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The subject Divi despite its relatively short history has already achieved some milestones that have made it one of the most popular and used WordPress themes .

. this infographic that has sent me Andrej Parija from DiviTheme.net a website specializing in news and tricks about Divi, we can check a bit of that story, which started in 2008 in Elegant Themes publishing 86 issues until 2013, date of the release of the first version of the Divi theme.

In these 3 years it has not only been placed as one of the most used themes but that has incorporated the Divi builder to use it in any subject or launched the theme Extra a theme for online newspapers, which also uses the builder of Divi, but with "extras" own that make it special.

And, finally, I arrived I go to Divi 3 with the constructor on the cover, which is not the only one that marks differences in use, speed and ease.

What I said, that you enjoy the short but intense story of Divi in ​​this infographic .

Divi 3.0 will use ReactJS for front page layout

You already know that I really like the WordPress Divi theme, sometimes even at the expense of receiving jokes in this regard constant from some members of the community WordPress, and despite this friends 🙂

And I like it because despite its shortcomings, which have them as all subjects, is the way in which the issues will have to work, not for the developer – that too – but mainly for to facilitate and fully democratize the web creation .

Yes, the layout designers have their stuff as the themes for everything, but if we want WordPress to reach the next level for all users, topics will have to look like Divi, in the form and in the background .

Well, has just announced the countdown towards what will be <span style = "border-bottom: 1px dashed # 2980 b9; cursor: pointer; " contenteditable = "false" data-eafl-id = "80136" data-eafl-text = " Divi 3.0 " data-eafl-shortcode-id = "1" data-eafl-shortcode = "% 5Beafl % 20id% 3D80136% 20name% 3D% 22Divi% 22% 20text% 3D% 22% 3Cstrong% 3EDivi% 203.0% 3C% 2Fstrong% 3E% 22% 5D "> Divi 3.0 a theme that will change with much better the way we currently model webs.

One of the most important changes is that will work with ReactJS an open-source JavaScript framework normally used to create interfaces for user, and that will cause what you know today of Divi change completely, so will touch recycle .

It will have many changes but the fundamental thing is that the layout designer, the one called Constructor Divi will undergo a huge modification.

From Divi 3.0 when you are designing your website with the constructor on the cover all your changes will be seen in real time l, being able to click, drag, drop and edit the page directly, instead of formatting with the current block system .

The same layout designer, thanks to ReactJS, will be much faster, ] responsive and in addition every change you make will be shown instantly without the need to reload the page, without refreshments by Ajax.

The concept of front page layout is not new, but I know it through ReactJS, and it is not something minor because the current failure of the layout-makers that work on the cover is how it arrrrrassssstrraaaaan something that does not seem to happen with Divi + ReactJS.

Of course, all these changes , and more, will be incorporated to the constructor Divi which you can use with any subject, and to the Extra theme special for news websites.

We will see, there are 100 days to arrive At the launch of Divi 3.0 we will inform or more news. At the moment there is only what I just told you and this capture …

 divi 3.0 layout designer reactjs on cover

To keep things going, on the blog of Elegant Themes they will be publishing designs, tricks and extensions packages for Divi as of today during these 100 days that remain.

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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