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WordPress is a CMS made by the community and for the community and without the support of themselves at this time it would not be the best CMS that there would be at present, we can all be part of this community that contributes to the development of this CMS that has helped us many times in daily life.

There are many forms of collaborate with the WordPress project the source code, testing errors in different environments, creating patches, functions, testing new versions, etc.

In this article we will recommend some ways you can collaborate with WordPress remains one of the best tools at the web level.

Trac is an open source software which uses WordPress to manage all types of errors, by generating tickets you can report any error What you have found, security problems, a bad update, you can also manage suggestions for the next versions of the CMS. In this way the community that is behind all WordPress will be able to analyze each of our opinions and give them a solution as soon as possible.

Work with the WordPress kernel

Since WordPress is created by the community, anyone can collaborate with the WordPress. base of the code, with this I do not mean that anyone can directly modify the base of all the source code, in order to make these changes it is necessary to create a patch file with the respective changes and send it for review. If these changes are accepted you will probably be in the next version of WordPress.

To collaborate with code changes and others it is necessary to use Subversion .

Publication of Plugins and Themes

To make the publication of some of these two the most indicated is to send them to the directory of plugins and themes that WordPress incorporates on your page, below are the links where they can be sent, in them are the indications of how to do it, just enough to have a account created on



Create the next documentation

Creating documentation is a little tedious and even boring but it is something we all need at some point in order to solve problem s, a good way to collaborate with the community is to update and create the documentation for the next version of WordPress, although it is true that in our Codex we still find outdated documentation of versions much earlier than the actual version and makes it necessary for someone to do this task especially for new users who are part of WordPress.

Another way to help and not only the community that develops WordPress but also the people who start in this world is collaborating and giving answers to the different topics that are created daily in the attendance forum, here I share the Spanish forum but in each language there is a different one.

If what you want is a little more agility when looking for solutions, WordPress also has very active chat rooms, to participate you only need to have an IRC client on your PC.

The main WordPress room is #wordpress [1 9459010]there is also the room dedicated to the development # wordpress-dev and as you can see the rest.

In the ideas section of WordPress, proposals for the next versions are compiled, here you can vote for the ones that most call your attention and think suitable for a next version, all these ideas are reviewed before beginning with the development of a new version to evaluate its implementation in WordPress.

These are the main ways to help the WordPress evolution, if you know others that also help, you can comment on them in our comments section.

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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Move comments from one entry to another • WordPress Help

 man bullet

There are not many occasions when you might need to move comments from one entry to another but if you get the " need " at least you must be calm, there is only one way, but several, to get it.

And that is, either by a redirection of entries, where you would lose the positioning offered by comments, or by an error of a user commenting where it should not, or simply because it seems good, move comments from one entry to another is not only possible, it is also quite easy but not be a WordPress default option.

:: Move comments with SQL ::

If you dare to move them by SQL it only takes 3 steps:

  1. The first thing is to locate the ID of the entries, the old one and the new one, something you can easily identify in the e-administration screen ntradas, simply placing the cursor on them and looking at the number that appears in the browser's status bar. Other modes would be to use the plugin Show IDs or add a column to display the IDs . Record the numeric IDs as you need them for the second step.
  2. Access PHPMyAdmin and, in your database, create the following query SQL:

    If you only want to move the comments of an author, it would be this way:

  3. With the previous step you have moved the comments but you must also change the comment counter, because WordPress does not he does it on his own. So we finish the sequence with this new query SQL:

    Of course, in queries you must replace the s conventions by the numbers of the corresponding IDs and the numbers of the comments, of course.

 query sql phpmyadmin wordpress

:: Move comments with plugins ::

If you do not feel comfortable with SQL there is no problem, you can always use plugins that make life easier in this work, not common, but important when you need it.

