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You already know, because I have commented many times, that one of the things that you can not do in is to insert ads to make money with your blog but in reality it is not quite true.

According to rules for using you can not insert ads, charge for content or affiliate links on your site but there are exceptions. One of them is to create a VIP account like big companies and reputed blogs, but if you do not want to pay this extra and, above all, if your site has more than 25,000 page views per month, you can use the program from Ad Control and share 50% gains with Automattic using AdSense and Skimlinks .

So you know, if your traffic is generous you can also win money with your blog on, although this is always better option …

More than 20 Plugins to manage advertising • WordPress Help

Although my mouth hurts to say that you should not open a blog or website to earn money but that should come later, when you really have something to offer, something for which the people do not mind suffering the ads, it is clear that there comes a time when one wants to at least offset the costs of hosting and domain, then surely you will need, or you will be good, some method to insert ads in your blog and manage them correctly.

I, as always, would run the risk of encouraging you to do it with code, but I understand that there are fantastic plugins with which manage advertising in your WordPress we will see a good amount of them. They are not all because there are many who do practically the same, it is a selection of the best.

Massive WordPress Installations • WordPress Help

If you were expecting a tutorial or something like that, you will notice that this article is not going to teach you how to do massive installations of WordPress , rather on the contrary.

What I want to expose is my opinion on a series of scripts circulating there that offer WordPress mass installations but with some additional feature.

Yes In fact, the idea of ​​massive installations of WordPress is not bad, in fact it can be very useful in certain cases, what I will criticize is the philosophy of these tools.

And I talk about products like WPMassInstaller Auto-Blog Builder WordPress Massive Installer or WordPress Super Installer which are the same dog but with different collar, and both products oriented to a very particular audience: the [19] 459010] farms of splogs . And I'm not talking about blog networks but real blog farms with the sole purpose of making money online even stealing content from other sites .


Why do I say this ?, because because that is ] the hook of this type of scripts that basically offer the following:

  1. You place it on your server and you execute the PHP script of installation of blogs
  2. The script allows you install several installations of WordPress in subfolders, each with a niche that you define (mount 5 blogs takes you just over 5 minutes). You can mount even 1,000 flip blogs and in just one database and configuration file.
  3. They sell you the fact of getting traffic quickly and making money with your blogs without being able to get you expelled from Blogger or by spammer .
  4. Single administration of all blogs from a single admin panel (yes, you have guess, WordPress Mu )
  5. All blogs are "optimized" for search engines, which is summarized in that have a built-in system with which you can steal content from feeds from other blogs of the niche chosen for each blog and assemble your own splog. This is their main virtue, and they boast of it.

Well, all this package with which convert you from overnight to a false blogger and fill with more shit the blogosphere is going to costar between 50 and 150 US dollars . And the most curious thing is that those who sell these scripts, none of them do it from a blog made in WordPress but from static pages in HTML and that hurt the eyes.

The scripts , saving distances between them, are quite impressive . With a graphic interface you are allowed to create new blogs in a matter of seconds where you choose the keywords that you will have, if you want the links to be ] nofollow every few posts you want to send pings or from where you want to subtract the posts by RSS . Come on, a machine stealing content from other blogs .

Do you really need to install multiple WordPress quickly? , very easy. Create a package like Distro Plus adapted to your liking, and load it into as many subfolders as you want. If, in addition, you do it for SSH it will take very little, you do not need to give away any euro to this series of unpresentables that incite to fill Internet of garbage.

NOTICE : this publication is two or more years ago. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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As you can imagine, we have translated it for you.

Earn Money with WordPress (Free eBook)

Very interesting and complete this Free eBook that shows you the whole process of creating blogs in WordPress for making money online .

Much has been written about this subject but Caroline Middlebrook approaches it from a point of view of who is not yet a WordPress user, and explains all the steps from the very creation of the blog, its own installation … and much more.

Actually, what he has done is to translate his own experience of installing and running his own blog, and he does it in a Free eBook that you can download from this link (664Kb PDF), they are 43 pages full of good advice.