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Again, to start the summer with strength, you have a free webinar from the hand of SiteGround in which this time we will go to see small great details that help in any web project

For an hour we will see what details matter when developing webs for us or our clients and you will have the opportunity to ask what you need, as always live, and free. [19659003] If you have a ratillo, on July 5, 2018, from 18:00 (Spanish peninsular time) we wait for you, you just have to sign up on this link .

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WordCamp Irun, a moment of reflection … or two

Last weekend, from June 1 to 3, 2018, I was in the first WordCamp Irun and, in addition to making an emotional memory , I would like to take up some of the reflections that arose there, to submit them to your judgment and opinion.

The event

Little can be said about WordCamp Irun, or much, or everything, and I mean that being a first WordCamp in Irun has not noticed much, or nothing, or all.

Let's see, I'll explain …

  • In a first event one would expect errors, and there were none.
  • In a first event one will find illusion , and there were plentiful, which I hope will not decay.
  • In a first event one would expect improvisations, and there were none.

It was a perfect event which I hope to enjoy many more years, for the quality of its people, for the enthusiasm of the team, for the beauty of the place, for the food, for everything.

Summing up, an event of 10, seamless, all perfect .

The dinner of the organization


Special mention deserves the dinner of the organization for speakers, sponsors and volunteers, which took place in the Ona Cider House, place to which I will return, and I recommend you to meet at least once in life.

Spectacular food , the impressive location, the cozy atmosphere, everything perfect. No words, all praise.

The talks

As in all WordCamp, there was everything from presentations to the general public as other for advanced users, divided into two rooms.

But there was also an innovation, the space podcasters in which throughout the day the most famous WordPress podcasters in Spain had a space fully prepared to make their live programs

I had the pleasure of participating in one of them, Jaime Garmar and as a public in Fernando and Oscar and it is an experience that I recommend expand to other WordCamps.

Of the papers, I obviously could not see all of them, but I would like to highlight some that I especially liked …

  • How to generate sales in your Ecommerce thanks to Pinterest Business, by Kristina Pach – Fantastic, interesting and very productive stance to take advantage of unknown and profitable spaces. Highly recommended You can see it right here .
  • WP-CLI to do weekly maintenance of your site, by Javier Casares – A quick review of everything that WP-CLI can do otherwise we would take much longer. Interesting, for all audiences, you just have to lose your fear of the console.
  • Roboto, Comic Sans, Helvetica? Is it really important to choose the typography for my website ?, by Ana Cirujano – As always, Ana fell in love with the audience by teaching us more about the correct choice of typography for our website. It is already available his paper here .
  • Not by much plugin install, dawn earlier …, by Jaime Garmar, a very instructive and participative presentation on the criteria when choosing plugins.
  • Gutenberg, the future of WordPress, by José Ángel Vidania, who made a fantastic presentation about the present and future of the next WordPress editor, Gutenberg .

Oh, and I had the honor of opening and closing WordCamp Irun, first with my presentation on some aspects of the past, present and future of WordPress with the following presentation (and video) …

[19659005] And, later, Vidania invited me to be part of the closing of his speech on Gutenberg for which we mounted a kind of combat, known as is my criticism with the way in which Gutenberg has been incorporated to WordPress.

Of this combat they remained memorabl is reviews about everything, but not only, on Twitter …

Reflections on the future of WordPress

If you check the videos of my two interventions, the one of my presentation and the one of my final intervention in the one of Vidania, as well as in the episode of the podcast of the WP Club that will leave this week, I wanted that this WordCamp was thinking about where the future of WordPress goes .

And in this Gutenberg has a lot to do …

The software is great, it was needed, Gutenberg is the right way for WordPress to compete face to face with SquareSpace or Wix, be clear .

Unify the layout Visual under a clean system is perfect.

But the process of incorporating Gutenberg into the WordPress global project has been anything but beautiful . As on other occasions it has been Matt Mullenweg who has made the decision and not the WordPress community and was not this a project community driven ?

It seems that it is while Matt has no other priorities for his company, Automattic, and product, which is what seems to have prevailed in this decision to incorporate yes or yes Gutenberg into the essential WordPress code, by phases, instead of offering it, selling it, promoting it, as a plugin.

This has meant that WordPress 5.0 will not come out until the first phase of Gutenberg is ready, which curiously incorporates layout in the entries, where there should never be any layout, neither with Gutenberg, nor with Elementor nor with Divi nor with anything .

And it has meant that the big companies of the WordPress ecosystem bet for it, leaving aside the vast majority, that we are, from ind users ependientes, and free of WordPress.

This is a bad message, a bad decision that will cause many problems.

Problems like that, in the face of the impossibility for thousands of WordPress developers to adapt its plugins and themes to Gutenberg will create a kind of digital security breach in which there will be thousands of WordPress installations that will not be able to immediately update to WordPress 5.0, leaving unsafe installations of WordPress 4.x.

Problems such as unilateral decisions of this type generate distance in the community with Matt, Automattic, and all those who prioritize their commercial interests to the opinions of the WordPress community.

Problems such as will be launching an incomplete product which will also not be able to compete with Wix or SquareSpace, despite the stigma provoked in the community.

WordPress will survive [19459] 019]but with wounds, one more, at the core of its essence: the community that creates it, maintains it, makes it big.

And you, what do you think?

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Do you have any questions about the RGPD? (free webinar today)

Whether you stayed for answering any questions in the previous webinar about the RGPD of SiteGround with Ramón Rey, as if you have new questions, this afternoon we will be again, ready to answer your questions. [19659002] The dynamics will be simple. There will be no presentation, no explanations, just Ramón Rey Rúiz lawyer specialized in new technologies, and myself, Fernando Tellado, WordPress expert, answering your questions and questions about the RGPD and its application to your WordPress website.

It will be this afternoon, starting at 18:00 (peninsular Spanish time).

Register now and start leaving your questions in the section " Ask a question "(not in the chat) of the CrowdCast system once you register and we will answer them by seniority and votes, trying not to leave anything unanswered in the long time we have for it. [19659005] Click here to sign up for free webinar