  • Tako movable comments : Absolutely perfect, not only allows you to move comments in bulk from an entry to another without having to know the ID, thanks to convenient drop-down, but also allows to move a comment (and its nested) from one entry to another in a simple way. It offers everything you're used to in the forums software and more.
  • Move comments : simpler than the previous one, it only allows you to move all comments from one entry to another. That yes, functional, simple and effective.
  • Simple move comments : Even more simplified version of the previous but equally effective.

 move comments wordpress

:: Move comments with trick ::

Now, if you're one of mine and you like to mess up and make your " ñapas ", nothing better than a trick with which you do not have to do queries or install plugins, you just use WordPress to the brave .

The idea is simple: cheat WordPress . And the sequence is this:

  1. Go to the input editing screen and press the " Quick Edit " button of the old entry. Change the title, the " slug " and the date and time (to which you want, as long as it is not the same). That's right, take note of the previous exact values ​​(title, slug and exact date and time)
  2. Now do a " Quick Edit " of the new entry and put the same title, slug date and time of the old one.

 quick edit entry to move comments

It looks like a dumb but it works, even on and similar accommodations

NOTICE : This publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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The WordPress Philosophy • WordPress Help

WordPress has some objectives, a rationale and a philosophy of use that is what has contributed to the fact that today he is the king of CMS and that it remains so for many years, if you keep the principles of its philosophy, this …


Out of the box

A great software should work with little configuration and adjustments . WordPress is designed to be up and running in full in no more than five minutes. You should not have to fight to use the standard WordPress functionality.

We work hard to ensure that each release maintains this philosophy. We ask for the minimum possible technical details during the installation process and we offer full explanations of everything we ask for.

Designed for most

Many WordPress end users are not technically prepared. They do not know what AJAX is, nor do they care what version of PHP they are using. The average WordPress user simply wants to be able to write without problems or interruptions. These are the users for whom we design the software since in the end they are the ones who will spend the most time using it for what it was created.

Decisions, not options

When we make decisions, the users are the that we have in mind first A good example of this consideration are the software options. Every time you give an option to a user you are asking him to make a decision. When a user does not care or does not understand the option this leads to frustration. As developers, we sometimes feel that offering options for everything is a good thing, because you never have too many things to choose, right? In the end, these options end up being technical decisions, choices in which the average user has no interest whatsoever. It is our obligation, as developers, to make intelligent design decisions and avoid putting the weight of technical decisions on the end user.

Clean, light and average

The WordPress core will always offer a solid range of basic features. It is designed to be light and fast, and it will always be like this. We constantly ask " when feature X " or " will be mounted why is not plugin X integrated into the kernel ". The golden rule is that the core must offer features that 80% or more of the end users will truly appreciate and use. If the next version of WordPress comes with a feature that most users want to disable immediately, or they think they will never use it, then we will remove it. If we stay at the beginning of 80% this should never happen.

We are able to do this since we have a very capable plugins and themes system, and a fantastic community of developers. Different people have different needs, and having a huge number of quality WordPress plugins and themes allows users to customize the facilities to their liking. This should allow all users to find the remaining 20% ​​and make WordPress features that everyone appreciates and uses.

The struggle for simplicity

We never have enough simplicity. We want to make WordPress easier to use in each version. We have a good track record in this regard, and if you do not believe us then check out some of the older versions of WordPress!

In the latest versions we have taken big steps to improve the ease of use and make things better. really easier to understand. A great example of this is the kernel software updates. Upgrading used to be a painful manual task, too compiled for most users. We decided to focus on this and simplify it until we get it in a single click. Now anyone who has a WordPress installation can do one-click updates, both with the WordPress kernel and with the plugins and themes.

We love challenging ourselves and simplifying tasks to get positive results for the overall user experience. with WordPress. Each version of WordPress should be easier and more pleasant to use than the previous one.

Deadlines are not arbitrary

Deadlines are not arbitrary, they are a promise we make to ourselves and our users to help us to control the infinite possibilities of everything that could be part of each version. We aspire to launch three major versions a year because based on successes and mistakes we have discovered that it is a good balance between offering cool things in each version and not ending up doing so much that we break more than we add.

