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It seems that JetPack is committed to being the only plugin you may need for almost any WordPress installation, and today you have introduced a new module, in version 2.9, that all or almost all of us use, the related entries .

And the truth is that it is very complete, more than many plugins out there, these are its virtues:

What's up, it works relatively well personally I prefer Related Posts by Zemanta because it allows to customize the appearance and edit the related entries and it's faster, but you have to recognize that the module Related entries of JetPack is fast to load and minimalist in appearance, which will fit most designs .

The main drawback, logically, is the absence of customization possibilities and improvements in the selection of related entries , because it is not always correct with the most related. In any case I encourage you to try it, bad option is not.

Plugin with almost everything essential for WordPress

 man orchestra

I do not usually be very close to the megaplugins the " all in one ", but there are occasions, and above all, uses and users for whom this type of software offers a good amount of blow utilities is a good principle to consider.

I am more to choose what works well for each web and use, but if you want a plugin with a lot of utilities and functions for which you would need to install dozens of plugins and add lots of code, WP Essentials can be a good fix.

The cast of everything that this megaplugin offers is huge, namely …

'Cleanup' function:

  • Establishes friendly permanent links (yes you have not already defined them)
  • Remove useless widgets from the Desktop
  • Remove meta tags irrele vacancies of the header of your theme (including WordPress version number)
  • Remove access errors (to improve security)

'User profiles' function:

  • Create a new user profile to which you can customize your access rights and capabilities

Debug Mode

  • For developers, it activates debug mode, which includes detailed PHP errors when you program a theme.

WordPress bug report

  • Alerts you potential problems before launching a website to the public, for example to make sure you do not block the robots.

Image quality

  • Change the quality of the images uploaded to your website

'Email' button

  • The WYSIWYG editor incorporates an email button to easily add email links without the need to know HTML

Google Analytics

  • It allows you to add multiple tracking codes to all the pages of your website [19659013] Flickr

    • Feed, sidebar widget and Flickr shortcode to put your photos anywhere
    • Cache system so you do not exceed your calls to the Flickr API
    • Various settings, how an image counter or a random image feature.

    Google Maps

    • Shortcode and sidebar widget to easily add Google maps
    • Settings to define direction, zoom level, etc.

    Twitter Feed

    • Feed of Twitter as shortcode or sidebar widget to put it where you want
    • New API 1.1 of Twitter
    • Includes a setting to automatically post your entries on Twitter

    Shortcode dated

    • Simple shortcode to show the date of the day
    • Customize the date format as you like.

    Video Shortcode

    • Simple shortcode to embed Vimeo or YouTube videos wherever you want.

    Advanced PHP functions

    • Extract function os personalized with which to modify the default extracts of WordPress and have additional settings
    • Function to obtain the source of an image that lets you know the URL of any image uploaded to WordPress in any size
    • Function of automatic link to link to any web or email address
    • Relative time function to show dates and times to your liking (for example: 5 minutes ago )

    In addition, the plugin also exists in premium mode incorporating many more improvements and possibilities.

    What do you think?

    Well it's fine, incorporates utilities and functions, if they are what you need , would require the installation of dozens of plugins or add a lot of functions but honestly I find this type of plugins nonsense because in the end you end up installing functions that you do not need and the load for t u web ends up being bigger than if you install the plugins exactly or add the functions you really need.

    What this plugin does is unify a huge amount of functions which you can add at your own will, in a single application.

    In addition, that my list of functionalities would have been very different from the one offered because, for example, some are redundant with utilities already incorporated by WordPress . I'm not saying that many of the incorporated ones are not interesting but there are many that are too specific and not of general use, which could be substituted by others that would delight any blogger, for example, or make several editions: blogger edition, developer edition, marketeer edition, etc.

    I think is better than doing your own functions plugin and so you really incorporate what you really need for each project, but cool is, and there are functions that you can extract and add to your own plugin.

    NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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    That may also help you:

Show all available image sizes

If you are fond of photography, you will probably use the service of Flickr where you can easily upload your photos and other people visualize them in presentation mode or by image size. Also, it is possible, that you use WordPress to show your best photos in a blog or personal portfolio which always positions better in the search engines.

If this is your case surely you will miss some Features of Flickr in WordPress and one of the most obvious is power show the visitor all available sizes of the image .

As you already know, and if we do not remember, when you upload an image WordPress stores several versions of it. The object of this is to offer you several sizes to insert in your entries, and that you do not have to resize by HTML thus reducing the page load. Of course, you can always link a smaller size to the full image size, or another, from the WordPress image loader.

Then, this is shown on the attachments page, usually managed by WordPress themes using a file usually called attachment.php or image.php . What happens is that, generally, only the linked image will be shown, without giving you more options. Let's fix it …

The first thing you have to do is open the file functions.php and add the following:

We save and that's it, now when someone clicks on an attachment you will have the possibility to view all the sizes of the image.

