Create a Newspaper in PDF of your Blog • WordPress Help

Have you ever wanted to make a newspaper with the content of your blog? Now it is possible without any plugin thanks to FeedJournal .

The system is very simple, you just have to put your email and the URL of the blog RSS and in question of minutes you get an email with the address where the PDF is uploaded.

 formulario_FeedJournal Like almost everything in this world, there are two versions Free and Premium .

The great inconvenience that I see is the null customization that can be given to the PDF in its free version. But the worst thing to my point of view is that they put your logo and URL in the file.

As you can see in the image on the left (click to see it bigger) the paid version costs $ 59 per month and this if it allows a total personalization.

In short, a great service that unfortunately can not be used with its maximum splendor. If you want to make a periodic version of your blog, this is your service.