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There are so many people who use the service of creation and edition online of documents Google Drive ] (or Docs as you prefer), and there are so many websites created and managed with WordPress, that sooner or later someone had to connect both applications to publish in WordPress from Google Docs .

In fact I know of many people who use Google Docs for their publications, which they then copy and paste into the WordPress editor so why not to do it more simply?

 google drive to wordpress

What gets this magic is a Google Docs add-on called Publish to WordPress . And the procedure to get it going is quite simple:

(Note: for some reason the plugin does not appear if you search it from the Google Docs Add-ons menu - that would be your thing - so follow the process that I explain to you then, it works always)

  1. Install the add-on by accessing the same page .
     publish to wordpress

    Publish to WordPress

  2. Once installed (immediately) it opens Google Docs with a blank document and claims you grant permissions . You accept because otherwise it will not work.
  3. After the swallow of granting permissions returns you to the document and informs you that you already have a new menu to publish in WordPress .
     Complement activated

    Complement activated

  4. The first thing is to access the site manager which opens on one side, to add what WordPress you'll enable to publish from Google Docs. You just have to enter a name, url, username and password.
  5. You just have to open or create a document and when you finish to write go to the menu " Add-ons -> Publish to WordPress -> Publish " and the complement is opened on the side of the document for you to choose if it will be published directly ( Publish ) or save it as draft ( Draft ).
     Publish to WordPress

    Publish to WordPress

  6. At any time you can view the entry from the link that offers the add-on or, if you make changes , you can update it from Google Docs .

The best thing is that, for example, if you insert images in the document it will not be published with links to them, but upload them to your c folder Word files automatically so you will not find differences from a normal publication.

The only thing missing is that you can not choose category or add labels so the mode of use it usually is not to publish directly but save as a draft and then, in WordPress, add what you need: tags, images, etc.

Another advantage of this add-on is that it works in all browsers and connects both with sites as hosted on your own server .

To top off the joys, if you install the add-on from a user, it will be available to everyone you manage from your browser.

Other possible options publish from Google Docs to WordPress would be the following:

But I recommend the one we have seen here, not only is it very intuitive to use and is fully integrated both in Google Docs and WordPress but works in any browser and you do not need to install any plugins in WordPress .

Ea, to try it!

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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From Google Docs to WordPress • WordPress Help

 WordPress cocina "title =" WordPress cocina "width =" 500 "height =" 375 "class =" aligncenter size-full wp-image -9768 "/> </p>
<p> The truth is that I had not thought of any possible use, but reading the quote that of <a target= an article of 10,000 words ago Citizen Journalism I have opened a lot of possibilities and ideas.

The thing arose when in a newspaper from Maine (USA) migrated to WordPress and, despite being delighted, they preferred that their editors continue using Google Docs to write his articles (in journalism is quite usual, sometimes by permission, sometimes by simple technological backwardness of the columnists).

Well, neither short nor lazy, what they came up with was to create a plugin that facilitated the transfer: ] Docs to WordPress .

What the aforementioned plugin does is obtain docume of a collection of Google Docs and with them create an entry in WordPress, then move the document to a new collection, so that it does not duplicate the publication of the same content (smart right?). In addition, Google Docs no longer supports the XMLRPC protocol so this is probably the easiest way to move content from your Google Docs to your WordPress.

Installation is not as easy as activating and configuring with a couple of clicks, that is, you have to create an empty file to execute the cron necessary for the automation of the task, and then put in that file this code:

For the rest it is a brilliant and intelligent solution to a specific problem, and I'm sure you can think of another way to take advantage of the concept.

NOTICE : this publication is two years ago om s. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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Embed documents with download link in WordPress

Hello everyone, I searched for the form of embed pdf or power point documents and that the last thing I have not yet achieved, because I'm still developing the function, I wanted to show you how to embed a pdf document in our article by shortcode staying on the server, in Google Docs or wherever …

Already in a previous article we were shown how to make a link for preview of a pdf but I wanted to embed that preview and also generate its respective link to disarm it so I started to investigate and I created a shortcode that allows doing that:


function docslink ( $ attr $ content ) {

return '<iframe src = " .com / gview? url = ' . $ attr [' href '] [19659009]. '& embedded = true "style =" width: 580px; height: 500px; " frameborder = "0">

<span class = "removed_link" title = "'. $ attr [' href '] . '">' . $ content . '

' ;


add_shortcode ( 'docs' 'docslink' ) ;

What the shortcode does is generate the preview of the document hosted either on our server or on an external one, and generate the respective download link; is used in this way:

I hope you have served them, I tried it and it works great and without installing any plugin … Thank you very much …

PDF viewer using shortcode

If you want to take advantage of the Google Docs viewer, and upload your own PDF hosted on your server, without having to upload them to Google Docs you can do it by creating a shortcode that uses this functionality.

1. Add this code to the file functions.php of your active topic:

2. Use the shortcode just created to upload your pdfs in this way: