If you use JetPack you are promoting WordPress.com without knowing it

Nobody doubts that JetPack is a super plugin package for the beginner since it offers a whole range of functionalities Very useful for any new site, now, it seems that Automattic is still confusing speed with bacon and I mean …

If already Matt Mullenweg's company did not help differentiate between what is your business: Automattic, your main product: WordPress.com, and the free software project WordPress if you use the module of Disseminate from JetPack makes it even worse .

According to inform in WPbeginner because the truth is that it had not fallen because I do not use JetPack due to those "peculiarities" that it is including lately, it turns out that if you use the utility of Spread on Face book included among its utilities, in addition to showing on the social network the highlighted image and the link to your publication, it turns out that JetPack "adds" a couple of links to the registration page in WordPress.com which is using your articles, your content, your identity, brand and readers to promote your service of freemium blogs.

 Image published on WPbeginner

Image posted on WPbeginner

] And I do not mean links from sites hosted on WordPress.com which would have to a certain extent its logic, but articles published on their own sites, on their own server, and with the free WordPress , the WordPress.org .

To fuck the thing even more one of the links says that " the article has been published in WordPress ", and this word, WordPress, links also to the registration website on WordPress.com.

Vam os, that are showing off, and if I already had any doubt about JetPack this solves all of me and I will definitely not use it anymore until I change its policy of mixing your product, your business, with everyone's software, with unique and authentic WordPress .

You make the decision that you make, which is yours of course, you must have the information of what a plugin does, JetPack, yes, that's great, and there are even hosting providers that include it by default in their self-installations. But precisely for this reason you should know that when you use the module of Disseminate Automattic is entering without your knowledge or consent, links to a service of your company .

In addition, that [19659015] it is not obligatory, not even necessary, to use JetPack, there are free, free alternatives and without the "little things" that Automattic adds.

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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