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If you use the wonderful plugin All in One SEO Pack surely you will have verified that, although the translation files are included in the package, it is not in Spanish, a nuisance especially for some important settings where it is important to know exactly what you should choose as setting .

Well, it's been a while since I got in touch with the people of Semper Fi to offer to do the translation , I even joined the group of translations, but since there was no answer or anything like that, I got my hands on the work and translated the 657 plugin translation chains .

Make it clear that it is not the best way to do it, but before my inability to contact them or upload the translation to the official site, here you have it to download and upload it yourself to use it on your websites .

To put All in One SEO Pack in Spanish you just have to unzip the downloaded file and upload the files all_in_one_seo_pack-es_ES.po and to the folder ' ] wp-content / plugins / all-in-one-seo-pack / 'of your WordPress installation to have the plugin in Spanish.

Note: you will see that there is still some untranslated text ( very few) is simply that they are not available to translate.

Learn CSS online

 structure css If you already know what selectors, properties and values ​​are, and even something about how to structure a website, but feel that you need a guide to consolidate knowledge or learn the basic CSS structure you're in luck.

CSS Structure is a site written and developed by Greg Smith and designed by Isaac Durazo both of the company Bocoup that addresses a good number of topics to learn CSS, something fundamental for any WordPress theme developer, and is also in Spanish .

The subject index is as follows:

  1. Without structure
  2. The "display" property
  3. margin: auto;
  4. max-width
  5. box model
  6. box-sizing
  7. position
  8. example of position
  9. float
  10. clear
  11. clearfix hack
  12. structures with float
  13. w idth and percentage
  14. media queries
  15. inline-block
  16. structures with inline-block
  17. column
  18. flexbox
  19. frameworks for css

And the best thing is that each lesson is very well explained and with examples of use. A must-have reference site for any WordPress designer who wants to learn more CSS .

This is an original content of WordPress Help – Resources, themes, plugins and tutorials in Spanish ] and published it Fernando Tellado first here: Learn CSS online

WordPress in Spanish but access in English

Let's see, imagine a bit, we've already talked a lot about this about translations: you have a site with WordPress in Spanish, as it should be, but it turns out that you have authors from other countries, even using other languages ​​(the poor) and you want to continue having the Desktop in Spanish but they can access it in English … that seems to be understood by all quisque.

It seems strange, what? it's true , it's weird, but strangely it's something I've been asked many times.

Fortunately has easy fix you just have to give WordPress an instruction to go to the top of the translation on the screen access, and it's done like this:

Open your functions plugin and if you do not believe it now, let's see what I give you opportunities, and add this:

// Login in guiri

add_action ( 'init' 'remove_login_translation' ) [19659008];

function remove_login_translation () {

if ] ( in_array ( $ GLOBALS [ 'pagenow' ] array ( 'wp-login.php' 'wp-register.php' ) ) ) {

unload_textdomain ( 'default' ) ; ]



Save the changes and you already have it, WordPress e n your language but the user login and registration screen in English .

Emergency data sheet of the owner of a WordPress website

The other day I found a fact sheet that I thought was a great idea and also with several possible uses. The approach is to provide a page where to enter the basic connection and access data that any WordPress web owner may need at some time.

The basic situations for which this sheet would serve would be, for example …

The idea is to have that sheet, print it, complete the data of it and keep it safe, for the day you might need it.

Of course I have translated it into Spanish , passed to Excel in case you want it adapt and modify to your liking and here you have it in PDF and XLS format for you to use. I already have a good one for each web that I have, which are a few.

multilanguage newsletter, with editor, customizable and totally free

Alerts me Carles Reverter of the launch of his WordPress plugin to create newsletters with a multitude of possibilities, of totally professional features and, what's better, totally free .

The only bad thing about this plugin is that … in what little I've been trying it I have not seen anything better it hooks. [19659003] And is that if you take a look at its features the list is impressive:

  • Widget for subscriptions
  • Personalization of the newsletter
  • Possibility to create your own templates ( tutorial here ).
  • Multilanguage : recognizes the language of the WordPress site automatically, compatible with WPML and qTranslate .
  • Segmentation of subscribers by language and in different lists of co
  • automated newsletters ( tutorial here )
  • Support for shipments SMTP .
  • Total control of deferred shipments, with pause, start, end, error logs and resends.
  • Support for CRON and Cron emulation via JavaScript.
  • Personalization of all messages to users, in any installed language.
  • Multilingual Admininstration : English, German, French, Italian, and of course Spanish and Catalan.
  • Subscription, cancellation and confirmation of automated subscribers .
  • Assistant of simple import that interprets any order of columns and coding of .CSV files.
  • Statistics : Subscriptions, cancellations, newsletter submissions, user clicks, reading problems, etc.
  • Free and without limitation n some .

