Enable Gzip compression to WordPress 2.5 • WordPress Help

One of the news that you have not liked much of WordPress 2.5 is the fact of not having the possibility of activate the Gzip compression in the options of your control panel . From this version this decision leaves it to the server and escapes your control.

Compression Gzip reduces the amount of load and bandwidth requirement to show your blog because it allows enabled browsers for this possibility they perform this compression automatically. The difference can be quite noticeable …

However not everything is lost because you can re-enable gzip compression on your blog by doing the following:

With this line forces compress the php files of your blog .

Solution to the problem "ob_gzhandler" in functions.php • WordPress Help

This is an uncommon, and consequently little documented, flaw that can occur on occasion when changing the template in your WordPress blog. The problem is that there is a incompatibility with gzip compression from WordPress and what we get is a line at the top of our blog of the type …

… sometimes accompanied by an aesthetic blight on the aspect of the blog (larger text, sidebars misplaced or others) If we look at the line of the functions.php file in question we will see that it alludes to the gzip compression with something as poetic as this:

And the solution is as simple as accessing your Administration panel, and in the tab Options> Reading below the whole of the page, uncheck the box "WordPress should compress the entries (gzip) if the browsers require it" [19659005].