Merry Christmas !, and we look forward to January for WordPress 3.1

Despite the programming that was most certain is that WordPress 3.1 does not leave until January 2011 (it is practically safe), because there are still 11 pending tickets that do not give time, literally, to finish, not because they are insurmountable but … guess … for Christmas.

And the developers also deserve a few days of rest with their families, like you, like me. So …

Interview with Juanguis (Puntogeek)

A Juan Gabriel Verano (better known as Juanguis ) many know him as the person behind de Punto geek (a blog about what is being followed securing in the Spanish blogosphere) or as the creator of the space for all the Spanish-speaking bloggers that is Foro Bloggers . The present is found embarked on some projects "2.0" as Downtub (downloads of videos from YouTube) and Fuxo, a system for shortening addresses ideal for microblogging systems like Twitter. [19659003] logo ” border=”0″ height=”129″ width=”404″/>

We were interested in knowing the relationship of Juanguis with WordPress, which very kindly accepted our interview, and here we share it with you:

Juan, Why did you start the blog ?, what were your goals? and tell us if they have been fulfilled .

The blog I started without knowing what it was, was to prove that it was "to have a blog", as I was writing I began to like and take it more seriously Then I decided to hire a hosting and have my own domain, that's when I saw that I liked blogging a lot, from that point I set a goal to have a well-known blog, where thousands of people read me. I had as references to blogs such as FayerWayer or ALT1040, I wanted to have a blog "of that style", that is known, and I think I'm doing it little by little, I could tell you that 70% of the way I already traveled.

How many entries do you usually make weekly on the blog? Do you publish some programs? *

Look, I have no idea how many entries I make weekly, I do not have a fixed number, but they should be around 30, but I almost never program them, only if I go to be out of the house or that I will not have time to publish them myself.

Do you have a comment moderation system or spam control?

I only use Akismet, it's not a perfect system but it does something, I also like to look at the entries that receive the most spam messages, then I close those comments and go, spam!

Why do you use WordPress? and what version do you currently use? *

I use WordPress because it is the only one I tested so far, and I like to use free software. I think the main advantage that WordPress has is that, being free, there is a very large development group behind, which gives you peace of mind that there is always someone who finds and solves security errors. I currently have version 2.3.2 installed.

Have you used other publication systems apart from WordPress?

As I mentioned in the previous question, I have not tried other "installable" CMS with which you do not have I can say that I found them, but without a doubt WordPress is the best.

What options or added envy of other CMS and would you like to see in WordPress, or simply, what do you think WordPress is missing and would make life easier for you? ? and also what do you hate for WordPress if there is something?

When not trying other CMS I can not say that I "envy" them, but what I would like to see in WordPress is a built-in image editor, with functions such as rotating, trimming, adding some effects, etc. On the side of what I hate are the constant updates, every week you have to keep updating to a new version.

Going back to WordPress … What plugins do you use and why?

Uh, this question is very difficult, I have many plugins installed, more precisely 20, so it would not be very nice to describe one by one.

The template you use is free or paid ?. Why did you choose it? Have you made any modifications and what?

The template I use is * Prebuilt2 *

( ), but modified to such a point that does not look like anything, has been suffering design mutations that have led to what it is today. The main changes I made were adding a column to the sidebar, and more currently another column on the left, which is where the ads are now placed.

Did you perform any positioning (SEO) to make the blog known? ?

No, nothing of promotion or SEO, I just tried to generate good content (or what I thought was good), the links and the recognition usually comes alone.

What system of advertising you use and why did you choose it? Does it offer you the income you expected? Have you tried other advertising systems ?

I currently use AdSense as the main means of revenue, I think that up to now it is the best contextual advertising system that exists. Other means that I am using are LinkLift, a system of purchase and sale of links that is working quite well, and finally direct sales of advertising. I really tell you that you are NOT giving me the results that (in theory) you have to give, I think lately webmasters are suffering Google's monopoly on contextual advertising, that's why we need other offers like Microsoft AdCenter or YPN.

Do you have training and / or knowledge of web programming? Which one?

The training I have is null, I only have very little design, just retouching the template in HTML and CSS, or PHP.

Do you use the WordPress editor regularly or external editors? ?

I used the integrated editor of WordPress until I updated to the latest version, there the visual editor stopped working, I looked for thousands of ways to solve it but none of them worked. So I started looking for external editors, on Windows I used Windows Live Writer and on Linux a Firefox extension called ScribeFire.

What operating systems and browsers do you usually use?

On the desktop I use Linux Mint with Firefox, and on the laptop used Linux Mint but I gave up since the boot was very slow (I tried several distros and all the same happened), so I decided to use Windows Vista with Firefox obviously.

Do you think Do you know how to master WordPress or would you like to learn something you do not know how to do?

I do not think I'm a guru in WordPress, but I know how to manage it correctly, if there's something I'd like to learn is programming in PHP create my own plugins and solve more advanced topics.

Finally, as WordPress Help is an eminently practical blog I would ask you to share some trick or advice on WordPress.

A question easy, but a tip that I can give you is that when writing entries choose a good URL for the post, that can do it at the same time they write the post, in the "post slug" section, enter a short URL and concise separated by scripts, that helps each of the indexation.

Thank you very much Juanguis for your time!

(In particular I want to thank the excellent predisposition and solidarity of the interviewee with the bloggers, as a personal anecdote, in my beginnings with WordPress (there were not many help groups in Spanish, less for beginners) I had more questions than answers, and without knowing it, I added it to MSN and thanks to its predisposition, I could install WordPress from 0 and return it functional)

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say that we have not warned you.

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