How to remove Google Fonts from Divi, Genesis and more topics

As you probably know, there are many, many themes that load Google Fonts sometimes in excess, but you have to understand it , and is that for a theme developer is very convenient to load fonts from Google to make their subject more visually attractive, without having to host them in the subject, reducing their weight. Now, this has a problem, or several.

Google Fonts and the WPO

If you have analyzed your website in any measurement service of optimization and speed you will have seen that detect the loading external resources from Google Fonts as a problem . This is because are external calls that your website does to finally display its content, since resources do not always have to be available and yes, it's a problem. One would think that the hell, if they are from Google, they will load fast! But what if Google deletes that source tomorrow for a problem of rights, profitability, or whatever? And it's only an example. It can also happen that the servers where the Google Fonts are hosted have load delays for any reason, which would affect the loading of your website, as there would be resources that would never end up being displayed / uploaded. So it's best to host the sources locally, or not to load them from Google Fonts .

Google Fonts and privacy

In case you did not know, it turns out that if your theme uses Google Fonts are sharing the IPs of your visitors with Google . Come on, that Google does not lose opportunity to obtain information about our Internet uses at any time. And of course, if you are committed to privacy, let's not say since the appearance of the RGPD you should or inform your users in your privacy policies that that is happening, or simply avoid loading Google Fonts on your website, and show it with the user's system sources.

How do I turn off the Google Fonts upload?

If you're clear, let's see how to prevent the Google Fonts load and consequently the recovery of private data of your visitors (IPs) with Google. What we will do, for both Divi and for any other tem a, is to use the WordPress function wp_dequeue_style with which we will avoid loading Google Fonts of the CSS stylesheet of the theme . For this we need to know the name to include in the $ handle of the function, and here is a list of the most used topics:

Topic Style sheet name with Google Fonts ($ handle)
Twenty Twelve twentytwelve-fonts
Twenty Thirteen twentythirteen-fonts
Twenty Fourteen twentyfourteen-fonts
Twenty Fifteen twentyfifteen-fonts
Twenty Sixteen twentysixteen-fonts
Twenty Seventeen twentyseventeen-fonts
Genesis Sample genesis-sample-fonts
Extra extra-fonts
Divi divi- fonts

Once we know the function to use and the $ handle we just have to add our code to the file functions.php of the active theme, like this:

In the previous example we are avoiding the loading of Google Fonts in Divi. To see another example, in Genesis would be like that :

Easy eh?

Would you rather use a plugin?

If you do not dare with the code you can also use a plugin like ] Disable Google Fonts but only if your theme is one of these: Twenty Twelve, Twenty Thirteen, Twenty Fourteen, Twenty Fifteen, Twenty Sixteen, Twenty Seventeen.

How do I host Google Fonts locally?

Another possibility, of course, would be to store locally the Google Fonts that your theme uses. In this way you fully maintain the aesthetics of your theme while respecting the privacy of your visitors facing Google. In this case the process passes by downloading the Google sources, hosting them on your server and changing the internal calls of the stylesheet, so that they point to the new address where the sources are, as we have already seen. It is somewhat more complicated but a good solution in any case.

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Genesis Framework, is it really that good?

Many of you may already have heard about Genesis Framework and about the benefits that are poured on it. Others, however, will be the first time you read something about it and you will have said: Genesis what?

Well, I'll talk a little about it and explain why it's so fashionable among the great bloggers who use WordPress.

First of all, a fact. If you consult with google trends the google tool that allows us to see the search trends of a certain word or phrase, you will realize the importance that Genesis is taking users. To show an image:

 growth of Genesis

Why has it become so famous?

Apart from all its virtues, which we explain later, much of this fault has been the main ones American bloggers, referring bloggers in this world of WordPress and SEO. Many of these bloggers, such as Darren Rowse, of, have gone on to use it. The opinions of the Genesis Framework are from those who have always tested positive and do not skimp on praise for the advantages it presents when installing it in our WordPress.

Having said that, we go in parts to see what is and what is Genesis.

What is a framework?

To explain it easily, we will say that a framework is the technical part of your site, which will make it work better, go faster … in short, the one that will optimize it to the maximum so that it works as well as possible. We'll call it " father theme "

That framework then has the aesthetic part that will be the " son ​​theme ". We will choose a child theme that suits the aesthetic that we want to give to our website. The changes we want to make on the template of our website will be made on that child theme, not on the framework. In this way, we will avoid touching something that completely ruins our website.

What are the advantages of the Genesis framework?

Among them we will highlight especially its perfect optimization for SEO and its loading speed . A google increasingly likes a site load as fast as possible. This improves the user experience and google every time gives more importance to this point. The SEO section is without doubt the highlight of all those who have tried it.

Also, once you get the hang of it, it is very easy to make modifications to any of the templates that you have chosen. All of them will be likewise responsive, which will make your site ready for both computers and mobile devices.

Also, every time there is an update available for your site you can easily update with a single click without complications.

With Genesis you can use any plugin created for WordPress, but in addition, has its own plugins that will make your life much easier:

 how genesis frawork works – Genesis translations: It allows you to translate the theme into Spanish (or the language of your wordpress) by just activating it. Indispensable.
– Genesis Simple Hooks: If you do not have programming knowledge, this plugin will allow you to add pieces of code, images, texts … in different parts of your web in a very simple way.
– Genesis Simple Social Icons: To add social icons to your website in a very simple way too
– Genesis simple menus: This plugin serves to add menus to your website without complications.

These are just some examples of specific plugins you can find, but there are many more available that will help you to give your site the look you want.

What do I buy and how do I install it?

Installation is just as simple as any another theme wordpress. On the one hand we will need to upload to the "themes" folder of our WordPress the theme padre (or framework). We can buy it directly in the store of the developer Studiopress.

The framework comes with a basic theme by default very simple. The most normal option is to choose to buy the framework along with a theme (a pack framework + theme).

If you opt for this second option, you must upload both the framework and the chosen theme to the themes folder of your website. Then, from your WordPress panel, you must activate the theme you have chosen and that's it, you'll already have the framework working under that theme.

And you, have you already tried Genesis Framwork? What do you think about him?

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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