Add options and add-ons to your products on WooCommerce

With how difficult it is to close sales at times in an online store, let alone if we offer multiple options and configurations for each product, either as alternative products or attributes.

But there is another way to do it, much better, and it is through product complements, as additional or complementary options of a product [1945900]

Imagine, for example, a base product such as a portfolio, that the client can customize to add customizations. Or a mobile phone to offer to add headphones, speakers or a cool case, all without leaving the product page.

With this strategy you will get more sales and increase the amount of the cart as easily as possible and, above all, in a simple and transparent way for the client.

Of all the plugins that I have tried, the one that best gets the balance between functionalities and simplicity of use is WooCommerce Product Add-ons .

Others, like Product Add-Ons have the problem that each option has its own button to add to the cart, which complicates the sales funnel .

In addition, product add-ons are global you can not apply them to just one variation. In fact do not work in the variations only globally in the product.

This is a problem, because it does not allow all the possible personalizations, because imagine that you can only add a complement to one of the variations, for example, the personalized engraving only to the variation of the product in metal, and not to its variation in plastic, for example.

On the contrary, WooCommerce Product Add-ons works for both products global as for its variations. It's perfect there are no exceptions.

Important adjustments

As always, before getting involved in adding add-ons to products or their variations it's important to configure the plugin to your liking .

In your settings you can control all the display settings of the product add-ons as I explain in the following captures …

Do not forget the display settings of the description emergent e of the add-ons, which always helps the client to know what it adds …

And if you add the possibility of uploading files as a complement, for customizable items with photos, logos, etc., configure these settings to your liking and need:

And, returning to the theme of the product variations, you can customize its appearance and visualization ] …

Adding product complements

The possibilities as you can imagine are endless from offering customizations to products, to directly selling only customizable products such as t-shirts or backpacks.

You can create global supplements which apply to all products in the store, or only applicable to specific products or variations depending on you. [19659003] In all the cases the process happens, first, to create a group of complements, and you can do it directly in the page of a product or from the new menu Products> Complementos of WooCommerce.

For the global complements I recommend you do it on this page, and those of each product or variation when creating or editing the product, in the new tab called Product add-ons .

[ 1 9459029]

Global or specific product add-ons

The first thing you must decide is, if you have created global product add-ons, it is whether to apply them to the products. For this you will have the box of Disable global which you must check yes or yes if you do not want it, but they will appear in your product in addition to the specific ones.

Customizing groups of complements

Decided The above can manage any new or existing group. To add a group of add-ons (options) to your product, give it a name and then press the button of Manage .

On the next screen you must decide whether to apply to one or more products to all (blank), or if it applies to all but the products or categories you exclude.

It is also important to specify whether it will be a hidden group, private or only visible by the administrators (HERE GOES SOMETHING EXPLANING IT)

Once you save the changes (do not forget) you can switch to manage the add-ins .

The first thing is to create your first add-on:

And here the magic begins. First choose the type of display of the complement, to choose between:

  • Multiple selection box
  • Color – Great to offer a color selector of your products or variations
  • Tags
  • Multiple labels
  • Number (quantities)
  • List of selectable elements
  • Single selection button
  • Text
  • Text area
  • File – For the client to upload his file

From there, it is necessary to fill in the fields of each option you offer, add more, whatever you want.

And the best thing is that in each option you can change the type of complement and visualization , in addition to …

  • The image of the complement
  • Title and description of the complement
  • To which variation does it apply (if you do not choose any at all)
  • Apply a conditional (OR or AND) so that it also complies with another option (brutal!) [19659034] If you want to set an add-on limit or you can only choose one
  • If you want the image of the add-on to replace the product when you choose it
  • If it is mandatory to choose any option of the add-in
  • Option label , Description, price or percentage or multiplier that will be added to the price of the product (or not)
  • Pop-up description

And to save time you can copy options of complements, complements or even groups of complements with just click on an icon

The product with add-ons

As you can see, the result of the product will depend a lot on the options and complements that you have, this would be just an example in which the default option is engraving, without cost, giving as an option in the variation Hardcover the gold engraving.