Meet deadlines almost It always forces you to remove something from each version. And this is not a bad thing, it is what it should be.

The routine of delaying a version to get " that feature most " is, literally, a warren. We did it for a year, and it was not pleasant for anyone.

The more frequent and regular the versions the less important it is for each specific characteristic to be in that version. If it is not available for this version it will be in a few months, in the following one. When the versions are unpredictable, or lengthen or shorten, there is more pressure to try to put in them more than one thing because it will spend a lot of time until the next. The delay begets delay.

The loquacious minority

There is a good rule of thumb in Internet culture called the 1% rule. It states that " the number of people creating content on the Internet represents approximately 1% (or less) of the people who see that content ."

So, although we consider it really important to listen and respond to all those who post comments and express their opinions in forums, they only represent a fraction of our end users. When we make decisions about how to move forward with future versions of WordPress we try to involve more of those users who are not so talkative in the network. We do it by meeting and talking with WordCamps users all over the world, this gives us a better balance and understanding, and in the end it allows us to make better decisions so that everything goes forward.

Our bill of rights

WordPress is under the General Public License (GPL v2 or later), which offers four fundamental freedoms, considered as the WordPress "declaration of rights":

  • The freedom to execute the program, for any purpose.
  • Freedom to study how the program works, and change it to make it do what you want.
  • The freedom to redistribute it.
  • The freedom to distribute copies of your modified versions to others.

Part of these requirements of the The license includes also collecting in the GPL license the derivative works or elements that link to WordPress core functions (such as themes, plugins, etc.), transmitting in this way the I also think that there are people who will try to bypass these ideals and restrict freedom to their users, trying to find loopholes or any way to circumvent the intention of the WordPress license, which is to ensure freedom of use. We believe that the community as a whole will reward those who focus on supporting the freedoms of this license rather than those who try to prevent them.

Responsible use of WordPress community resources should therefore be subject to best use possible, emphasizing high-quality collaborations that encompass the freedoms offered by the GPL.


NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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It is impossible to delete your account in • WordPress Help

 delete fingerprint

The reasons are unknown, because Automattic does not explain it sufficiently, but the reality is that it is impossible to erase your account you just do not have a way to do it.

The fact is that in you can delete a blog, or all you have, but there is no human way to delete a user account Automattic does not allow it, how does this support page explain


You can change the username, even request – with a long wait – to change your email your account so that, for example, you open another account with the same email, but you can not delete your user account even if you do not have blogs, even if you do not use it, never .

In fact you will continue to receive email notifications unless you take the precaution to disable Rlos before leaving your account in the limb of the Automattic servers.

Not even the site which gets to remove your fingerprint from a stroke, just one click, a good amount of web services is able to do it, it is simply impossible.
 impossible to delete account

So if you want to be respected your right to digital oblivion to eliminate your fingerprints in the network, do not choose the free blog service of or simply use an email address and user that are not relevant for you, because you will not be able to erase it in the future.

I really greatly respect Automattic thanks to your great WordPress people are better every day, they are really committed to the development of free software, but User account policy of your blog service Free sincerely leaves much to be desired . We put green to Facebook and other networks on a daily basis but the reality is that even these reviled services respect your right to digital oblivion, and in no.

What does this policy mean ?, It can happen to you as in GoDaddy , that there is no way to avoid being sent over and over again promotional emails, then – there too – it is impossible to delete your user account, and take advantage of it.

 right-to-forget "width = "510" height = "410" class = "aligncenter size-full wp-image-71735" srcset = " 510w, 500w "sizes =" (max-width: 510px) 100vw, 510px "/> </p>
<p> I read there that they do this because with your user account you leave comments, even publish them in other blogs, and <strong> there would be conversations that would make no sense, even publications that would disappear </strong>but <strong> where are the rights of the user, their right to control their fingerprint and delete their presence in the network if they so wish? </strong>personally I believe that this last is what should prevail over issues "<em> functional </em> "of a network or community. </p>
<p> I grew up in the network in forums, and it was common currency not to allow the deletion of users for the same reason, so that conversations would not be spoiled or made no sense, but I think the same, that <strong> the first thing is the rights of the people </strong>. </p>
<p> Fortunately <strong> you can install your own WordPress completely free and under your control </strong> from <a href= and here you will learn every day to use it and take advantage of it, with total freedom and respect for your privacy .

