P2 – Prologue gets older

Prologue the theme developed by Automattic to offer a personal Twitter clone based on WordPress has been made larger and arrives, with version P2 to a state of grace in which almost nothing is missing.

The new features, which you can check in the video, are these:

  • Comments nested on the main page
  • Direct editing of posts and comments
  • Suggestions for tags and tags previously used
  • Option to hide / show comments
  • Real-time notifications of updates or comments (If you use Mac you will know what I mean if I tell you that it's the style Growl )
  • Simple keyboard shortcuts: c to create a new post, j to go to the next element; k to go to the previous element; r to answer; e to edit; or to show or hide comments; t to go up; esc to cancel.
  • Source Helvetica Neue


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