It's just an idea, the possibilities are really almost endless. And all in one click, without additional buttons. When the product is added to the cart it goes with all its customizations, with its complements.

And, of course, it will appear, with total transparency, in the cart, the payment and the order:

The perfect plugin

As I have mentioned before there are other plugins that offer to add add-ons, but the easiest to use, professional, but especially perfect, with everything you should have, is WooCommerce Product Add-ons .

It offers an essential functionality for any professional online store that offers options or accessories to its products (almost all) and if you want here you have discounts so you can save a little money if you need it.

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How to disable payment gateways according to the shipping method

There are many and diverse reasons why a manager of an Ecommmerce may want to deactivate specific payment gateways according to the shipping method .

In this article we will see how, by means of a few lines of code, you can deactivate payment gateways based on the shipping method chosen by the customer in the time of payment.

In this example we will deactivate the payment gateway ' bacs ' (bank transfer) for the shipping method ' local_pickup ' (collection local).

To begin we need to have the ID of both the payment gateway and the shipping method.

To know the IDs of the payment gateways you can see them in the corresponding settings section to the available payment gateways and the met shipping period. Just go to WooCommerce> Settings> Finish purchase below all, next to the gateways you will see their IDs

Get the IDs of the shipping methods is something more complicated . To do this you must open the Navigator Inspector and identify the attribute value of each radio button available.

So, for example, you will see that the ] value of the local Pickup button is local_pickup which is the ID of that shipping method .

Now we just have to add the following code ] to our utilities plugin or to the file functions.php of the active theme.

What it does is the following:

  1. Obtain visitor information from your online store with wp_get_current_user () [19659127] Then check if the user is connected and has filled in the field of Name in his profile to, in that case, show a message in which he greets him by name
  2. Otherwise, if he did not fill in his name in the profile, we use the alias, which is generated by WordPress from the username, and we salute him with the alias.
  3. Finally, if he is not connected, he will We are generic owners and we encourage you to create an account in our store or access it if you already have one. Note that I use the slug of the WooCommerce translation into Spanish (my-account), if you use another version or use another slug for the page of my account you should change it.
  4. We created the shortocode welcome

And from there, you can customize it too.

Once set to your liking, you only have to add the shortcode where you want it:

And your e-commerce will greet your visitors, whether they are connected or not. No.

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How to display variations on the WooCommerce store page • WordPress Help

By default WooCommerce does not allow to choose variations on the store page, only on the product page but with this trick we can get it or.

Because we always talk about getting sales at the least possible clicks right? I mean I suppose that already famous funnel (or funnel) sales of which we have talked enough .

And would not it be faster than when your customer has a product in front of you? variable in the store page could select the variation you want and add it directly to the cart ?

In this way the process would be:

  • 1st click: Select variation
  • 2nd click: Add to the cart
  • 3rd click: Go to the final purchase page
  • 4th click: Pay

Total: 4 clicks

The other option, by default, is:

  • 1st click: Go to the page of product
  • 2nd click: Select the variation
  • 3rd click: Add to cart
  • 4th click: Go to the final purchase page
  • 5th click: Pay

Total: 5 clicks

] You will think that it is not much, but one click less can be the difference between losing a sale or closing it in much as occasions

Then we can apply other strategies to continue reducing clicks like send directly to the payment after adding to the cart or, if something fails, apply a strategy of recovery of abandoned carts .

But let's go to the mess right?

How to allow to choose variations on the WooCommerce store page

The solution is simple, it only passes through a code that will replace the usual button of See options by the full selector of variations on the store page of your WooCommerce.

To do this you just have to add the following code to the file ] functions.php of your child theme, or to your customizations plugin whichever you prefer:

What does this code do?

the first block we removed initially from the loop of the store page the add button to the cart.

Next, in the second block of code, we check if the product is variable or not. If it is not variable we will "return" the normal button of Add to cart otherwise we add a simple button.

