from 26 to 28 June in Seville #WCEU

There is already date and place for the event WordCamp Europe 2015 . The place: Sevilla. The date: from June 26 to 28. It's already taking you that weekend!

Keeping the original idea, WordCamp Europe is organized in a different European city every year. It started in the North in Leiden (2013), moved East to Sofia (2014) and in 2015 it comes to the south, to the beautiful Seville where it will be hosted by the great Spanish WordPress community.

The chosen place will be the Barceló Gran Hotel Renacimiento de Sevilla. The planned agenda is as follows:

Conferences : Friday, June 26 / Saturday, June 27
Community Day : Sunday, June 28

Upcoming announcements [19659008] In the next few days the call for speakers and sponsors will be announced. You can get tickets for WordCamp Europe 2015 at the beginning of February. If you wish to be a volunteer, the call will be published at the end of this month.


WordCamp Europe 2015 will be an incredible event for visitors and the local community. All lectures will be in English but Simultaneous translation in Spanish will be provided. And some of the contents of the page will also be translated thanks to our fabulous local organizing team Sevilla.

Stay tuned

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WordCamp Mallorca 2014

I'm sorry I did not know it before but it's better late than never and, most importantly, there's still time to sign up for a new WordCamp event in Spain.

WordCamp Mallorca will be held on Friday, October 31, 2014 Caixa Forum Palma a great site, and with a very interesting program:

So go ahead and make sure you get your ticket, which for only € 20 allows you to access all the activities and, of course , to take your commemorative shirt. By the way you will know a wonderful island where good weather is practically guaranteed.

Study of the use of WordPress in Spain 2014

The other night I was sleepless and it occurred to me that there are many studies on the use of social networks and so on but nothing at all serious about the use of WordPress so I set to work. [19659002] The idea is a study as exhaustive as possible, with a wide sampling, to analyze the diffusion and use of WordPress in Spain with the aim of analyzing the results and that they serve as information of reflection both for professionals and companies and of course disseminate the use of WordPress in traditional media, to those who tend to like this type of statistical studies.

For this I have developed an anonymous survey in which are made, in addition to very specific questions about WordPress use, other control and some statistical spectrum. In any case it does not take 5 minutes to complete so I encourage you to participate.

If you wish, at the end of the form there is a box in case you want to receive the report when it is done. Of course, I'll post the results here and the full report when it's completed.

I hope you like the idea, and I'm glad too. Of course, if you like the idea diffuse it as much as possible between your contacts, thank you!

Here you have the form so you do not have to leave the blog to start completing it … or if you prefer This is the official link: Study of the use of WordPress in Spain 2014

WordCamp Sevilla 2013

How, you still do not know that this weekend you have an unmissable date ?, well yes, and nothing less than in Seville where a new one is celebrated ] WordCamp where to learn and share knowledge.

In addition, this year comes with an impressive panel of speakers and some of those novelties that mark differences, such as Happiness bar ] where to make quickly those fixes that you do not dare for yourself.

I will not tell you that we see you there, because lately my agenda is hell but do not miss it, besides knowing the best of the community Spanish WordPress you can share unforgettable moments … and it's also in Seville, what else can you ask for?

Live debate on the present and future WordPress #hangoutWordPress

Today September 10, 2013, starting at 22:00 (Spanish time, GMT + 2), and with an estimated duration of one hour, a hangout is held on Google+ with a group of experts, 8 nothing less, for to discuss WordPress to:

We will know the current status of WordPress the latest news and trends that are expected for the coming months; to understand why it is one of the most popular CMS platforms in the world

Do not miss this special edition of the talks called @hangoutON in this case with a huge number of participants and dedicated to WordPress, today, Tuesday, September 10 at 22:00 hours (Spain GMT + 2) live on YouTube, where it will be recorded.

If you follow us from another country, here you can see the time equivalence http : // . At the beginning of the broadcast the link will be available so you do not miss any details.

We remind you that on Twitter you can also follow the debate with the usual label #HangoutON and besides the special tag #hangoutWordPress so you can send us your questions and comments live.

Undoubtedly an event that you can not miss, we see each other there and chat. Register now to the event the room will be very crowded but there is room for everyone:

 hangout wordpress

Are you going? … click here to sign up passes its blog platform to WordPress the digital of the centennial Spanish newspaper has adopted WordPress how the content management system for its blog platform, adding to many other newspapers and companies that are betting massively on the CMS king.

We congratulate, how could it be otherwise, the decision of, and personally congratulate Antonio, who for many years is one of the leading bloggers in Spain, and who also helps spread WordPress from his personal blog and from his space on ABC.

How to make a government website with WordPress and save half a million euros

Yesterday Txema Campillo warned me of a project in which he was doing Open Source clone of the website of the Senate of Spain which has recently been renewed by the moderator price of half a million euros.

The best thing of all is that the project of the web clone was made entirely with open source software, WordPress and, what is better, with cost ZERO .

In the presentation uploaded to Scribd the technologies used are explained, namely …

In the end, it offers us some free servers where it has uploaded several versions of this clone web that, as it explains, and although is not really zero cost because all work must have its compensation, of course never reach the costs that have been paid for the official website, it would be promoting free software and above would have improvements that the web does not have Current

Government websites created s with free software which shows that the issue of security (often referred to) is not a problem:

Finally, here is a link to the presentation of the project, which you also have online in Scribd .

Change the time in a WordPress multisite network • WordPress Help

Today I was asked on Twitter that how you could change the time in a WordPress multi-site network something very appropriate today, that in Spain changes the summer time to

And the truth is that this issue had never arisen to me, and I thought that simply changing the settings in " Adjustments -> General " would be valid, but the reality is that no, then if any site administrator has changed the time zone it would not work .

Fortunately there seems to be some solution, and a very simple one that I found is the plugin called Update time zones across network . The idea of ​​this plugin arose because in a network created years ago, and configured before WordPress 2.8, it was fixed the adjustment to make the change for energy savings which was as it was before.

What happened is that any subsequent change in the UTC zone mismatched this configuration .

Now, if you have sites in your network with different UTC settings you can define one zone per city for all with this plugin simple and effective.

Anyway it's a question still open, at least for me, because I suppose there will be more ways to do it so if you know anything, share it and we update this entry, okay?

WordPress in Portuguese becomes informal

For the next version, without knowing right now if they will arrive at 3.4, the colleagues that deal with the translation of WordPress into Portuguese from Portugal (there is also Brazilian Portuguese) have decided to start also offer WordPress in informal language .

WordPress has always been the informal treatment of the user, "you", but until now the Portuguese translation was only formal, trying " you "to the user, something they have decided to change and offers an additional version of the translation in" informal Portuguese ", more in accordance with the original English texts which always" tutean "the user, and that I think is a good decision.

The team of WordPress translation into Spanish from Spain we have many versions using informal language, following the original philosophy, although eventually [194] 59009] Reyson has been offering translations with "formal" to Spanish from Peru unofficial but very well worked, that you can use if you prefer or do not want to do your own editing the files " .po "available in the official download.

Collaborate with the translation of WordPress into Spanish

As we just announced in the official WordPress blog Spain as of now, if you have any questions or suggestions about the WordPress translation into Spanish from Spain you do not have more than going to the official forum where we have opened a new support line.

The team leading the translation is-ES we have decided to change the work system (previously focused on a Google group) and open a thread to this effect in the official WordPress forums in Spanish .

The idea is that the questions and discussions about what terms are used and how to focus some translations are the forum, so that they can be incorporated if there is enough consensus from the translation team.

Our first task will be to get a second (expanded) version of the existing translation guide . We need your participation to improve it and to be useful to translators.