Jetpack eliminates Omnisearch do you want to recover it?

But at the moment the users, and in love, of this tool we have been orphans almost.

Fortunately in the WordPress world nothing dies, it is renewed, it forks, it recreates . So if you want to continue using OmniSearch you can install this tool on your own.

You do not have to do anything, you just install the plugin and you have a search engine in your WordPress management much more organized and practical.

WordPress Gear, tools for programmers

If you are looking for a web where to find a good amount of tools for programadore s, with the basic and fundamental kit for any WordPress developer you are in luck.

You only have to go through WP Gear where are compiled the fundamental tools for WordPress programmers organized, of which these are just some examples, there are many:

Well, and many more you'll find on this wonderful website.