And finally we load the variations of the variable products with the exception of the quantity, so you do not mess up and undo the entire page of the store with both selector and pulldown.

The result

What we seek to achieve, to save us some click to spare, is to pass this:

To a fully functional variation selector in each variable product, facilitating the purchase in fewer clicks, such that:

Before choosing a variation

After choose variations

I hope this trick will help you sell more in your online store, which is my goal. For any questions, kisses or hugs down there you have the comments section.

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Hide other shipping methods if there is free shipping on WooCommerce

Do not you think it's silly in most cases that, being free shipping, other shipping methods appear at the end of the purchase your customers?

I've found it in many online stores, and I can only think of a situation where it is convenient that other shipping methods appear if free shipping exists: when urgent or priority delivery is offered .

] But it does not make sense at all.

And it does not make sense because I'm left with gili or that I'm taken for gili especially if the method that appears selected by default (which will be the one that is placed first in the list of methods of the shipping area) is the one that has cost.

What I gives to think is that the owner of the store He wants to cheat me and charge me for something I could have for free, did not he past?

Easy. Simply add the following code to your customizations plugin or else to the file functions.php of the child theme:









9 [19659002] 10








/ **

* Hide costs shipping when there is free shipping.


* @param array $ rates Package rate array.

* @return array

* /

function my_hide_shipping_when_free_is_available ( $ rates ) {

$ free = array () ;

foreach ( $ rates as ] $ rate_id = > $ rate ) {

if ( 'free_shipping' === $ rate -> method _ id ) {

$ [19659040] free [ $ rate _ id ] = $ rate ; [19659000] break ;


} [19659000]

return ! empty ( $ free ) ? $ free : $ rates ; [19659002] }

add_filter ( 'woocommerce_package_rates' 'my_hide_shipping_when_free_is_available' 100 ) ;

Pop-up window after adding products to the cart in WooCommerce • WordPress Help

One of the most effective ways of not losing profits by abandoned carts in WooCommerce is to add a pop-up window when a customer adds a product to the cart .

What is achieved with this system is fully channel the sale direct the sales funnel totally towards the payment or wherever you want to adjust it.

To do this the best system is the fantastic and indispensable plugin YITH WooCommerce Added to Cart Popup an authentic jewel, vital in any online store e-commerce

Can not do something similar without plugins?

Well, no, WooCommerce the only options it offers are to use AJAX to add to the cart, which prevents full page reload when adding a product to the cart from the page of l to store.

And, if you prefer, go directly to the cart after adding a product and trust that cross sales allow you to increase the sale or decide your customer to pay directly.

The other option, with trick, of channel your sales funnel is direct directly to the payment when adding to cart , but this would be rather for single product stores or expensive products.

How to display a popup after adding to the cart

The best thing I found is the plugin Added to Cart YITH Popup in which, once installed, you can configure all the elements and visual and operational settings of the pop-up window .

Also there is a free version of the same plug n, limited to only show buttons of View cart and Follow buying, without the option to go directly to the payment (the most important), and which lacks many personalization options, so I do not recommend it, except for testing.

On its settings page, entirely in Spanish, first is to configure the general settings, among which the following stand out:

  • Animation type of the pop-up window (enlarge, rotate, slide, fade)
  • Where will the pop-up window (store , only product page, both)
  • If to show only product added or all cart
  • Thumbnail of product and settings thereof
  • If show variations in ] variable products
  • If show totals of cart, shipping costs and taxes or not
  • What buttons show and how (see shopping cart, keep buying, pay )
  • If allow in mobiles ( Important)

In addition, you can also display suggested products, choosing from related, cross-selling, targeted sales or even products to choose for yourself, as you order.

You also have a page of style settings, where you specify all text styles, buttons and the same window.

And, finally, two more windows of settings where you specify products or categories of products in which the pop-up window will not activate.

This is useful if you have special products, which require another treatment of the sales funnel, such as going to the payment directly, for example.

