Google Scribe in WordPress comments • WordPress Help

I do not know if you know Google Scribe an online application (Web 2.0 call you) that offers you a text editor with the peculiarity that suggests words to complete your writing as you type that is, predictive text.

Currently it is only available in English but the idea is good, what do I say good, cojonuda ?. Personally, despite the limited time available, it has already helped me when writing some text, when I did not know how to follow a sentence. Try it, it's great.

Well, it turns out that if you have vague commentators on your site, or do not finish knowing how to finish the sentences (I remind you that, for now, in English), you can incorporate this service in the comment form of your WordPress . You do not believe it ?, it's very simple.

You just have to install this plugin 'et voila', writing assistant for your readers.