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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That may also help you:

All the news of WordPress 2.9

Well, look at the list surely there is something that motivates you update to WordPress 2.9 :

  1. Undo / trash so if you delete an entry or a comment you can retrieve it ..
  2. Integrated image editor with which to crop, edit, rotate and scale images.
  3. Update in batch and compatibility check plugins, with what you can update several plugins at the same time and be able to see before updating if the plugins are compatible with your version of WordPress.
  4. Simple embedding of videos just by pasting the URL, thanks to Oembed. You can embed content from YouTube, Daily Motion,, Flickr, Hulu, Viddler, Qik, Revision3, Scribd, Google Video, Photobucket, PollDaddy, and (more soon).
  5. Support by default of ] rel = canonical to improve SEO.
  6. Automatic optimization of the database from the file wp-config.php only with add define ('WP_ALLOW_REPAIR', true) ; .
  7. Themes can have "input thumbnails" to have an image associated with the input.
  8. New table commentmeta .
  9. Custom input types, something that was scheduled for version 3.0.
  10. Folders for custom themes, very useful for those plugins that have built-in themes.
  11. TinyMCE WYSIWYG and Simplepie updated.
  12. Sidebars can now have descriptions for make it easier to identify them.
  13. Possibility of specify category templates not only by ID, as before, but by URL, which will make it easier for theme developers to customize with categories.
  14. Records and profiles are extensible, so you can collect more information (Twitter accounts, etc).
  15. The XML-RPC API has been improved to be able to change the user registration option.
  16. Creation of customized galleries, with new attributes with which to include or exclude attachments from any other entry, not only of the current one.
  17. When you are editing files with the plugins or themes editor it remembers the position and takes you to where you were when you saved.
  18. The bookmarlet Post this has been improved and is now much faster, so you can publish wherever you are browsing the web.
  19. Custom taxonomies are included in the WXR export file and are also imported correctly.
  20. Improve s filters and hooks for extracts, emoticons, HTTP requests, user profiles, author links, taxonomies, SSL support, tag clouds, query_posts and WP_Query

Well, click, update!

What you read is original content of WordPress Help – Resources, themes, plugins and tutorials in Spanish and published Fernando Tellado first here: All the news of WordPress 2.9

oEmbed in WordPress 2.9

It is already available in the development versions of WordPress 2.9 the possibility of embedding content in your posts simply by adding the URL in plain text of services that support this system. [19659002] To insert an embedded content of, for example, Flickr (which already supports oEmbed) you just have to put the URL and WordPress will show you the content instead of the web address.

Also, if you prefer, you can use the method of ' shorcodes '. To do this you just have to enclose the URL in the following codes:

Also, in the Media options of the Dashboard you have some configurations available for the embedded objects.

Media Finder – Charger of objects with vitamins • WordPress Help

If you are looking for a simple method of insert images and videos from Flickr and YouTube videos Media Finder you will love it. Not only is it efficient but it does not add anything else to your colorful WordPress editor, just use the same image loader to allow you to get it.

You just have to download and install it and from that moment, in the object loader you will see a new one option of "Search" and depending on whether you launched the image or video loader, you are also looking for it in Flickr or YouTube Great! You can preview the files but it is especially interesting to search for videos, so you can watch the video before inserting it.

Large companies that use WordPress • WordPress Help

A few days ago I was asked by a client, gripped by doubts and urban legends about the suitability of using WordPress for large volume projects that he knew of large companies that use WordPress to have a guarantee that your site would not leave you lying.

As you can see there is everything from corporate news sites of large corporations, digital newspapers, some of the most trafficked blogs in the world, all

Now, if you or someone in your environment is going to manage a site with more traffic, visits, needs or functionalities, then WordPress is not for you (read the ironic tone)

Import contacts from Google, Yahoo, Social networks and massssss • WordPress Help

If you are looking for a system with which import your contacts from online services, webmails, social networks etc., Open Inviter is the most complete, and it is also Free and Open Source . Do you want more, as there is a OpenPress WordPress plugin that automates and simplifies the process.

It is installed like any other plugin and from there the process is really simple. The only previous step is to enter your key Open Inviter API which you can get on the official site .

propo, Yandex, Hushmail, Azet, OperaMail, FastMail, ] GMail Zapakmail, Evite, Terra, Netaddress, Gawab, Abv, AOL, Care2, 5Fm, IndiaTimes,,, Popstarmail,, Doramail,, Live / Hotmail Rediff, Clevergo, KataMail, Lycos, Nz11, Bigstring, Walla, Interia,, Libero,, Uk2,, Inbox. com, Yahoo! Rambler, Badoo, Mevio, Plurk, Motortopia, Flickr Twitter Facebook Multiply, Eons, Xing, Xuqa, LinkedIn, Friendster, Skyrock, Plaxo, Cyworld, Fdcareer, Kincafe, Brazencareerist, Flixster, Perfspot, LinkedIn Mydogspace, Flingr, Xanga, Vimeo Friendfeed, Hyves, Faces, Orkut, Konnects, MySpace Meinvz, Hi5 Famiva, Bebo, Lovento, Tagged, Livejournal Plazes, Mycatspace, and will soon also accept contacts from YouTube and some more.

If you were looking for something like this you can download it on this page . The use you make of it is already yours.

All in One Video Pack • WordPress Help

Do you know the plugin All in One SEO Pack?, Because this other is to the videos what AIOSP is to SEO in your blog WordPress. This plugin, All in One Video Pack is a real wonder, it is not the typical plugin just to insert videos in your blog but it allows you an awful lot of possibilities:

If you have a video blog, or if you use video regularly, and you want to add one more touch to your blog, it's an incredible plugin, with enormous possibilities.