The pop-up in action

At the end of the day, what matters is how the pop-up behaves and if it really channels your buyers and gets more sales, right? [1 9459011]

And that is the beauty and potential of this alternative system to add to the shopping cart in a pop-up window for WooCommerce, which allows you to direct your buyers in an efficient and personalized way towards those actions you want in your online store

It is practically impossible for a buyer to ignore the window and follow its indications, reducing the cart abandonment rate in a high percentage.

I have performed tests in several customer stores and the difference between using the plugin or maintaining the original WooCommerce system is brutal, in favor of the pop-up window of course in addition to the sense of professionalism you transmit in your online store.

You get several important advantages that result in improvement of the conversion rate of your store :

  • There is no doubt that the product has been added to the cart, something not always obvious with the screens of WooCommerce .
  • You decide, with the buttons, where to direct your client after adding the product, either to the cart, to continue buying or directly to the payment, thus controlling completely the sales funnel .
  • Allows you to facilitate the cart increase through the suggested products which can also have a quick add button to the cart.
  • You can fully control the products suggested to increase your sales you can choose between random products, your cross-selling products or targeted sales, or even specific products that you want to promote your sale.
  • If you add an additional product to the cart from the pop-up window it is not fully recharged but is updated with the new product, offering new suggested products, which makes this window into a complete sales ecosystem . [19] 659026] In short. You can trust the default sales funnel of WooCommerce, quite confusing and ineffective or customize to your liking a pop-up window system that channels your buyers completely getting ] reduce cart abandonment rate and by improving your conversions in effective sales .

    I have it clear.

    And you, have you tried a system of this type? Do you know any other plugin that works for the same?

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How to recover abandoned carts in WooCommerce … and orders

How much do you stop winning for the abandoned carts in WooCommerce?

 Recover abandoned carts in woocommerce

Do you know that you lose 70% of your possible sales by the rate of abandoned carts in WooCommerce? Or what is the same, that you are only selling 30% of your sales processes because of not having totally controlled your sales channel.

You lose 70% of sales by the rate of abandoning cart in your #ecommerce #WooCommerce Clic para titear

Yes, there are studies that support that the rate of abandonment of shopping carts is around 70% so that the management and recovery of abandoned carts in WooCommerce is one of the problems that you must address in your online store.

Or do not you think it's a problem that out of 10 customers who decide to buy you something only 3 of them finish the purchase ?

Why users abandon carts in your online store?

 abandoned cart woocommerce

The reasons why your visitors leave the carts in your online store are varied, but the next The graphic solution is a summary of the most common motifs, based on the latest studies that I have been reviewing and unifying.

 reasons for dropping carts in ecommerce

The solution to these problems of your channel or funnel sales will be addressed in successive articles (I commit to it), although about some we have already spoken, such as the loading speed of the store online or the security of your ecommerce .

But today we are going to focus on how to recover the abandoned carts in WooCommerce, regardless of the reason do you think?

How do I avoid having abandoned carts in WooCommerce?

 retrieve abandoned carts

Unfortunately, there is no functionality included in WooCommerce that allows you to keep track of abandoned carts . [19659] 008] It is true that the customer, thanks to the cookies or his user account, on his next visit, will see that he has a cart pending, and that would be the first battlefield you must address . ] Make the hanging carts clearly visible

So your first action of channeling those carts pending in sales will be that is very visible in the store the fact that your client or visitor clearly sees that he has products in the cart .

For this there are themes that already include the icon of the cart with their products, but even that can be improved with plugins that add the cart to your menu bar as we saw. [19659145]

And also, included by default in WooCommerce, we have the cart widget, which will visibly remember the visitor / user, who has products in his cart.

Simply make sure it is clearly visible in all parts of your online store.

How can I recover abandoned carts in WooCommerce?

 abandoned car online store

Ok, understood, I have to follow up, and try to recover them, but how? if WooCommerce does not have any screen where I show the abandoned carts to perform any action to recover them.

