Solve Buddypress icons problem

As many of us who use Buddypress know, when installing the Plugin " bp-picture album " on our site the album icon does not appear in the profile, then Experiencing a bit I discovered the solution:

The first thing we have to do is open the CSS of the album plugin that is in: wp-content / plugins / bppicture-album / bp-album / css / album.css and copy the code from line 16 to 15 that would be like the following:

And then we open the member's topic that is in: wp-content / wp-content / bp-themes / bpmember / css / base.css

and we paste in line 220 the code that we copy, it should be just above the code:

I show you the final result of my page profile: / members / admin

That's it, we save the changes and the icon appears in the profiles, this will make the icon look in Internet Explorer, Fir efox, and Google Chrome at the moment I have not tested it in other browsers such as: SAFARI, OPERA, FLOCK or any other, so if you use any of these browsers comment or say if it works correctly.