is a fantastic web designer who already is contributing ideas to the network, a luxury.

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The latest from Entre Blogs

Yoiggers is the last blog that has joined Between Blogs the blog network to which it also belongs WordPress Help a different network.

Yoiggers is a blog that since April 2007 has been giving daily information about mobile telephony.

From Yoiggers it is intended that blog readers be informed about the latest news about Movistar, Orange, ] Vodafone Yoigo or any OMV (Virtual Mobile Operator) Spanish.

Also, if what you are interested in are mobile phones, in Yoiggers you can stay informed about all the features and news of the latest mobiles.

The best of the Week in Entre Blogs

 post-de-la-semana If you want to have the best of the blogosphere in a single post, the best of [19659003] Among Blogs here are the featured posts this week:

How to achieve eternal happiness – Jack has made an explanatory video on how to achieve eternal happiness through a very simple and basic rule: that makes you happy and discard what makes you unhappy.

Analysis of Gears of War 2 – Bocabit has done an exhaustive analysis of the most impressive game of the year. If you do not want to lose everything it offers, with exclusive screenshots, do not miss this post.

How long it will take to find a job again – If you are one of the unfortunate people who have been unemployed, the crisis or for another reason, you should not miss this fantastic article of cavalleto, in which he deeply analyzes both the problems and the possibilities of finding a new job.

The Simpsons visit a Mapple Store – Hilarious episode of the Simpsons series in which you can enjoy the vision that your favorite characters have of the Apple world. Impresive.

Nokia N97 – In Yoiggers, the most recent blog of Entre Blogs, we are introduced to the latest Nokia mobile phone, with features that will make it a champion, such as 5 megapixel camera or 32 Gb memory

How to install ONO on Mac – Mac users do not have it easy when installing broadband ONO. In CiberPrensa you have a step-by-step tutorial that will help you get it right.

How to insert links in WordPress – Video tutorial that explains step by step how to use links in the WordPress editor.

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Between Blogs – The best of the Week

WordPress Help belongs to the blog network Between Blogs and as I do not want to miss out on what might be the best posts in the whole blogosphere here you have best of the week in Between Blogs :


  • Resident Evil: Extinction : Bocabit analyzes … with his particular style, the latest installment of this new edition of Resident Evil in the cinema. [19659005] What will not go in WordPress 2.7 : After having tried the most anticipated version of WordPress, a few days ago we did compilation of what will not go in the 2.7 update of this content creation and management system. [19659007] Things that do not work and that nobody complains about : SoyPlastic denounces what others are silent, those realities that should not be such.
  • Free Photography Course : LimiteNet the new incarnation of Buscando Libertad does not report a fantastic free resource for lovers of photography.
  • Win prizes worth $ 6,000 in CiberPrensa : Ciberprensa has been chosen as one of the 50 blogs of the promotion HP Magic GiveAway thanks to which we can win products from HP, Microsoft and more worth more than $ 6.00
  • Nokia 5800 free for $ 249 with Yoigo : Yoiggers one of the surprises of Entre Blogs, tells us about this marvel of Nokia mobile, helping us save money if we do portability.

What you read is an original content of WordPress Help – Resources, themes, plugins and tutorials in Spanish and published Fernando Tellado first here: Between Blogs – The best of the Week

The Family Between Blogs grows, becomes Guru and Banker • WordPress Help

Two fantastic blogs enter today to be part of the family of Between Blogs of the WordPress Help is also part: Blonde Guru and Bank Comparison .

Blonde Guru

Blonde Guru is a blog thought and destined to talk about those topics that most people usually talk about blogs but with a different approach. Beyond the woman's gaze a different use of the resources that as a woman she has.

It's a blog where she talks about how Earn Money Online Domains , Web 2.0 Search Engines and some other things.

Blonde Guru has become in a short time one of the sites essential in the blogosphere, and the character that Karen prints all his posts makes visiting it a real pleasure and, why not say it, fun.

If you want to learn a little each day with Blonde Guru you can sign up and receive the news through RSS feed or even receive the posts in your email .

Bank Comparison

Comparison of Banks was born at the beginning of 2007 c on the will to find the best financial products of the market commenting mainly on savings products such as Deposits and Accounts and publishing news of the sector. After just over half a year it has consolidated as one of the benchmarks in the sector counting on the comments of all its readers and promoting the active participation of them.

The main objective of Comparative of Banks is that all readers become aware of the benefit of moving their money, and try to obtain the maximum possible profitability without leaving it immobilized in their bank or lifelong box getting no return. [19659012] So you know, if you do not want to leave your money dead, and get the most benefit from your savings, you can visit Bank Comparison and, much better, subscribe to the daily news in your ] feed RSS .

Official announcement | Rubia Guru Comparison of Banks

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say that we have not warned you.

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Between Blogs – September 2008

Statistics of the non-commercial Network have just been published Between Blogs to which WordPress Help belongs since shortly after its inception, and as usual, the number of unique visitors and pageviews has grown again soon approaching million page views and already with almost half a million visitors .

Next month there will be many changes, some of them in view of the next anniversary of the network, and other supervening. In the meantime, thank you to all the readers of Entre Blogs .

Between Blogs grows and seduces • WordPress Help

A new blogger has just joined the network Entre Blogs . True Seduction joins Between Blogs with what we already offer 12 visions of the blogosphere, with original quality content and veteran bloggers that offer us their particular vision of what they know best and share.

In True Seduction you can find courses and seminars on seduction and personal development relationships of couples and self-help . A very interesting blog if you are looking for help to gain confidence .