So simple, as I usually say " there is a plugin that … ". And, exactly, WordPress plugins come to the rescue . Let's see, of all there are, which are enough, the most interesting .


 abandoned cart woocommerce

] If you do not want to spend even one euro you can try this free plugin that you have available in the official directory of

It does not stop being a basic solution for the management of carts abandoned but meets what it offers. There is a paid version ($ 119) with more personalization and tracking options.

Basically, it serves the following:

  • Allows your customers to recover abandoned carts with one click.
  • Identify the information of the abandoned carts and show it to them in an administration window.
  • Capture the abandoned carts of registered users and visitors, in this case only if they arrive at the payment page and enter the email address. [19659037] Notify the administrator (optional) if a cart is retrieved.
  • You have a default email template that you can customize with variables such as customer name, etc.
  • You can specify from which time interval consider abandoned a cart.

Here you have some screenshots of its interface and the email it sends:

In favor:

  • It's free.
  • Information window very well det Allada.
  • Colorful Emails


  • Plugin not translated or translatable.
  • Scarce options.
  • No additional cart tracking available.
  • Does not track pending orders.
  • Too limited.


 recover abandoned cart

Here we are already talking about bigger things, because this plugin offers a complete tool management and recovery of abandoned carts and also adds the management of recovery of orders without completing .

A summary of its features is as follows:

  • Capture emails of abandoned carts of unregistered visitors
  • Manages and retrieves abandoned carts
  • Manages and retrieves pending orders (important for orders without complete, for example in transfer payments, etc.)
  • Time setting from what is considered an abandoned cart
  • You can delete after a certain time abandoned carts and pending orders
  • You can create different templates of email for each type of user, order, cart with different messages, at different times. They will be sent automatically.
  • You can automate the sending of coupons discount in the reminder emails of abandoned carts or pending orders, in each type of email that you create, to encourage the purchase.
  • Complete reports of abandoned carts and pending orders with details about the process (recovered, converted for sale, etc.)
  • Saves a record of captured emails of abandoned carts, for any subsequent use you want to make (campaigns, offers, etc.)
  • Compatible with WMPL to use different emails and actions according to the user's language of purchase.
  • Support in Spanish (although you see the web in English the company is based in Tenerife and has support in Spanish)

Important adjustments

Once installed, within the menu YITH Plugins you will find the submenu " Abandoned cart ", where the first thing to do is go through the settings tab to, first of all, activate the check of abandoned carts and pending orders for the magic to work ]

 configure recovery of abandoned carts in woocommerce

As you can see in the screenshot, you can specify from what time a cart is considered abandoned ]and for trolleys and pending orders from how many hours you want them to be deleted from the system and not remain as pending.

Optionally you can allow managing the recovery of abandoned carts to users with profile ] Store manager

Catching emails from abandoned carts

This is one of the most important features of the plugin, it can capture emails from view tantes otherwise the system would be limited to registered users.

If the user reached the final purchase page and wrote down his email, even if the process was not finished, YITH Recover Abandoned Cart can capture that address and use it for reminder shipments .

You just have to remember to check the corresponding box in the settings.

 capture abandoned carts woocommerce

Remember to mark it because the text can be confusing, but if you do not activate that box, only the emails of users already registered / connected will be saved, not of the visitors, which is where differences are really marked

What you will never be able to guess, neither this nor any other plugin, is the email if the user does not manage to introduce it, for obvious reasons.

Sender and cron settings

You can also specify who will appear as the sender of the emails and configure how often the check for abandoned carts will be activated

 send mail abandoned carts woocommerce

Custom email templates [19659069] You can create as many email templates as you want for abandoned carts or pending orders, with different conditions.

The plugin uses custom content types ( custom post types ) for this, so the interface already knows it. You just have to take advantage of its peculiarities.