Then, use the plugin, although like everything good it costs a bit to know all its possibilities, it is really very simple, as shown in this video …

The plugin can be installed from the same WordPress because is in the official repository and for any questions and more information there is a very complete dedicated web with videos, captures and guides to use it and take advantage of all its characteristics.

The truth is that is very complete I have installed it in a test site – because right now I have no real need to use something like that – and it is amazing since is a product of totally professional quality and to have something of this level without cost is a real luxury.

I do not know what your growth plan will be, but at the moment the model of business is to offer customized templates what That seems to me a success because the plugin is tremendously good.

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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WordPress in Portuguese becomes informal

For the next version, without knowing right now if they will arrive at 3.4, the colleagues that deal with the translation of WordPress into Portuguese from Portugal (there is also Brazilian Portuguese) have decided to start also offer WordPress in informal language .

WordPress has always been the informal treatment of the user, "you", but until now the Portuguese translation was only formal, trying " you "to the user, something they have decided to change and offers an additional version of the translation in" informal Portuguese ", more in accordance with the original English texts which always" tutean "the user, and that I think is a good decision.

The team of WordPress translation into Spanish from Spain we have many versions using informal language, following the original philosophy, although eventually [194] 59009] Reyson has been offering translations with "formal" to Spanish from Peru unofficial but very well worked, that you can use if you prefer or do not want to do your own editing the files " .po "available in the official download.

Collaborate with the translation of WordPress into Spanish

As we just announced in the official WordPress blog Spain as of now, if you have any questions or suggestions about the WordPress translation into Spanish from Spain you do not have more than going to the official forum where we have opened a new support line.

The team leading the translation is-ES we have decided to change the work system (previously focused on a Google group) and open a thread to this effect in the official WordPress forums in Spanish .

The idea is that the questions and discussions about what terms are used and how to focus some translations are the forum, so that they can be incorporated if there is enough consensus from the translation team.

Our first task will be to get a second (expanded) version of the existing translation guide . We need your participation to improve it and to be useful to translators.

WordPress 3.3.1, security update

You are now available for download WordPress 3.3.1 a security update that introduces, among others the following fixes:

  • Solution to wp_print_styles () , which caused that there were styles and scripts that were mixed in the area of ​​admin
  • Solution to the upload limit of 50 Mb in multisite
  • If there was no database prefix in multisite it caused a delimiter strpos () [19659004] $ Userdata is now correctly displayed
  • Users with the ability to list users could change an Admin to Subscriber
  • The current-menu-item and current_page_item classes were incorrectly added to custom menu items with no URL value
  • Script Loader falls in WordPress 3.3 in PHP without JSON
  • … more

Like I said, it's a security update, if you do not see it yet on your desktop it will be soon, you can download it from the site at the moment official, also in Spanish .

The entry WordPress 3.3.1, security update published it first Fernando Tellado in Help WordPress ] Do not copy content, do not say anything good about you to your readers.

Geazen, things well done in an affiliation plugin

I do not usually use affiliate plugins . Well, the truth is that I have never used them, just to try them, but when things are well done, we must recognize that it is not always the case.

Geazen Plugin is a development of the Spanish affiliation company Geazen who has chosen to make life easier for bloggers, and specifically for those of us who use WordPress, since this is the platform we have mostly chosen.

The other day he called me Pedro Robledo good friend, excited to announce that they were taking out the plugin to integrate their affiliate marketing system with WordPress users platform of which he is also a user and passionate. I asked him to release it in the official repository and, said and done, in a few hours it was available.

Not happy with it today they have incorporated a new version that I think is an important advance, in the good address, and that is the inclusion of the affiliate statistics in the same plugin so you do not have to leave WordPress to check how your earnings are going thus avoiding having to access to the web of the platform. Everything from WordPress, which is great, is doing things right.

The plugin, entering flour, allows you to insert links to catalog products that you have created in the Geazen affiliation network, and landings of the Geazen programs through two new buttons that are installed in WordPress input editor toolbar .

The functionalities included in the new version, available a few hours ago, are the following:

  • Insertion of products from all Geazen catalogs in our posts.
  • Insertion of links to the landings of all Geazen programs.
  • Customization of HTML templates of the generated code.
  • ] Complete tracking of your affiliate statistics, from the WordPress desktop

All the links will be associated, and tracking will be done, for your affiliate in Geazen, so the first obvious step is to configure the plugin on your settings page with your username and password of the Geazen platform.

The use is very simple, and you could put a few catch, but as they have done a video in which to see how easy it is, almost better you see the video, so you will not have any doubts …

It is a really powerful system, and the plugin a real wonder, so you can do everything without leaving WordPress, for what I congratulate your development team, who have created a round plugin, which also, being GPL and being in the official repository of plugins, we can all learn to improve it even.

If you have any doubt that Pedro will be delighted to answer the questions, either here or on the company's blog.

Note to the suspicious: this is NOT a paid or sponsored post or similar, it is pure information of a great WordPress plugin, created by a Spanish company, and we must encourage s good products, and this one is.

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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