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If you use WordPress in a collaborative environment let's say a group of students, co-workers , or a citizen organization that edits documents online, you can also co-edit documents thanks to WordPress and Participate.

Participad is a WordPress plugin that bridges a previous installation of Etherpad lite so it is not installed and ready, but the result is to have a system of creation and editing of texts and notes really intuitive and powerful.

The first step, then, is download Etherpad lite and install it in any server that you have, or in a folder of the current one. Once this is done you can now complete the plugin settings screen (after installing and activating it, of course), where you have to add the URL where Etherpad lite is installed, and an API key that you will find in the file APIKEY.txt .
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From this moment you will notice two significant changes, one in the WordPress editor and another in the live site, and that is that your editor will have a new series of icons for manage the collaborative edition of your site . Actually converts the editor to the one in Etherpad, adapted for group editing .
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Another very interesting functionality is a notebook also collaborative, you can add in the sidebar or wherever you want.

If you're just curious about how Etherpad is used here's a demo to try it out. In WordPress works exactly the same.

In any case here is a video that also shows very well its virtues …

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