Use WordPress as if it were Ghost

Surely you will already know Ghost a content management system very oriented to the creators, with the fundamental thing, removing everything what is left over in a CMS. Come on, a WordPress for bloggers .

And the truth is that it is very cute, works well, and falls in love with its use, precisely because of its simplicity.

Its fundamental characteristics are basically these:

] The Ghost editor

It is a double screen editor. You have the entry (the post) in two panels. In the one on the right you have the preview of what you are doing, and on the left the editor, without visible buttons or anything.

 new entry ghost

[19659005] Ghost has no visual editor, but uses Markdown to write, the shortcuts of format that we already know and use in WordPress to give styles to your site as you type. You can put something between asterisks (*) for italics, or between double asterisks (**) for bold.

For a list you simply start the line with an asterisk and space (*) and it is done alone, and for the numbered ones you start the lines with the number 1, a point and a space and leave alone, as in WordPress since version 4.3.

You can also put title styles by putting two, three, four, etc. pads (#) and a space before the text, just like in WordPress too.

To link to a URL is simple, if you simply paste the URL it is already shown with a link, such as https: // helpwp .com . And if you want to customize the text of the link you have to open the bracket, put the text inside, close the bracket; for example: [Nombre del sitio a enlazar]then open parentheses, type or paste the URL, and close it.

To insert images is very similar to links, but with a couple of changes, one of them very obvious:

  1. In parentheses you put the URL of the image instead of the URL of a site
  2. Before the first bracket, where in this case goes the title of the image, you put an exclamation mark "!" (Without the quotes clear )

To quote text in a format other than normal text just start a line with the ">" symbol and the text you want, again just like in WordPress.

Putting a text in code format is so simple how to put inverted simple asterisks before and after the code (those that are to the right of the p on a Spanish keyboard, and it goes like this: this is a code .In this case the system is the same as in the forums, just in case it sounds to you.

 ghost editor

And if you want to put a code out there then before you start putting it you simply start the line with 4 spaces before pasting it into the editor. It is a curious but easy-to-remember system and it works very well.

A curious and wonderful thing about the Markdown is that, if you want, you can write HTML code directly and, as you are actually in an HTML editor, you will see the HTML output instead of code, so you can use HTML like any code editor and the result will be displayed


Defined in one word: simplicity. You have just enough to write and little more.

 login ghost

From the screen of access to the administration you can see that nothing is left over. Then the thing does not change much. I leave you some captures so you can see that you can not be more spartan.

Mola huh? it's more, do you want to use WordPress like that? Well, you can …

Ghost is cool, but it has an important downside, and it is the installation requirements, since works with Node.js and (still) most of the companies or offer Node.js as default software in their usual hosting plans, which we can afford to pay for the ordinary of mortals.

For many We Ghost is still further from our reach than we would like, basically for technical reasons. So, or you are looking for a hosting that includes it in your plans, or at the moment you can use WordPress as if it were Ghost that's nothing.

Gust, turning WordPress into Ghost

You just have to install Gust a great plugin that turns your administration and editing of WordPress content into a kind of Ghost clone but with improvements this is WordPress of course.

of the general minimalist aspect of Ghost, the super spartan administration and the double screen editor, Gust also offers some of those without which we no longer know how to live:

  • Auto-save
  • Featured image
  • Support of ticket types custom
  • Categories
  • Upload and insertion of images in the entries
  • Publish schedule

Better not?

And on top it is very well achieved, and if not look at these captures. As always, you can install it, try it, if you like what you leave and if you uninstall it. That's what WordPress has right?

NOTICE : This post is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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Ghost, a WordPress just for blogging

 ghost "title =" ghost "width =" 500 "height =" 332 "class =" aligncenter size-full wp-image-66661 "/> </p>
<p> I think we agree that it's been quite a while since WordPress (despite Matt's initial reluctance) has become a content management system (CMS for friends) really <strong> powerful , versatile and even handsome </strong>. </p>
<p> Now, sometimes it also seems a bit too "<em> clunker </em>" if you just want to blog, well this is the idea proposed by John O'Nolan, a uncle majete where they are. </p>
<p> And is that this waiter, who has been <strong> boss of the UI section of WordPress </strong>in addition to developer and blogger for Microsoft, Nokia and do not know how many more sites , one day he started thinking about <a href= making a " fork " from WordPress that was removed from all the CMS chicha and leave it as a hard platform for bloggers .

Doing what it is to do has not done anything yet, but encourages us to get down to work with this beautiful idea ]and to put the long teeth has drawn some graphic sketches of how cute the bug could be … and it has convinced me.

What it proposes to us, besides some beautiful futuristic captures of how it could be Ghost if one follows this simple concept and blogger, namely:

  • Writing-oriented
  • Adaptive, minimalist and customizable desktop, in simple and clear blocks.
  • Managing entries as in the mail application of the iPad, in which you have everything at hand directly, just by clicking, and totally WYSIWYG
  • Editor of simple entries to rage, of double screen to add formats, images, whatever by means of small codes of type "# here go an image "and say right there you can insert it without having to look for buttons to do it elsewhere.
  • Delete unnecessary settings.
  • Without native comment system, if you want add any with a plugin like Disqus, Intense Debate or adding the corresponding WordPress function (yes, it will be a WordPress, that does not change).
  • No learning curve since being a WordPress fork everything that works in WordPress will work in Ghost
  • Limited backward compatibility. That is, you can install plugins and normal WordPress themes but only if they are fully compatible with the current version, to avoid having to deal with obsolete codes.
  • Fewer plugins, but to the point that if we consider that some plugin should go in the basic installation it is added to the code "core" and arreando.
  • Completely free and open, like the Mozilla project, without the intervention of any company, not even Automattic.

What's up? [19659003] Well, if you dare write to John an email or contact on Twitter . Ghost can be a very nice idea.

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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