Different background in each entry

Surely you'll ever use it, and it's very nice thanks to the plugin Custom background extended a jewel for lovers of customization.

Once installed and active adds a new box goal to the WordPress post editor from which you can choose a custom header for the post you are going to publish, choosing your location and layout.

The only requirement is that your theme supports custom backgrounds for what, I remember you, you have to add this line to the file functions.php of it:

Free WordPress Wallpapers

If you're looking for free desktop backgrounds whose theme is WordPress there is a new directory that is growing day by day and has some really nice.

In WP Wallpaper there are now same about 20 desktop background images in high quality and really nice .

In fact it is an open directory, to which you can send your own creations, with the only rules that the images you upload must be of a few sizes of 2560 × 1600 or 2880 × 1800 pixels and in PNG or JPG formats.

Wallpapers about WordPress • WordPress Help

That I'm not the only one who has a desktop background on the computer that goes on WordPress ?. If you have not yet found your wallpaper as the guiris say, if your desktop background does not speak of your love for WordPress you can download 11 precious high quality backgrounds . I've loved the " WordPress is the best "