What do you think about this matter?

NOTICE : this Publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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bbPress 2.4 next week with interesting news

 logo bbpress The plugin to create a community of forums in WordPress, bbPress, will come to version 2.4 next week and will incorporate some more interesting news.

Right now is already available the first RC version ( release candidate ) of bbPress 2.4, which is important to test to review any possible failure and notify before the final version.

The fundamental novelty that bbPress 2.4 will incorporate is the incorporation of hierarchical, nested responses allowing you to choose between viewing responses by pages or nested, similar to WordPress comments.

It's a really interesting review, which does not you must let pass once the definitive version is available.

BbPress forums on

How long have I not talked about TalkPress ? Do you remember what it was, that pretended commercial evolution of the bbPress forums ?, it seems that the bbPress VIP forums project was left in the inkwell.

And that is if we give credit to a recent tweet by John James Jacoby leading developer of bbPress and BuddyPress would soon be able to enjoy bbPress forums on it is not known if in the basic package or for VIP clients.

If so, what started almost half in cognac with an installation of phpBB in (which now redirects to ) would soon offer all the advantages of conversation and loyalty of forums also on . Hopefully so, like the possibility of having BuddyPress had not you thought ?, the same one of these days also integrate it as a module of JetPack .

Restart bbPress forums

If at any time you see the need to start over with forums made with bbPress it is not necessary to delete the installation or anything like that, the same plugin offers you what you need to start from scratch again.

To do this you must access, from the WordPress administration, to " Tools -> Forums ".

Apart from drastic last-minute decisions, this is useful if at any time you have had installed forums that you no longer use and want to eliminate those additional user roles that do not contribute anything to your WordPress "normal", for example.

By the way, clean up your database a bit. [19659002] Then, if you want to start a few forums again, well, nothing, go ahead.

New thread warnings in bbPress

One of the functionalities (there are still many) that bbPress does not have is to warn – at will – when new themes / threads / topics are created, as you want to call them.

Well, this is solved, with plugin bbPress new topic notifications you will receive notice by email when a new thread is created in your bbPress forum.

The good thing is that it is a perfect plugin for moderators, because in settings you define which users (emails) will receive notice, but you can also incorporate users, at will.

I would not recommend it for very active forums, like the WordPress Forum but for community forums, where the activity be controllable, so that there is always supervision of admins and moderators.

bbPress 2.0 beta 2 that arrives, that arrives! • WordPress Help

Oh, this is burning. Well it was not hours ago that he announced beta 1 of bbPress 2.0 and we already have here beta2 ?, and with many new features, namely:

If you dare to try it you can download it here . These days more than WordPress Help this seems Help bbPress, and so happy that I am.

bbPress 2.0, there is less left for the forums plugin • WordPress Help

Today I read with joy in José's blog some proofs he has done with the preview version of bbPress as a plugin and the truth is that it looks good.

The whole process seems to me still too precarious, but it works as you can see in the demo that you have mounted.

Yes, I do not recommend it to impatient people, it still has many inconveniences, like there is no adapted topics, integration of access and more problems that you can find, but saved the pitfalls at the end works, which is what matters.

In my case, before migrating, apart from waiting for the stable version, I have to inform me about the possible migration, something Matt said it would be, not possible, but easy, but I'll have to wait for something else.

Well, if someone is encouraged, they can try – assuming the risks – bbPress 2.0 in pre-Alpha version .