As you see in the previous capture, the first noticeable difference is the icon with the YITH logo from the that you can insert in the content of the mail labels that will be replaced by the element to which it refers :

  • First name of the user (always use it to personalize the emails)
  • Surname
  • Name and last names
  • User email
  • Cart content (always interesting)
  • Link to cart (vital)
  • Coupon (take the opportunity to build loyalty)

The rest is like any ticket, ] add text, links, images, whatever you want s, but do it simple and effective.

If you want, on the right you have a box from which to send you a test email, for to go see the result from the client's perspective, something fundamental .

 message recovering abandoned cart woocommerce

An interesting extra is that the client can cancel the sending of more emails of this type through a link that is automatically added the end of the mails.

And, most importantly, configures the settings for sending mail .

 retrieve abandoned order woocommerce [19659008] In a box of the editor you will have all the possible configurations, and the first thing is to decide if this template will affect abandoned carts or pending orders, in the drop-down, and above all remember to activate the functionality .

The automatic delivery can be set in hours, days or days.

When you finish the mail will be sent based on your settings. If for example, you configured it for:

  • Abandoned cart
  • Automatic delivery 30 minutes after the abandonment

You could then create another template to reinforce the campaign :

  • Abandoned cart
  • Automatic delivery 3 days after the abandonment

Of course, do not be plasta and customize each mail template it is important at time to convert abandoned carts or pending orders into effective sales . Remember the 70% cart abandonment rate we saw at the beginning of the article.

And, always, always, encourages the recovery of carts and orders including coupons which you can also manage without leaving the cart. editor of the email template, for each one.

To take more control of these coupons, in the plugin settings there is a screen on which you can automatically add a prefix, to distinguish them from other coupons and thus more easily analyze the performance in WooCommerce reports.

It is also interesting to control their use, being able to do that can only be used once by each user, to avoid abuse .

Statistics, reports and records

Once the machinery is put into operation, we only have to wait for the system to send the emails and t us abandoned carts and pending orders turn into completed orders, effective sales .

To keep track you have a desktop on the menu YITH Plugins> Abandoned Cart with reports on each activity such as the abandoned carts, the recovered ones, the recovery rate, money recovered in trolleys and orders, etc.

In turn, you have specific pages of information for carts and for orders.

 abandoned orders woocommerce

 abandoned carts woocommerce


  • Very complete options.
  • Infinite options for tracking and recovery of carts.
  • Includes tracking and recovery of pending orders.
  • Plugin in Spanish.
  • Support in Spanish.
  • Reports and very detailed information of carts. and orders.
  • Endless customizable email templates for both carts and orders.
  • Email personalization labels.
  • Use of custom WordPress standard content types ( custom post types )
  • Custom coupons.
  • Compatible with WPML.


  • There is some untranslated string in settings (already warned by developers).
  • It's not free.

There are more plugins besides these?

Yes, of course, many, but I do not quote them for the following reasons :

  • Of the free ones none of the improvements we have seen, and none is a viable and professional option, nor is the free version of Yith's. We talk about business, of not losing sales almost made, and we have to play in the first division, with full plugins, no light .
  • Of those paid almost all offer the same but only with YITH you will have everything you need, in your language, and support and direct line with the developers in Spanish, and that is vital for any business .

What do I do then? What do you recommend?

My recommendation, clearly, is a combination of 2 strategies :

  1. Avoid as much as possible the abandonment with a good design and structure of your online store, taking advantage of the possibilities offered by WooCommerce to make the contents of the cart clearly visible at all times.
  2. Undoubtedly use the plugin YITH Recover Abandoned Cart . It is the best, and for the ridiculous amount of about € 65 you have a complete sales recovery tool from abandoned carts and pending orders you pay it off right away. With sales is not played . There is a free version of the plugin in, similar to the one we saw above, but in these important things do not get complicated, is not an expense, it is a necessary investment which is justified by itself . In addition, you have support in Spanish something that does not offer any other plugin of this type, neither free nor paid.

And you, what strategies do you use to fight against cart abandonment?

] No article is complete without your opinion and experiences, and surely you have something that we can all learn from. Go ahead and share it in the comments.

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