Gamification in WooCommerce – Offer points and rewards in your online store

If you have a popular store, or want to offer added value to your customers for their loyalty there is nothing like including a system of points and rewards for each purchase, a mode of include a system of gamification or gamification for WooCommerce and so enhance purchases in your Ecommerce .

The 3 key elements of the gamification

A perfect system of gamification or gamification should address these 3 elements :

  1. ] A scoring system based on activity
  2. Rewards and achievements as a result of points earned
  3. Ranking display or karma of users, based on points and rewards achieved

] In an Ecommerce – and any web – we should satisfy these 3 key elements in some way.

In this guide we will see how to implement a gamification system in WooCommerce whereby users …

  1. Will be able to win points for each purchase, review or activity
  2. Obtain r ecompensas in the form of discounts direct in their future purchases
  3. You will see the points obtained in your account being able to exchange them for products

The only thing that is not recommended in an Ecommerce and you would take into account in another type of web (community, forum, network, blog) is a system of karma visible to the rest of the users but it is for privacy reasons because the purchases of the users are sensitive information that must be protected .

you want to implant a system of badges or similar ] there are several plugins that offer it, you just have to search for achievements or gamification in the directory, but I already tell you that is not ethical or legal in an Ecommerce .

That is why this system that I propose, and recommend, does not show a visible ranking of users for points obtained in their purchases and / or activity .

Advantages of gamification in Ecommerce

In addition to the typical programmed discounts and coupon systems, integrate a system of gamification or karma for users introduces the concept of belonging and fidelity to your Ecommerce .

The regular customer will not only get your best products and services but will also go earning points and rewards for their purchases which subsequently may exchange ar by discounts and articles what you define and see that works best in your online store.

With this type of systems gamification you offer your customers more than just an Ecommerce, converting your online store into a community in which the user has in his account not only orders, also a history of his activity, and an incentive to buy again, and thus earn more points, exchange the cattle etc.

The systems of gamification are very successful, you just have to see that all the oil companies, among others, have incorporated it in some way in their gas stations, for example.

And is that, in a market in which there are few price differences between products for competition, a system of gamification encourages the customer to review what has been achieved , to get more points and above When you redeem your points you offer something for free, with what you get in passing moments of satisfaction, happiness, positive emotions s, and in the end in the sales process is all about that, is not it? ? to satisfy the customer.

How to implement a system of points and rewards in WooCommerce

There are many plugins but the best and most complete you will find is WooCommerce Points and Rewards totally in Spanish, especially your professional version .

Gamification basic in WooCommerce

If you opt for the free plugin you will have a basic gamification system, too, to WooCommerce.

Once installed and active the plugin you just have to define the points that will be earned for each purchase euro and that's it. The user, after his purchases, on the page of My account will see the points won.

And the administrator can see the points of the users and make decisions about it.

Nothing else? Well, no, nothing more, it's a very basic gamification, too. I should incorporate at least the messages at the end of purchase promoting gamification, something I have already requested from the developers.

Gamification professional in WooCommerce

If you want a system from gamification offer points and rewards for purchases to your customers and let this tool feed more sales, then it's time to go to the full plugin, to the paid one, which is brutal ]

The result is as expected:

  1. Buyers converted to users
  2. Customers involved, integrated into your Ecommerce
  3. Sales incentives
  4. Visible points
  5. Visible rewards
  6. Point exchanges by products and / or services
  7. Loyalty
  8. More sales

Effective configuration of the points and rewards system

As nothing else activate the plugin will start up you must go through the adjustments how much before, to define the system of gamification of your Ecommerce.

The first adjustments to be determined are the following:

I know especially careful with the amount of points you earn for each purchase euro and, above all, with the conversion rate, with the final amount for which the customer will exchange your points.

Do not give too many or too few points let alone set the bar very high in the conversion of points earned or it will not be worth " play " .

In the following adjustments take into account a couple of aspects, which I detail in the following capture:

And, to finish with this settings page, review this capture:

It's interesting the button to apply points to previous orders [1945901] 3]searching by request or applying it to everyone, if you want to put your previous clients in the game, something that I would accompany with a newsletter, to get more impact or.

Important note: You must have active the adjustment of coupons in WooCommerce so that the system of redemption of points works.

Rewards according to the profile

Another thing that you can configure is assign different points and rewards according to the user profile

Personalize buttons and texts

In the tag settings tab you can (and should) customize the texts for points and Other .

Also, very interesting, you can create custom rules so that customers earn points for leaving reviews , the number of accumulated orders, accumulated expenses or even reached a certain level of points.

This tool is great, and takes gamification to the next level .

] Expiration of the points

It is interesting, by subjects of consumption of the points, to put expiration, and that the users know it .

Email Notification

Important not to forget to set up notifications by email when there are changes in the users points.

Where will the points to win be seen?

But perhaps one of the most important and relevant adjustments facing the gamificatio n is where will be the points that will be seen they are earned when you buy this or that product.

You have this in the settings of Messages .

It is important, or at least I recommend it, to activate the visualization in loop that is, in the store and category files, in addition to the product page, in the cart and at the end of the purchase.

But look, but a few screenshots so that you understand