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One of the great goals of the WordPress community for this year 2015 has been the internationalization the translation of all the ecosystem, and for this they are collaborating many users who, in addition to enjoying all that WordPress offers us, also want to contribute their bit to this wonderful CMS even way of life for many.

Apart from the official translations of the WordPress software and the official website which has been permanently and consistently maintained for years, during this year other related projects have begun to be translated, such as WordPress pages. org of the plugins and themes directories, or the WordCamp Central sites and the local websites.

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Also, there are equipment of collaborators translating each of the mobile applications and other parts of the WordPress world.

The last big decision has been upload to the translation system (GlotPress) all the themes and plugins of the official directories so that the same community of users can / can return the developers the favor of having placed their creatures in our hands.

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Especially with the plugins, they will all be uploaded and made available for translation although they already have their own translation at least in this initial load.

Later, if the developer prefers to keep his own translation, he will only have to include it in the package before sending it. If you do not offer translation files, they will be available to the community to translate them, of course as long as they are ready to translate .

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What does this imply?

Well, two fundamental things:

  1. The experience of using WordPress and its websites will be friendlier for all users who do not speak English. It was even shocking for many users to have all the administration and themes by default in Spanish and to access to add themes or plugins that the page and the description of each topic or plugin were in English.
  2. A huge workload is looming for the current translation teams . Until now, a small group of collaborators had to translate the official themes of each version, the complete administration area, the network administration, the plugins included in each version, the applications for iOS and Android, and the packages additional, called Meta, as the theme for official websites by country, the central WordCamp site, and some other things. But now the task is huge, they are there, waiting, all issues (at least 1,440 ready to translate) and plugins (almost 40,000) of the respective official directories. And, of course, there is also all the WordPress documentation of Codex .

Needless to say, we all owe unconditional love to the volunteers who, altruistically, use part of their time constantly to offer us WordPress and , in particular, that is in Spanish.

But they have / we have to be more, many more, and with the help of all we will soon have and offer WordPress entirely in Spanish .

I want to collaborate in the translations of WordPress!

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If you have a deep knowledge of English and want to collaborate with WordPress translations it is very easy, you just have to follow these simple steps: [19659022] Create your own account on from this link .

  • Review the manual of the official WordPress translator and also the conventions in Spanish . [19659023] Move to GlotPress choose projects with pending chains and start translating, it's very simple and intuitive.
  •  translate wordpress in glotpress

    With your already created account you will also be able to participate in the discussion and announcement site of the WordPress polyglot team created with P2 to be dynamic and everyone can participate actively.

    In addition, the translation team of WordPress Spain also has a Slack channel in which we coordinate for translations, to which you can request access here .

    I do not speak English, how can I help? ?

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    There are many ways to give back to WordPress everything that it offers us, for example:

    And what do I gain collaborating with WordPress?

     equipo translation wordpress spanish spain

    The most important and fundamental thing is that by collaborating with any of the WordPress projects you are helping them to keep alive and moving forward, getting better and bigger, guaranteeing their future .

    ] But you also get personal benefits, such as earning respect and recognition from the community, learning and enjoying teaching others, becoming a WordPress guru expert business opportunities , make many good friends and possible collaborators in projects, be part of the history, the present and future of free software in general and of WordPress in particular but above all you will be happier ]because the WordPress community is full of great people who are happy to collaborate and learn.

    What are you waiting for? We are all of us but we are not all of us, we are missing you. Enter the community and become part of the WordPress story .

    NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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    That may also help you:

    Load only the minimum WordPress • WordPress Help

    With the growth of WordPress there are more and more developers who use it as a basis for their own projects that, ultimately, they are always based on a complete WordPress but they use it to have specific utilities such as user registration, access, taxonomies, etc. Something similar to what it offers Backpress the base they use bbPress or GlotPress .

    If it's your case, if you want to have the great advantages of WordPress, but use it with a minimum load level only with the basics to take advantage of its many virtues in a controlled manner, which your framework will enjoy or whatever, there is a constant, contemplated in the file wp-settings.php which you can use.

    This constant is called SHORTINIT or "short start", more or less, and in the file ' wp- settings.php 'is defined as follows:

    To use this functionality, and load the minimum WordPress, just add the following line to your file wp-config. php :

    The minimum of WordPress will be loaded, so that if you want to add features, it will have to be after the initial load, using functions or plugins . Everything very controlled.

    Fantastic trick discovered in wp engineer .

    NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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    That may also help you:

    Improving the appearance of GlotPress

    Hugo Baeta good friend of the Spanish WordPress community, is working on improving the interface of GlotPress the open source translation software used by WordPress.

    Hugo, social designer of Automattic, has taken charge of offering something more adapted to our times of this software.

    What is proposed to change in the first place is the following:

    • Improve the appearance visual of the application, in its totality, that most resembles the WordPress Desktop
    • Improve the information provided in the header of the application
    • Remove the WordPress logo from the header, to focus on the specific task of translation in which we are
    • Improve the list of actions, filters and order, so that it suits both the new and experienced user

    I look forward to the news, and the link to translate in Google will be removed ( )

    input GlotPress improving the appearance of published it first Fernando Tellado in Help WordPress . Do not copy content, do not say anything good about you to your readers.

    bbPress 2.0 beta 2 that arrives, that arrives! • WordPress Help

    Oh, this is burning. Well it was not hours ago that he announced beta 1 of bbPress 2.0 and we already have here beta2 ?, and with many new features, namely:

    If you dare to try it you can download it here . These days more than WordPress Help this seems Help bbPress, and so happy that I am.

    Translate BuddyPress

    Leo a Zé announcing the new repository so that we all encourage each other to translate BuddyPress.

    For this you can go to the site where you will find the latest version ]or if you prefer, be aware of the trac . Among all we can, with the power of Glotpress and the WordPress community.

    Yes, you, I also refer to you … 😉

     WordPress Community in Wordcamp Spain

    The entry Translates BuddyPress first published Fernando Tellado in WordPress Help . Do not copy content, do not say anything good about you to your readers.

    GlotPress • WordPress Help

    Every day I have more clear that we are on the winning team, and news like today is more endorsed by the idea that WordPress is " CMS ".

    GlotPress is a new family project xPress in this case what is proposed to us is a web application of online translations, with the virtues we can expect:

    At the moment it is not available, yet it's in diapers, but you can participate in the project by downloading the trunk files and informing you in development trac . Also the domain is ready: although at the moment it redirects to For now information will be transmitted in the list of polyglots and you can go testing the system, which can already import and export gettext files, but you can not create or save projects, this will come a little later.