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Let's see, it's not a regular use, but as with WordPress you can do everything, just one day you raise a contest and you want to show a text, a link, an invitation code that you can think of, but only until a certain date .

Well, it's sucked, all right.

You just have to use Simple Content Expiry a plugin that offers you a shortcode that, involving the content you want, will have a date of disappearance, expiration, expiration, whatever you want to call it.

You just have to install it and activate it and you can use the code in this way in any part of your content:

You just have to put the date in the format "yyyymmdd" as in the example. Simple and effective.

Time and Date in WordPress

There are many times those that, when modifying a theme, we have the doubt of how to change the data related to how dates and times are presented. Neri explains wonderfully how to customize the function the_time .

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