Return comments from Google Buzz to your blog

And look where it turns out that there is also a solution for this, we do not know if Google will kill Buzz as it has done with Wave but for the moment we will retrieve the comments, so it can happen. [19659002] So if you want to prevent the conversation about your posts from getting scattered, also at Google Buzz you can retrieve the comments that people make about your entries in Buzz.

You just have to install ] Buzz Comments a plugin that also works as Backtype connect but retrieving the comments from Google Buzz and showing them on our site, with a small indication of the source, with link to the "buzz".

Little has to be done to make it work, only have Gooble Buzz activated in your GMail account logically, and that your site is in the list of Google Buzz but if there is also no option for the same plugin to connect it.

What's the cool? At this rate we will soon have managed to return the comments to our blogs 😉

WordPress connects to Salesforce CRM

WordPress enters the big door in the world of business thanks to fresh out of the WordPress plugin to lead furnace Salesforce CRM .

In case you did not know, Salesforce is a CRM in the cloud which allows you to manage the communication of your company and its clients, and offers integration with the management system of most common tasks and emails, such as Outlook GMail etc. Well, now, with this plugin, it offers you a contact form for the visitors of your web created with WordPress that connects directly with your account in Salesforce allowing a total integration between your online presence and your client management system, there is nothing.

Install the plugin is the same as any other, either from the internal WordPress installer or by FTP after download it from the official repository . The only caveat is that you will have to indicate your Salesforce company ID, so that the communication is effective and the forms filled out by your visitors appear directly in your Salesforce account.

For that, it offers you a page of options, where to configure the messages and fields to be displayed, a shortcode to include the form in your pages or posts and, in addition, a widget to put in the sidebar of your site.

If you want to see it work in this video it is explained, in a very simple, as is the plugin.

I guess you can see the relevance of this plugin, a giant jump for WordPress consolidation as a management system the content and online presence of the company, today at Salesforce tomorrow on any system that is aware of the power of this increasingly open CMS Open Source.

NOTICE : this publication n is two or more years ago. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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That may also help you:

GMail in WordPress

If you already spend more time on the WordPress desktop than on any other Internet site with this plugin, you will almost certainly not leave your administration area.

And that is My GMail ] is another step in the integration of services within the WordPress desktop. If we already saw how to have your own list of tasks or even tweet from WordPress now you can check your GMail email without leaving WordPress. What do you think?

Themes that imitate famous websites

We all like to have a site with a differentiating aspect but there are many occasions when it may be interesting to have a design that imitates famous websites. Imagine, for example, a Facebook fan blog, or a portal about Apple world, would not you like to offer a look similar to the service or web you're paying tribute to?

Well, here's a review by some ] themes that mimic well-known websites . Surely you already knew one, but some may surprise you.

Google Wave in WordPress • WordPress Help

If you did not know about Google Wave in this video of more than an hour, you can guess what it will mean, a new interface for your mail, conversation, collaboration and much more.

What does not come with the explanation? well here's a demo of what it might be when it's available by the end of the year (you have to register to see it)

Themes imitating famous websites • WordPress Help

If you want to develop a site with WordPress and you want it to look like sites like Twitter, Facebook, CNN, Windows, Mac OS X,, Gmail or the Chrome browser, in ericolous have compiled nothing less than 28 themes "imitators" . There is something for everyone.

GMail Theme

If you are a fan of Gmail the Google web email service, or if you want to create a blog about that service or … go and find out why, you're going to love the theme Google Gmail which mimics the look of this service Web 2.0 .

It's amazing how well it mimics it, even the favicon, with the sidebar blocks simulating the boxes or widgets Gmail Another surprising (impressive) aspect is the integrated search engine, if you display your options you will be amazed with its possibilities, very interesting to integrate in other themes.

You have a demo in this link and you can ] download here .

OAuth in WordPress

OAuth is a protocol for user identification that is gradually becoming a standard. As far as we are concerned, it is a topical issue since a few days ago Matt Mullenweg said he would like to have support of OAuth in WordPress soon but he would not be available for the next version (2.6?). Hopefully it is then available for WordPress 2.7 do not you think ?, I at least wait for it.

But what would it mean that WordPress had OAuth support? Well I could go in several directions. With the identification through OAuth could be achieved that we could publish in our blog from other applications without having to enter the password. It would also allow visitors to comment on your blog and associate the OAuth services with the comment forms, also without entering passwords.

For the owner of a blog, access the Readers' data in other services would be really interesting. Imagine being able to see all the comments that your Gmail contacts have left on your blog, it would be interesting.

Surely there are hundreds of possibilities but right now I'm a little thick and I can not see them. If it is clear that the Blogs WordPress integration with Google accounts Photobucket or any other support OAuth .

would be made available. case is a matter in which we have to wait a bit, and see how it integrates OAuth in WordPress and the possibilities it will offer us. I think it will be very interesting, what about you? Did you know OAuth? .