WordPress vs. Joomla vs Drupal

#BatallaFriki is a training event, with a ludic touch, which faces 3 experts in 3 ICTs (information and communication technologies), to co-create an academic and professional forum that favors learning and networking. [19659002] The first edition (January 17, 2014) will be dedicated to comparing (in a practical level mostly) the 3 most powerful content managers in the world: WordPress, Joomla and Drupal .

the " Battle " (seminar), each CMS will be represented by a " Geek " (speaker), who will demonstrate his experience through practical cases and frequently asked questions, from the moderator and from the students.

The battle will consist of 2 main parts, 1st part or dialectic battle and 2nd part or battle with weapons.

The registration has a unique price of 15 € and the places are very limited. The inscriptions can only be done online, on the web: http://www.batallafriki.com/

Search the WordPress Codex from the front page of your website

Okay, this trick is a bit of a geek, but surely for blogs like Help WordPress makes a lot of sense, when you're reading any post, do a search on the WordPress Bible , the Codex and document more.

Anyway, if you cheer up with this trick, that grace has it in that you can customize it – of course – to your liking and look where you want, just you will have to add (as always) a small code to the function plugin or file functions.php of your active theme to add a great and functional additional search engine, which will return you Codex WordPress results .









9 [19659004] 10








function wp_codex_search_form () {

global $ wp_admin_bar $ wpdb ;

if ( ! is_super_admin () || ! is_admin_bar_showing () ] )

return ; [19659000] $ codex_search = '

<input class = "adminbar-input" maxlength = "100" name = "search" size = "13" type = "text" value = "' . __ ( ' Find something in the Codex ' 'textdomain' ) . '"/>


/ * Add the menu item * /

$ wp_admin_bar -> add_menu ( array ( 'id' = > 'codex_search' 'title' = > __ ( 'Search in the Codex' 'textdomain' ) 'href' 39] = > FALSE ) ) ;

$ wp_admin_bar [19659076] -> add_menu ( array ( 'parent' = > 'codex_search' 'title' = > $ codex_search 'href' = > FALSE ) ] ) ;


add_action ( 'admin_bar_menu' 'wp_codex_search_form' [19659027] 1000 ) ;

The function add_menu () used, which we have already seen in other examples, accepts some parameters that you can also adapt to your tastes and needs:

Tweeting while managing WordPress

(you can see it in my personal blog ), but what I present today goes much further, or complements it, as you prefer.

Because if you are addict Twitter user sure this plugin, Tweetable is what you were expecting, and is that in addition to the usual functions offered by other plugins of integration of Twitter and WordPress as widget in the sidebar to show updates, possibility to send your posts to Twitter, shorten URLs or even show your followers as an accountant, offers you something really geek …

Tweet while you manage your WordPress . This is thanks to a widget for the panel of the admin panel of WordPress that also installs, with which you can send messages to Twitter, or even see the messages of your friends (in the special page), while you perform administration tasks of your site. Milk! .

Installing this plugin requires some additional steps. Once activated you must go to the new menu of options called "Twitter", where you must follow an assistant that will connect your Twitter account to the application (your WordPress), and once finished you will have all the available paraphernalia, being able to send your messages to Twitter from the administration panel, on your own page, even having your own list of keywords on Twitter, all without leaving WordPress, let alone the wigdet on the board, a joy. Chulo, huh?

WordPress Geek Tattoos • WordPress Help

There has to be everything, and the success of blogs reaches unsuspected limits for some users who come to decorate their body with CMS images of their loves.

In Adictos.us they have compiled a few and here you have the tattoos related to WordPress

And your passion for WordPress would it take you to these extremes ?. I have to admit that I do not, no, I do not.